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Safar 25, 1432/January 30, 2011


American Educational Elites Should take Responsibility for Failure: For the sake of peace and to end war.
"The American power structure draws its intellectual resources from America's elite universities, Harvard, Princeton, MIT, Yale, Cornell, Duke,  Stanford, UC at Berkeley, UCLA, etc. We need to realize that the failure of American foreign and domestic policies is a reflection of the failure of our most famous universities. The educational system looks brilliant but it lacks empathy for humanity and cannot understand the realities of the world. The policies of war and support for Israel are outcomes of the failure of supremacist and hegemonic educational processes at the highest level."
Dr. Abdulalim Shabazz, Distinguished Professor of Mathematics
 [Talking to Jamaate al-Muslimeen Shoora for Peaceful Change in America.]
Imam Badi Ali [National Islamic Shoora]: Spotlight on Egypt
 Egypt: The Victory of the People Changes Everything.
Hadith of Muhammad, pbuh, prophesied Egypt will Fight for Islam.
For 30 years Hosni Mubarak Ravaged Egypt with 100% Support of Israel and the West.
1. 45% of the Egyptian people were put under poverty level, which means in Egypt $1 a day.
2. So many were homeless that 1,500,000 slept in graveyards.
3. Twenty million suffered from depression.
4. 12,000 committed suicide every year.
Egyptian Elites: Recruiting Ground for the West
1. Egyptian upper classes openly became collaborators of Israel and the West.
2. There was endless corruption. The people in power were looting the country.
3. Random arrests and torture of Islamic people were commonplace.
4. Suspects [opponents of America] were sent to Egypt to be tortured.
5. Night clubs and prostitution were introduced under the guise of "tourism."
6. Israelis visited their Egyptian friends in the elite class as if Egypt was backyard of Israel.
Uprising of the Masses: The People are Taking Power
1. The people have come out on the streets in huge numbers.
2. They are organizing, street by street, alley by alley.
3. They have lost fear of the rulers' terror network.
4. Hundreds have been killed but more people have emerged.
5. They belong to all sections of society, not to any group or organization.
6. The great majority are very young and full of energy.
Attempts to Hijack the Movement & to Recruit al-Baradei
1. Various groups are suddenly claiming credit for the revolution. None of them did anything and were total failures.
2. The Muslim Brotherhood [Ikhwan] are trying to ride the bandwagon. Once again they have blundered and are supporting al-Baradei who is a well-known supporter of the West and certainly does not speak for the masses.
3. America is trying desperately to claim that it cares for the people. The masses known that America always supported Mubarak. Reform after 30 years won't fool anyone.
4. The newly appointed Vice President Omar Sulayman is being supported by both the US and the Brotherhood. He is responsible for much terrorism and torture. He was the usual go between for Mubarak, Israel and the US.
What will the Military do?
1. Mubarak's last hope is that the military will start slaughtering people as in Algeria. The tanks are on the streets but even if they open fire, after creating a total mess, they will fail to quell the masses.
2. Khalid al-Islambouli was from the military and killed Anwar Sadat when he betrayed Egypt and recognized Israel. There are many who think like him.
3. Mubarak is preparing for a final blood bath but it's already too late for him.
On a lighter note: Mubarak should be sent into exile in Gaza. He should be made to go through the tunnels he blocked to help Israel.

Israel memorialized the Jewish Holocaust on January 27. See below for a popular holocaust story which has been verified as a hoax. Scroll.


Unite Against Zionism by Spreading Islam

Peaceful Movement to Save America from Zionism & racism


Jamaat al-Muslimeen urges those who want to give the message of Islam in America to read Br. Shamim Siddiqui's [Long Island, New York] books. He offers you a systematic program for Da'wah. Evaluate yourself. If you are willing to spend some time to spread the message of Islam, email us and we'll send you Br. Shamim's third book: The Dawah Program.  No charge. Free fi Sabil Allah.


What is Jamaat al-Muslimeen?


assalam u alaikum
my dear brother,
kindly let me know about your organization, its history and current status. Is this the same which was lead by Dr. Usmani (late) of Karachi?


Faisal Imadi [Pakistan]


[Ed. response: Jamaat al-Muslimeen is NOT linked to any organization or group outside USA. For the rest of your question, see jamaatalmuslimeeninternational[dot] org                                      Don't read the brackets.


Khutba on Egypt:Main Points

Global Ummah of Islam is Waking Up: Tyrants Facing Defeat.

US Muslims, Use Peaceful Means to Save America from Zionism


On January 28, 2011, Dr. Kaukab Siddique gave a khutba on the situation in Egypt at a mosque in central Baltimore, Maryland. Egypt is seven hours ahead of Baltimore time. Hence some of the most momentous events in Egypt had taken place by the time Dr. Siddique began his khutba at 1.40 Eastern Standard Time.


Texts: "The Believers are none other than ONE [global] brotherhood/sisterhood ..." [The Qur'an 49:10]

"And We [Allah] give new life [with sustenance] to land that is dead; thus will be the Resurrection." [The Qur'an 50:11]


  • Just about all the countries in the Muslim world are ruled by dictators, kings and tyrants who have been imposed on our ummah by treachery, tyranny and terror.
  • Muslims stopped following the Qur'an and the authentic hadith: hence western powers easily took over countries and embedded in them gangster groups who are Muslim in name but are armed, funded and protected by western powers.
  • Muslims countries were cut up into nationalistic entities, divided and alienated from each other. They forgot that Muslims are one ummah. They ignored the suffering of Islamic leaders who were tortured and repressed by the tyrants.
  • Now a spark has come from Allah Almighty Himself, to ignite uprisings in the most passive Arab countries. This is indeed a miracle from Allah.
  • Tunisia was the first to rise up. They did not need books on FIQH to realize that injustice must end. Joblessness, daily humiliation, lack of hope created by secular regimes can only be reversed by mass action.
  • Tunisia helped the Arab world to realize that we are ONE UMMAH and we are suffering the same fate because we ignored our faith, our heritage of resistance.
  • The spark of faith, hope and UNITY has now leapt to Egypt, Yemen and parts of Algeria. Unity is required for change. Nationalism will not work.
  • Western powers are working globally against Islam. They know that Islam is the only force which will not accept materialism and the profit motive as the basis of civilization.
  • The decency of the Muslim masses, that they consider pork and liquor HARAM, that their women cling to the hijab, that they put MODESTY above NUDITY, is the biggest obstacle in the path of the western powers.
  • Today, the people of Egypt came out of their mosques after Friday prayers and changed the course of history. Today, the children of our Egyptian family, the masses of our youths, have rejected the false 'Islam' of Mubarak and have given themselves to the Justice proclaimed by the Qur'an and enforced by the Prophet, pbuh, and the Khulafa Rashidoon, r.a.
  • Hail the people of Egypt! The Ummah has missed you for many years. The rulers, the media, the West tried to secularize you through the Internet, even dressed you in the jeans and dungarees of the exploiters, but your minds, your souls still belonged to Islam.
  • We thought Egypt was dead when its tyrant opened this glorious land of Islam to Israeli tourists. We were wrong because Allah Almighty can raise the dead. Who would have thought that the "secularized" youths would emerge from the mosques, ignore the call of puppet imams planted by Mubarak not to demonstrate and defied the power of the tyrant.
  • As I speak, government buildings are going up in flames across Cairo.  The tyrant is hiding.




  • Owing to Zionist control of the media, the American people do not know that they have been fooled by their rulers.
  • Americans do not realize that our government supports gangster regimes who are willing to help Israel by crushing their own people.
  • Zionists immorality has undemined America sense of right and wrong.Look at what the friends of Israel and International Jewry have done to America.
  • Millions of women are beaten up every year, children are molested, marriage system is in shambles.
  • Drugs, crime, fraud, false advertising, degradation of women, have become part of the fabric of society. Several million people, mostly poor, are in prison, while the rich are making obscene profits.
  • The President of the USA wants to teach morality to Africa. He has expressed concern about the killing of a homosexual "activist" in Uganda. Doesn't Uganda have its own laws and its own values? What about human beings suffering in other parts of Africa: Somalia, Sudan, Nigeria, Niger, Ivory Coast... Are they to be ignored because they are not homosexuals and are Muslims?
  • We Muslims of America must organize in a peaceful way. Never break a law. Always be non-violent but make it very clear that we do not accept the immorality spread by the Zionists in America. Encouragement of adultery, fornication, homosexuality, pornography, exploitation of women, undressing the women and overdressing the men [like the slave masters did] is good for Zionism but does not help the American people.
  • It is our task as Muslims to save America from the sickness which has been introduced here. The extreme attraction towards violence and love of late model weapons is reflected overseas in American occupation of Muslim countries and Zionist-US support for just about ALL dictators in Muslim lands, particulary those in Tunisia, Algeria, Yemen and most of all Egypt.
  • Pray that Allah Almighty may help the Muslims of America to unite on the Qur'an and the authentic Hadith.


[Jamaat al-Muslimeen was represented in the protest.]

Our America:[Only the text as reported in WBAL TV local news.]

Israeli Jew's Crime Against Black Teen: Elusive Justice

Alperstein, Bernstein & Wardesheim: Jewry at Work


1.28.11.BALTIMORE -- Protesters are questioning how Baltimore's state's attorney is handling the prosecution of a case against two Jewish brothers accused of assaulting a black teen.

The case has gained lots of attention from the black and Jewish communities. The city state's attorney said it is being handled based on a careful and thorough investigation of the facts, but some are calling what's happened so far unfair.

Outside the Mitchell Courthouse in downtown Baltimore, members of the Black Media Group and civil and human rights activists on Monday called on city state's attorney Gregg Bernstein to clarify his handling so far of the case against 23-year-old Eli Werdesheim and his brother, Avi.

"This is not fair, nor is it equal," said Hassan Giordano of the Black Media Group.

"The perception is this is not being handled in the way it would be handled if this was an African-American in reverse," said community activist Michael Johnson.

The group chanted "no justice, no peace."

Last week, prosecutors dropped the felony first-degree assault charge against Eli Werdesheim, but he and his brother, Avi, face assault and other misdemeanor charges.

Both were accused in the November 2010 beating of a 15-year-old black boy. The teen claimed he was attacked while walking along Fallstaff Road in a predominantly Jewish neighborhood. The boy said he was hit in the head with a radio and suffered a broken wrist.

Eli Werdesheim, who was part of the citizens-on-patrol group Shomrim, claimed he acted in self defense. He was suspended from Shomrim after the incident.

On Monday, another group of protesters also called for a response, saying they want Shomrim disbanded.

"We're standing against racist attacks in Park Heights. We're concerned about the disparity of treatment between upper Park Heights and lower Park Heights," said Sharon Black of the All Peoples Congress.

Bernstein said he won't comment on any pending case.

"I don't think it's fair to the victim, and I don't think it's fair to the defendant in any case. It's important we prosecute these cases in court," he said.

Andrew Alperstein and Susan Green, who are attorneys for the Werdesheim brothers, also cautioned against calling for action and rushing to judgment.

"At this stage of the proceedings, allegations are allegations. They are not facts. We won't know what happened until there is a hearing and a full-blown trial," Green said



Jon Stewart is Funny but the joke is on Gullible Muslims


[Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz] TO THE NATIONAL


Holocaust Survivor Memoir Exposed as Fraud
Mark Weber - Institute for Historical Review

A Holocaust survivor memoir that has received prestigious literary awards and lavish praise has been exposed as a hoax. In Fragments: Memories of a Wartime Childhood, Binjamin Wilkomirski describes his ordeal as an infant in the Jewish ghetto of Riga (Latvia), where his earliest memory is of seeing his father being killed. Wilkomirski also tells how he survived the terrible rigors of wartime internment, at the age of three or four, in the German-run concentration camps of Majdanek and Auschwitz.


Dr. Aafia in Total Isolation.  Charade of "Rules" Continues

Since being moved to Carswell after her sentencing, Dr. Aafia has not been able to talk with any member of her family (except being allowed to leave one phone message) or allowed any visitation.

She had, in writing, appointed a specific lawyer.  That lawyer has not even been allowed to have a phone conversation with Dr. Aafia.

Several efforts have been made to understand what is going on but to no avail.  The family was informed that they must coordinate with Aafia for an appointment for a visit at least 2 weeks in advance and with approval of the authorities.  How that coordination is to occur when no telephone or written communication is allowed is one of those "rules" that are creatively crafted to sound reasonable but with no hope of practical application.


At this time, Aafia is in total isolation.  There is no word on her health or any other matter. It can only be presumed that she is alive as prison "rules" do require a death notice to be provided and none has been received to date.  It is believed by family and supporters that she is continuing to at least receive mail, so a request is constantly made to keep sending cards, letters and magazines.  

Meanwhile, the government appointed lawyers will proceed with an appeal that is unlikely to offer any serious challenges to the official trial.

Ironically, the appeal deadline was conveniently extended from January 28 to sometime in March or April. (Lawyers are giving contradictory information) to allow those same lawyers to stay on the case.  

"Rules", of course. 



Indian Occupation Forces Use Brutal Force Against Protestors


Srinagar, MTT News Desk: In Occupied State of Jammu & Kashmir (OSJK), the Kashmiri people staged massive protests in Sopore and Baramulla towns against the continued illegal detention of youth and Hurriyat leaders by Indian armed forces in OSJK.

Kashmir Media service had reported that Indian army and other security forces had used brute force and fired teargas shells to disperse the Kashmiri demonstrators who were raising pro-freedom and anti-India slogans in Sopore town. They were demanding an end to the continued crackdown against pro-freedom leaders and activists.

Scores of youth also held demonstrations at Cement Bridge, main chowk, Jadeed Market and Auqaf Market in Baramulla town. Paramilitary troops used teargas and water canons to disperse the protesters. However, the youth offered stiff resistance and clashed with them.

The demonstrators chanted slogans like "We want freedom," and "Go India go".



100,000 Rally in Lahore: Defend the Prophet, pbuh, Oppose USA


The entire spectrum of Islam united in a mammoth rally in Lahore to condemn US-backed moves by the secularized ruling class to remove laws which defend the Prophet Muhammad, pbuh. Anti-US sentiment has also been inflamed by the  killing of two Pakistanis by a US consulate employee whose car then rolled over a third Pakistani, killing him too.

      The main speaker was Syed Munawar Hasan, ameer of Jamaat-e-Islami. Other top level speakers were Fazalur Rahman [Jamiate Ulema-F], Samiul Haq [Jamiate Ulema-S], Abul Khair Zubair [Ulema-e-Pakistan], Sajid Meer [independent], Hafiz Saeed [Jamat ud-Da'wa, banned by USA but very popular], Sajid Naqvi [Shia movement], Hanif Jullundri [Ahle Hadith], Dr. Wasim Akhtar [provincial leader of Jamaate Islami], Ameer al-Azeem of Lahore JI, Abdur Raheem Naqshbandi [Sufi movement]


      Munawar Hasan's main points were as follows.

[Summarized by Shaikh Amjad in Lahore.]


LAHORE, Jan. 30: The Jamaat e Islami chief, Syed Munawar Hasan, has said that if the Blasphemy (of the Holy Prophet) Law was amended, neither the parliament and assemblies nor the rulers would survive.

Addressing the Tahafuz e Namoose Risalat rally here on Sunday, he said the Islamic forces in the country accepted the challenge of the US and its secular allies and expressed the confidence that the US and its agents would face a humiliating defeat.

He said, the people struggling for upholding the Holy Prophet's sanctity and  ending the US slavery would carry their movement to its logical end and would not give up half way.

He further said that the revolutionary wave sweeping the Islamic world at present could not be kept away from Pakistan as situation here was also ripe for a change.

Syed Munawar Hasan said that the movement for the protection of the Holy Prophet's sanctity was gaining strength every day and millions of the people had risen to fulfill their duty in this regard. 

The JI chief said that after the 9/11, the US was planning to thrust its New World Order and the western civilization all over the world but the Islamic movements had frustrated its designs. The US also desired abolition of religious Madrissahs and religious education net work besides the Islamic signs and to silent the voices emanating from the mosque and the pulpit but that too had been foiled.

Syed Munawar Hasan said, it was only due to the cowardice of the rulers that the Americans were killing innocent Pakistanis in our streets. He said there had been terrorist activities in the Punjab capital in the past when vehicles carrying arms were recovered from the Americans but they were later released. It was for the President, the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister to explain the whereabouts of those Americans, he added.









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