Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Let us live the rural hell!Palash Biswas

 Live in your urban heaven!Let us live in our hell in Indian villages! 

Palash Biswas

Urban people should not shift in the villages as they never considered rural people as human being. If circumstances drive them to their native places,they feel abandoned in the hell.

Where they lived once,even were born, they never longed for the forgotten land. Economy made them run for life and they got shelter in their roots only. But it is very hard to forget the glittering markets and th freedom of purchasing which they lost with the loss of job or position.

They tend to be habitual to maintain their so called class status. They always tried to live with the class and struggle to get the stairs to reach the upper class.

They never tried to go back to the roots but tried their best to get rid of the old memories of misery and poverty amit growing purchasing crowd leaving the society and community as well.

They were never happy as they always wept for more. They never knew happiness .They had been always sad for the missing things they could not afford.

Being quite unsocial,they might not adjust with the cruel realities in rural life.

It is better for them to succumb in their urban heaven. Let us live in the hell.

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