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WHAT   NEXT....??

Just in its very beginning weeks of the New Year 2011, we find Indian civil society standing at crossroads facing a strange paradigm. Suddenly every Indian has become aware as if something was very wrong threatening the very foundations of our society. Most of our countrymen,women, wish to see the collapse of old systems of controls and Governance which has devoured the prospects of most Indians to live a life of freedom, joy and assured abundance for their tomorrow. Prospects of living gleefully in a harmonious progressive tomorrow stand ruined and sadly shattered just before their very own eyes. Every Indian feels that currently followed Aurangzebian system of Society Management together with its unending loot and plundering of the nation's public treasuries must collapse NOW once and for all time.


Tens of millions in every state are ready today to halt this ongoing forgery with the nation where nearly over  a billion people are bearing the brunt of all this  ugly muck in their everyday living and are writhing with pain and agony  since 

past many decades.  


I see New Energies penetrating in every part of India and these energies are manifesting through an ardent call from our people who stand eager  to push away the old redundant systems that no longer, we all know  will be able to serve us.If the Government truly wishes good changes to happen then Government, Civil Society, Judiciary together with our law & Order  System can make it happen in a smooth manner since it has now Become crucial need of our present time and any delay on the part of our friends in Government and Jud/ Law& Order combined to address this grave crisis issues will only compell and force our people to make it happen in any ways  but in this later case,  there might be much Chaos, loss of lives, pain, commotion, destruction and much Chaotic conditions in all

parts of India which the nation may have to  endure with much pain and sufferings to all.


This ugly system which creates Self serving greedy politicians, public servants and a Monstrous assemblies of Law & Judiciary no longer carries the  power to sustain the Indian Society for any much longer now and must be done away with,Now and immediately Now within this year !


But How can this transition be brought about in quick time ? How ? I leave this to all my friends here to reflect, ponder and debate.


Ashok Sharma



Advantage our people:

People are more than ready today to bring about the CHANGE ! By CHANGE,  we all know it is not just the Change of Government but something more positive, more meaningful and lasting. Energies that we have around us today are a Unique Gift from the Unseen Powers and or are a result of collective efforts  and concerns of many simple honest and hardworking millions who did raise their voices of protests and their hears cried during their own times, till recently and this all collective force of the sufferings and sacrifices of tens of thousands of us have retuned as a collective accumulated energies and are available as a Surplus Advantage available with the nation today. So, we have with us enough Energy to dispel the Darkness away. In so doing however, the chaos may grow but we must see beyond this as a final release from the grips of the forces of Dark and Corrupt Devils occupying the Chairs of power today.


I envision, Indian society entering into the halls where Fair Trials and decision systems are firmly established to greet our people. I also envision every Indian fully supporting each and every other who fell a victim of wrong judgments or delayed justice and borne the atrocities of our misguided few. In these momentous changes upon us let us be clear about the New Direction of a Better tomorrow assured in our lives. Victory of our people, our all Indians the Thugs in sheep's clothing's cannot be denied now.Let us arrange some material to Re-write a fresh page of our history unfolding today. The truth, coming out from all quarters is being cheered by all and is added to our new understanding so much so that the people of India would not tolerate any attempt to return to the old ways. As a collective, we have inordinate powers and it is time to make good use of this.     Ashok Sharma

Reach out and touch someone with your Love & Gratitude.


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1. The idiots and traitors running UPA government    
    From: Prof R K Gupta-India

2. SEBI,Stockmarket fraud and Indian law courts    
    From: Prof R K Gupta-India

3. See this video on issue of corruption    
    From: Prof R K Gupta-India

1. The idiots and traitors running UPA government
    Posted by: "Prof R K Gupta-India" rajendrakumar_g
    Date: Fri Jan 28, 2011 7:42 pm 

-UPA headed by an Italian imported half educated housewife having no allegiance to this country and having her own agenda to put Rahal in driving seat and propagate christianity  and take out as much money as possible from India. 
-Her kitchen cabinet consists of boneless ,self seeking and dishonest outdated idiots like MM Singh ( a puppet and stooge of americans),Mukherjee,Chidambaram( he taxed everything except public toilets-In fact guys like him are fit to be minister of public toilets) and paper degree holding jokers like Ahluwalia and Rangarajan.These guys have been shamelessly lying to the country on price rise and other things, making false propaganda of India a super power, singing GDP song daily morning to fool people  and recklessly wasting money that has led to unprecedented price rise in India.
-While talking that there is no land in India these idiots have been recklessly allowing conversion of agricultural land for malls and computer typing centers called IT industry in India leading to food supply crisis.This will become very serious after 10 years when agri land will diminish by 20% and population will add by 18%.A frightening proposition.
-Property price hike was well manipulated by this corrupt government  to benefit themselves and landlords involving several politicians having huge  land banks in their name and benami.The property prices are main cause for inflation in the country as artificial wealth has been generated,bank loans built up with huge interest rates and madness created where land prices have exceeded even those in costliest cities of world.There is strong case for fall of property prices by at least 50% immediately if inflation is to be controlled.
- The fools in UPA are still raising interest rates to try to control prices which has different causes.In fact raising interest rates has reversed entire liberalisation process and will further raise prices since interest rates get multiplied several times in supply chain working capital.It is amazing that instead of controlling liquid money in market,interest rates are being hiked.Nothing cant be more stupid.In fact too much portfolio money like FII money and inflated salaries of 3% people in India have brought too much money in market
-The foolish schemes like NREGA are being run wasting almost 1 lac crores every year .Half of this goes in pockets of corrupt politicians,local sarpanches and babus who are crazily and lavishly spending this easy money in market propelling prices upwards.

-Reckless taxation by this corrupt government is another case of rising prices.The taxes have been tripled since  Singh took over.At the same time most of public services have also been priced upwards or withdrawn by government making life of common man miserable.Loot and plunder is being done by government and also through the contractors under PPP scheme.

-The bumper results of government companies like ONGC and other marketing companies show that government is biggest looter in name of crude oil price rise.They benefit in everything including almost 55% taxes on petroleum products.

-Singh has done nothing to expand judiciary that needs to be tripled urgently.Crimes are rising to the extent that a upright public servant was burnt alive openly two day ago.

We can keep adding the sins of Singh and his cronies.

Prices cannot be controlled as the long list of foolish actions as above and loot and plunder let loose by babus,politicians and companies will take prices further up.He has failed to take any action for agricultural development and reform.

Can a country be ruled worse than this? Even a rickshaw puller could do better.

It is very easy for any idiot to sing GDP growth song every morning and sit in lap of capitalists as it is very easy to set up a few factories and show superficial production in country like automobiles for which there is no fuel available.Kickbacks are also available from these greedy,corrupt and third rate industrialists in India.

In short it  is time Singh and his team are thrown out and held in open public trial for  loot and plunder and being traitors to the country.See how kalmadi is roaming free challenging this  dummy government.Merely removing him from minister post is enough?His right place is in jail and all the dirty money earned by him in his political careers should be confiscated.

Muslims citizens in many countries have started coming out on roads in Turkey,Egypt and others against corruption and mismanagement.But Indian blood is thin and cold.Indians are not at all moved by  gross mismanagement and crimes going on in country since UPA took over.

The third rate experts in India should beware that a resource starved country like India with rampant corruption and loosed governance  and zero technology base cant  outgrow the world community for long.No country can grow in isolation.These claims of superpower and double digit growth are idiotic dreams and slogans to fool people through corrupt media and and continue loot and plunder so guys like Ambani's can build 25 storey palatial bungalows as vulgar symbol of capitalism and loot.This certainly is not definition of capitalism or liberalisation or democracy.Indian democracy is big fraud and limited to votes only and that too are rigged.

In fact india is till run on model of british Queen(India,Sonia)British raj ,same old british policies where babus are totally unacocuntable.India is mere neo-colony of british raj still.

Prof R K Gupta

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2. SEBI,Stockmarket fraud and Indian law courts
    Posted by: "Prof R K Gupta-India" rajendrakumar_g
    Date: Fri Jan 28, 2011 9:33 pm 

The nifty has started falling from 1st January onwards dramatically from 6178 to 5512 low of today, or a fall of 666 points or 11%.But the data show that FII and DII combined net withdrawal of money at end todays' trading day for same period is only 3754 crores which is insignificant amount looking at average daily turnover of Rs 16000 crores on NSE itself and market capitalisation of stocks valued at almost 80% of Indian GDP.

It is very clear that it is a planned conspiracy of FII,DIIs and some operators to take Indian investors for a ride who have lost 11 lac crores since Diwali.

When american markets were falling the idiots posing as experts here talked of  global market link theories.Now when american markets are rising the Indian markets are falling and these experts have gone in hiding.

It is reported by some people on condition of anonymity that circular trading technique is being used by group of operators to pull down prices  to rake in  huge profits and to prepare for re-entry of market at lower levels.Sophisticated softwares are being used now a days for trading and rigging and every day planned targets are being achieved.
By circular trading one can manage price of any stock at desired level by few people selling and another batch of few people buying it provided they put large orders in the list.The money simply transfers from one account to another and can be shared later.It is reported that big operators have access to full  list of order books on stock exchange computers.By using sophisticated software one can easily rig the price movement.The high speed trading sofware are beyond control of an ordinary investor who is invariably looted.These software put several buy/sell orders at rapid rates with small price differences.On face of it, it is quite possible if I have Rs 5000 crore with me and a  group of 20-25 operators conniving with each other and with these softwares.

LIC has already bragged that they made 5000 crores by churning shares this year.

It is time our bureaucratic and third rate regulators wake up and closely examine the phenomenon.MM Singh and Mukherjee are sleeping as usual singing GDP growh rate song daily liie Vande matram.

I will give one example of naked and criminal connivance of SEBI,Sterling Tree magnum promoters of Chennai, and Madras High court in killing the scheme and robbing hundreds of crores of rupees of common investors in child millionnaire Teakquity scheme launched by these companies in 1990 boom of social forestry projects.Another fellow owner of golden forest is enjoying jail hospitality for years but refusing to return the money.The shameless judiciary is dragging the cases for years.Almost none of these schems is exisiting today.First SEBI clamped down on sterling scheme on flinmsy ground squoting investor interst and then High court put injunction on the scheme preventing creditors from seeking refund and is now sitting on it since last 15 years.It is amazing that hign court is willingly ignoring public interest for so many years.
It is seen that in India High courts are main culprits in helping criminals move free and do crimes.High courts admit cases,stay the proceedings and then sit on the files for decades.

The current macro economic conditions in India and the financial results of companies don't support this fall.It is said that there is plan to drag Nifty down to around 5000 levels.While stock markets are falling, surprisingly property rates are not falling.Unless property cools down to 50% of current levels no one can control price inflation in India.

The role of Indian high courts need to be examined.Besides Sterling case I also give example of Salman Khan case who is moving free after appeal was admitted by High court and file put in record room garbage.It is rumored that the lawyers for Salman have sucked almost Rs 1 crore form him that includes case management fee in courts.The lawyer is said to have built a new palatial house after salman assignment.
In fact no criminal should worry.Face lower trial for 2-3 years without attending the court and then file an appeal in high court and then go free and do more crimes with blessings of high court.The Indian judicial system is a big fraud and shameless liability in the country.
People would be startled to learn that there is no provision in Indian laws of cheating and fradud for recovery of cheated property and even if recovered same is given back to the cheat on superdari.90% cases of cheating are finally dismissed by higher courts in a well planned conspiracy of Indian law makers.The victim gets nothing but lawyers bill,hypertension and wastage of time and humiliation.Our judiciary should feel ashamed on its outright fraud with victims of crimes in India.That is the reason more and more people are openly doing fraud with latest one in citibank.The criminals know that courts are there to save them,if not the police officials.
GOI should explain why such deficient laws and procedures are made and continued that are criminal friendly.And what this Bar Council of India is doing?The only beneficiary of crimes are greedy and corrupt lawyers( public attorneys behave worse than fisherman) and the policemen.In fact they are intersted in promoting crimes and cases.
YOu will moften find polcie offciers offering chair and tea and snacks to criminals and accused and not the victim.Dhande ki baat hei bhai.

Prof R K Gupta
Palash Biswas
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