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Fwd: Massive Demonstrations have Caused Great Panic in UPA Government

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Subject: Massive Demonstrations have Caused Great Panic in UPA Government

Massive Demonstrations have Caused Great Panic in UPA Government 
    Totally engrossed in colossal corruption all the time, the UPA Government was not prepared for the massive spontaneous demonstrations of popular anger against it, which was sparked by the gang-rape of a paramedical student in a bus moving on the busy streets of New Delhi on the night of December 16. The outrage has also led to huge rallies against the UPA Government in other towns and cities of India on the issue of atrocities on women. The popular uprising over the inaction of the Government and the Police against the corrupt and criminal persons was being led by common men and women. 
    In the skirmishes on December 23 at India Gate with the violent protesters, 78 policemen were injured, out of which one seriously injured constable Subhash Chand Tomar later died in hospital. Many violent protesters threw stones and bottles to damage buses and public property in Delhi. They also removed the barricades put up by the Police. The policemen too resorted to lathi charges, bursting of tear gas shells and use of water cannons against the violent demonstrators.
    Due to the massive agitation, many signs of great panic were shown by the UPA Government. For example, 9 metro stations of Delhi were closed for many days to prevent the protesters from reaching New Delhi by trains, thus disrupting the free flow of traffic.
    Given the names of Nirbhaya and Damini, the gang-raped girl reportedly died in the early morning of December 29, in Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Singapore, where she had been taken two days earlier for treatment and surgery. Many political leaders have started shedding crocodile tears over her untimely death.
    After Nirbhaya's death, metro stations of Delhi have been closed again to prevent the protestors from gathering for massive rallies. The public outrage is NOT likely to subside so easily because the masses no longer trust the Government in providing security through the Police, as many policemen are working in collusion with the criminals. The law-abiding citizens believe that many of the policemen are themselves a threat to the security of the common people.
    The common people of India know that the policemen are used mainly for the security of the VIPs like the political leaders, industrialists, big businessmen and powerful bureaucrats. Most of the policemen have no desire or time for protecting the common people from the murderers, rapists, kidnappers, extortionists and other criminals who are in league with the politicians. In fact, many policemen are always engaged in protecting the criminals and their henchmen, as they get their haftas regularly from such fellows. 
Will Manmohan Singh's Government be Overthrown Violently?
    The violent demonstrations in New Delhi indicate that the situation is going out of the control of the Police forces under the Union and State Governments. As in the case of Arab Spring revolutions in the Middle East, a violent revolution is likely to take place even in India.
    The massive demonstrations in New Delhi can be REHEARSALS for the 
violent overthrow of the Manmohan Singh Government that is likely to take place in future, which will lead to unknown tragic consequences. Many political forces may be exploiting the explosive situation. What are the roles of Arvind Kejriwal, Anna Hazare, Swami Ramdev, General V K Singh and other activists in support of the agitation?
Gang-rape Victim had no Chance of Survival
    For the past so many days, we were being misled by the UPA Government with false information about the condition of 23 year-old gang-rape victim who had been treated in a Delhi hospital by a large team of doctors. The hirelings of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, and the ministers belonging to the Congress Party, were bluffing about the condition of the paramedical student who had been gang-raped and mercilessly beaten with an iron rod in a bus moving on the busy streets of New Delhi on the night of December 16. The Government wanted us to believe that the lady was fighting bravely for her survival, when it was certain that the victim could not have survived for long, as the surgeons had removed both her intestines.
    I have known patients who did not survive for long after their colons or large intestines were removed by surgery. Anyone who manages to survive after such surgery can live a very miserable life for a maximum of about 4 or 5 years. Any person like Nirbhaya, both of whose intestines had been removed, and not just the colon or large intestine, had no chance of surviving for long. Even if she had been fit to receive transplants of the two intestines in Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Singapore, and had managed to survive, her life would have been most miserable. Life would have been more horrible for the unfortunate girl than her early death.
    Did the girl really die in the Singapore hospital, or had she already become brain-dead while being treated in Delhi's Safdarjang Hospital? Did the UPA Government believe that the doctors of Mount Elizabeth Hospital could have performed a MIRACLE to revive the brain-dead Nirbhaya? So, was her body flown to the Singapore hospital just because the panicky Manmohan Singh and his Congress party colleagues had decided to deceive the people of India for saving the UPA Government's dying reputation? We may never know the full truth about the girl's last days, as we cannot even know the true identities of the girl and her relatives. 
Manmohan Singh is Unfit to Rule India
    The hypocritical Government of Manmohan Singh is using false propaganda just for saving itself from the fury of an enraged public. The smart guy Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has tried to fool the people of India by saying that he too has 3 daughters, but has any daughter of his got kidnapped, raped or killed to make him understand the pain of parents of common children who have suffered the worst tragedies at the hands of criminals?  
    Let us put some questions to the Prime Minister and find out whether he can answer them honestly.
Manmohan Singh jee,
    You know very well that Nirbhaya got gang-raped and was mercilessly beaten in a moving bus in Delhi because she was not YOUR daughter. Why should the people forgive you for the lapses of your Government because you have 3 daughters? The Delhi woman got gang-raped precisely because most of the Police are used mainly for the security of the VIPs and their daughters, sons and all other members of their families. Can you inform us how many policemen and policewomen are engaged in protecting you and your family? How many Police personnel are employed for the security of Sonia Gandhi, Sheila Dikshit, all other VIPs and their families?
    Why should the common people of India forgive you, Sheila Dikshit or Sonia Gandhi for your massive lapses in providing security to the ordinary women just because you have daughters? Has any daughter of anyone of you got raped that people should show any sympathy for hypocrites like you who are shedding bogus tears for a common person like the gang-raped girl of Delhi?
    Big lectures on TV channels, with references to Mahatma Gandhi, Buddha, Mahavir and Jesus Christ, are not going to help in solving the security problems of the common people. 
    You have failed miserably in providing security to the common people and safeguarding the honor of the women of India. Why does a smart fellow like you keep saying that we should do this and we should do that? Why don't you really do something worthwhile in your actions and deeds to provide practical solutions, in spite of heading the Government that has all the powers? The VIPs like you have been deploying the Police for your own security, while ignoring the security needs of the common people.
    The common people have no faith in the Police because of their inaction and negligence in their duties. The common people cannot rely on the courts for justice because there are big delays, which make the trials very costly. We also know that the whistleblowers who expose corruption and violation of human rights can get attacked and killed by criminals.
    Your colleagues are making bogus promises of fast trials for speedier justice and of bringing tough laws for imposing castration or the death penalty on rapists. Was your Government sleeping till now? Why have the Government, Police and the Judiciary not implemented the present laws on rape and brutality honestly?
    How have the candidates against whom there are allegations and cases of rape, murder, kidnapping, extortion and other crimes, got elected as MPs, MLAs and MLCs? Have such criminals not been elected on the Congress Party tickets? So why are you and the other hypocritical grim-faced leaders of such political gangsters now shedding many bogus tears for the death of Nirbhaya before the TV audiences?
    The UPA leaders have promised to appoint more Police personnel for providing greater security to the women. Will the ministers and bureaucrats in the Central and State Governments appoint new honest Police personnel without taking big bribes from the candidates who seek jobs in the Police force? It is not likely that the ministers and bureaucrats can give up their corruption, which fetches them huge amounts of money from all the bribes they can get from the candidates who apply for Government jobs.
    People do not trust your UPA Government, whose leaders have been resorting to lies and false promises. Your corrupt colleagues are only engrossed in making huge amounts of money by indulging in massive frauds and biggest scams.
Why should we believe in the most corrupt leaders of the world who are only interested in cheating and exploiting the people?
    The people have had an extremely bad experience about the Government's hypocrisy over the Lokpal Bill, which has still not been passed. The women and the common people of India cannot believe in the absolutely false promises made by your UPA Government.
    The bill on the reservation of 33% of seats in Parliament for women has not been passed, as the UPA has ignored the women's rights deliberately. The people know that the Congress leaders like Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh are great hypocrites who are playing petty politics by deliberately refusing to pass the Women's Reservation Bill with the support of the opposition parties like the BJP and the CPM, who are in favor of the reservations for women. The Congress leaders are practising the dirty sectarian politics, which has been used for preventing the passage of the Women's Reservation Bill. 
    Manmohan Singh jee, are you not ashamed of yourself? You are the most shameless Prime Minister who is heading the most corrupt Government to rule India after the Independence. We don't want to see your ugly face that got permanently blackened with the coal powder of the Coalgate scam in which you were involved. Why don't you get lost when you have been found to be absolutely unfit to rule this country?
    The UPA had won the Lok Sabha Elections of 2009 by giving massive bribes to the voters and election officials from the public funds, which were stolen by the Congress party and its allies through massive scams. You must resign and leave this country. You should not show your ugly face to us again. You must hand over the country's administration to a National Government of Eminent Persons, or to the Military Forces of India, before the situation goes completely out of control. Let there be a National Government or Military Rule for 1 or 2 years till new honest persons are elected in free and fair elections to the Indian Parliament. 
    We don't want you to continue as the Prime Minister, so get lost. Sheila Dikshit and Sonia Gandhi should also get lost along with you. You are absolutely unfit to remain the Prime Minister of India. People can no longer believe in your lies, false promises and bogus claims about the economic achievements of your UPA Government. All you have achieved is to let your party members and allies get involved in cheating and looting the poor people of India by pocketing lakhs of crores of rupees in massive scams.
    You have not enriched the common people of our country, but you have got them cheated for the enrichment of corrupt politicians, bureaucrats, industrialists, big businessmen, NRIs and their foreign collaborators, who have secretly transferred massive funds from India to Swiss banks and other tax havens abroad. The whole world knows these facts about your absolutely corrupt regime.
    Definitely, these are critical times for a hypocritical man like you. Why should the common people allow the UPA Government to continue when you cannot safeguard the honor and lives of even the women who are staying in New Delhi, the capital city of India? How can you protect the honor and lives of the women residing in other parts of India, which are far away from New Delhi? You are absolutely unfit to rule India. You must resign and get lost from the political scene of the country.
    Ashok  T. Jaisinghani.  
       Editor & Publisher:

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