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[Janshakti] Fw: 60,000 Sikhs received letters from Muslims to convert to Islam or leave - PAKISTAN FLAG HOSTED IN SRINAGAR

[Janshakti] Fw: 60,000 Sikhs received letters from Muslims to convert to Islam or leave - PAKISTAN FLAG HOSTED IN SRINAGAR

Please wake up. 60,000 sikhs in Pakistan received letters from Muslim groups to convert to Islam or leave Pakistan. Sikhs and Hindus were butchered and thrown out of Pakistan and Azad Kashmir after partition. Another holocaust is in the making. Why Sikhs in Punjab are re-building mosques? People who don't learn from history perish! Please read the story below.
R. Singh  

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Subject: 60,000 Sikhs received letters from Muslims to convert to Islam or leave - PAKISTAN FLAG HOSTED IN SRINAGAR

Our piece of advice to Human Rights Commission (, Why are you continuing to play games with India and its culture by doing unlimited subversive activities? Why can't you speak out the truth? Let us see if someone does forceful conversion in the Western world - the entire army would stop that nonsense and even the President and media would speak loud, day in and day out. It is the understanding which has perfect science and intelligence that human mind can distinct but luring the natives by all cheating propensities, forceful methods you are not less included for Missionaries and Mullahs subversive activities who are openly doing the most heinous crime by taking advantage of gullible. What is the gain of that conversion leading to the most immoral activities? What are they gaining by having to know the quantity?  You know what they are doing but you are not realizing that "all of you" are destroying the very core of the humanity by the forceful agenda(s) of the West and the Middle-east irreligious impositions on the Nature Worshippers who respect all lives - Vedic Hindu Science is not some hocus-pocus sectarian ides as filled in the Bible and the Koran - very confused and inconsistent books for any child to read. In fact, our advice is that you go to a great Hindu Master, surrender submissively and learn the Science of Self Realization in total peace then your true happiness will come out and that is what you expect the world to learn the top most secrets hidden in the Science of Self Realization. Have compassion for all living beings, not just your kinds. Hope you learn something from a great universal dharma and bring higher consciousness to your loved ones and family rather butchering animals, eating them and to digest animals, simply drink wine. What a shame. Animals are in fact trillion times better than YOU HUMAN-ANIMALS. Do you know this point loud and clear? At least animals have their seasons for mating and eat what is being gifted to them by nature laws. They don't cross each others food. Carnivores remain within the boundary of carnivorous and Herbivores remain within the boundary of Herbivorous. Did you ever see a wolf eating grass? Did you see a goat eating the dead body of an animal? But humans with all the expanded vision has not yet decided what food must he/she must subsists upon,  based upon the very human's body structure. Thank you. Lord Krishn bless you and your family.



60,000 Sikhs received letters from Muslims to convert to Islam or leave - PAKISTAN FLAG HOSTED IN SRINAGAR


Wednesday, January 26, 2011 

TO: Sri Sardar Prakash Singh Badal,

Chief Minister of Punjab


Dear Sri Badal:




Remember there are no two Dharmas floating out there. There is only one Dharm for all souls. By closing the eyes, the sun does not disappear. Who are you trying to please? Vedic science says that one must first dig deep into one's inner consciousness then after self examination; one can bring great change through understanding. The history of Islam is filled with blood and destruction and the demons in the names of religions have been destroying the very basic core of humanity – they have been uprooting the True civilization of the world, meant for all souls to get the perfect science and knowledge to be restored back to the Spiritual Planets after giving up the human dress.


Bhagwan Sri Krishn speaks to His dear friend Arjun: "For the Soul there is no birth and no death, it is eternal and ever lasting; it can't be withered; it can't be burned; it can't be cut by any weapon; it can't be compressed or stretched; its constitution position remains the same, eternally the same." Bhagavad-Gita Chapter 2.


It is time to wake-up and dig deep into your consciousness to understand that the Islam is a very dangerous religious order and its aims had been and continue to march on the same ugly Islamic mind-set to take over the lands of the non-Muslims. They have not stopped even after giving away 350,000 sq. miles of India's ancient sovereign territories of rishis and avataras. They built the exclusive Islamic club of Pakistan and the sad part is that they left about 50% of the Muslim population behind. All those present 55 Islamic countries were one time Hindus' lands. India has got 1.2 billion humans locked up in very small land. Muslims have 55 Islamic countries – Have you ever heard if Pakistan had demanded any territories from Islamic countries, such as Saudi Arabia or any other Islamic countries?  Muslims have been trained to look upon you as an infidel. Islam, Mohammad and Allah expect the entire non-Muslims' territories must be handed over to Islam. Saudi Arabia and other Islamic countries are behind these kinds of treacheries. You must understand this point loud and clear now. Since you got the power and position, you sure can take an immediate action by joining hands with the rest of India and the Hindus. Awaken them up together and work together. Remember: Divided we all break but united they will be defeated. If the criminals have separate agenda, it is reminder for them that they would eventually be consumed by aggressive Muslims – just like in the year 1994, the oldest Gurdwara in Gandhar (presently known as Afghanistan) was destroyed by Muslims and all Sikhs were asked to leave their ancient home land. Sikh women were asked to go on Burqas where they would have couple of inches windows to see through outside world and the girls were refused schooling. Muslims denied schooling for Sikh girls.


If you do not pay heed now and remain comfortable with your present power and position, soon they are coming to do the same to raise Pakistan's flag in Punjab. 


BEST ADVICE: What you must do is to demand back the lands given to them to build Pakistan and Azad Kashmir with full throttle. Because the contract of division well stated that both India and Pakistan won't attack each other but Pakistan was already attacking Kashmir as soon as the division took place. It was signed by Muslim League, Congress Party and witnessed by the British Viceroy of England. So it was confirmed no exchange of fire but Pakistan broke the contract and thus violated the existence of Pakistan. Therefore, it should have been nullified from day one. Muslims got 55 Islamic nations now built on Hindus land. If they need any territories, they must ask from Saudi Arabia and other Islamic nations. Very soon the entire hell of Islam will fall on Pakistan as soon as the fools of Pakistan are directed to get lands from Saudi Arabia.


You must tell Pakistan Government: "Don't you think it is time for Pakistan and Muslims to respect the Mother India and its people who had obliged you with 350,000 sq. miles its ancient sovereign territories? Did any Islamic country do this obliging this much vast territories as to this date? Instead of thanking the great people of Bharat Mata, you continue to show your ugly criminally infested Islamic red eyes to us, constantly humiliating and insulting this great nation of ours and our people. SHAME ON YOU."


IF YOU DO NOT STOP THEM WITH FIRMNESS AND PROPER EDUCATION –They will continue raising Pakistan's flag in different states, including Punjab. FOR THIS IT WILL BE WORTH TO LOOK INTO your misguided militants in Punjab who can be righteously guided and this way you can turn around the table to help Muslims to realize the true meaning of Dharma - KARMA SCIENCE, Cause and Effect. You must do something now – soon enough. The Islamic psyche will go on unless you chop-off snake's head hiding in the grass. Take the action now


Help the dream of Guru Gobind Rai Singh come true now.


It will be necessary to educate children through the books of Vichitra Natak, Panth Prakash and Kali Avtar so the tale of Dharm truth is not altered by many desperate separatist groups.


Praying before Goddess Durga Mata, Guruji says: "O Mother of the world: I shall destroy even the sign of evil-doers so that only Dharma's tale is told in the world."


Guruji spoke: "I shall restore the honour of Ved-Dharm in the world and shall wipe out the crime of cow-killing."


He writes with pain in Kali Avtar: "There have sprung up sects in the country which do not honour the Vedas but spread desperate teachings."


Guru Gobind Rai (Singh) spoke: "Ours is ancient Dharm – The essence of our religion, practiced by kings, rishis and avataras; it is this same religion that we wish to follow so that the entire creation may be happy. Let the Khalsa Panth(Religion of the pure) reverberate in the entire world, and the Hindu Dharm awaken in every nook and corner."


Thank You,


Very Truly Yours,


Professor Joe Martin (Swami Gopal Das)

Under the guidance of our Master Acharya Sri Charan Das Ji Maharaj


Jai Sri Krishn

60,000 Sikhs received letters from Muslims to either convert to Islam or leave Kashmir
 for good.

Pak flag hoisted at Lal Chowk, Srinagar - Please watch the video:


Sikhs in Punjab are targeted by Christian Missionaries, Muslims ask Sikhs to leave Kashmir or convert to Islam

Dear fellows, what are you doing sitting over there and doing nothing to stop the most heinous crime against humanity by Missionaries and Fanatic Islamic boys? We thought for committing crimes, one is sent to jails but they have been rewarded by the Government of India through the appeasement policies. Remember, if you do not stop this crime, you are equally guilty and sharing in the crime against poor Hindus and Sikhs. Don't pay heed to those leaders who are asking you to turn your face on the other side. You got the moral duties and that is what you must protect your citizens from those who are wolves in sheep clothing. Tigers go after the foxes now.

SIKH AND DESTROY: Sikhs in Punjab are targeted by Christian Missionaries


Strong message to fools who are in the desperate mood to divide India further into pieces by their sheer ignorance: In fact the fools are helping the Weston cause to quickly establish the dirty agenda - divided they can quicken up their conversion process.

Eventually they want to finish India but if the fools wake-up, realize and join together, then the forces of evil can be defeated but they are more interested to divide India further. The utter fools knowing well the character of these two religious orders won't understand because their selfish agenda is bigger. In the year 1994, Muslims kicked all Sikhs out of Afghanistan; destroyed the oldest Gurdwara; and their women to go under Burqas to be covered from head to toes where they would have couple of inches to peak outside world. They wanted to make sure that Sikh girls never attend schools. By dividing India, their dependency to theWestern world becomes greater and thus they are easily targeted by missionaries to become Christians. If they scream, their foreign aid is shut down. These are the stories of many nations around the globe. Utter Fools, it is time to pull out from the very ignorant mentality and rise above it.

Denigration of Buddhism & conversion of the vulnerable: Christianity's latest ploy

Posted November 2, 2010

J Goonetilleke October 25, 2010

Christianisation was the third force of colonialism as best expressed by Jomo Kenyatta, the late Kenyan leader, who said: "When the white man came he had the bible we had the land. Then he said 'let us close our eyes and pray'. When we opened our eyes we had the bible he had the land."

Sex, lies and money in the church


Supreme Court decries forceful religious conversions

Bush's Conversion Agenda for India: Preparing for the harvest ...

Author: VK Shashikumar Publication: Tehelka  Date: February 2004

The Hijacking of Hinduism:


Conversions: Facts and Figures


Assault on India: Missionaries are systematically targeting specific regions of India in hopes of converting the entire nation to their brand of fanatic Christianity. Below is a detailed look into their designs and plans.

National Liberation Front of Tripura (NLFT): Objectives- The National Liberation Front of Tripura (NLFT) was formed in December 1989 for the purpose of seceding from India in order to create an "independent" Christian fundamentalist state of Tripura.


India has no reason to be grateful to Mother Teresa

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Mukto Mona

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Rwanda: Will the Vatican Ever Accept That Genocide is Also a Crime?

Most Nigerian pastors are worse than beggars

Orissa police arrest two Christians for throwing beef at Laxmi idol


A conspiracy unravels Posted August 2, 2010
Sandhya Jain  Aug 3, 2010 - The Pioneer
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Assassination of Swami Laxmanananda Saraswati and four sanyasis in Kandhamal on Krishna Janmasthami was well planned by Christian Missionaries.

Fools you are next if you do not pay heed now. Don't destroy Bharat Mata by your top most ignorance.

Now you have two remaining options (CHOICE IS YOURS), either to understand the science of self realization - the greatest wisdom offered for all humans or fall prey to the imposters in the names of religions. Save your children and you from going deeper into the extreme mud of hellish conditions and study the Ecological Report carefully sent to you in our previous mailings.

Palash Biswas
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