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The life of Churchill is full of events and adventures. We remember him as a strong prime minister who did not end war in cease fire but in total and decisive victory.


He could have been a role model for Nehru and Gandhi to fight the war against those traitors who wanted to occupy one third of India on behalf of Mohammed of Mecca. But NO!  Our leaders were "men of straw" living under the awe of British masters and the terror of Islam.


Nehru, the prime minister of India, too, should have fought the war for AKHAND BHARAT till the end in order to sort the mischievous, treacherous, separatist, Kafir Killer "Mohammed" out, for good. But Nehru and Gandhi were out to appease and surrender everything.


Our "men of straw" then agreed to the UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER of five provinces, including Lahore and Chittagong, while calling the ENEMY "brothers and sisters" ("Hindu Muslim Bhai Bhai!").


When the "RASCALS" invaded KASHMIR in October 1947 our Men of Straw saw Mohammed Ali Jinnah as their bosom friend if not blood brother. Hence Nehru quickly took the dispute to UNO to impose cease fire and spare the blood of "Musalman, Beiman, Shaitan, Haiwan".


A generation later Nehru's daughter INDIRA was the prime minister. She asked her army to invade EAST Pakistan but being a secret convert to Islam (she was converted to Islam upon marrying Feroze Khan of Allahabad) her heart bled with the love of Mohammed when our Jawans started advancing to recover the WHOLE of Paki territory.


Like Nehru she saw NO ENEMY but only her (Muslim) cousins and brothers in East Pakistan.


Anguished over the prospect of an outright Indian victory, she called the Indian army commander, General MANEKSHAW, later Field Marshal, and said, "General, I do not want you to humiliate Pakistan by overrunning the whole of East Pakistan and then taking her entire army prisoners. I desire a cease-fire."


Manekshaw was NO lickspittle career minded "baboo(n)" Hindustaani general but an upright military commander like Field Marshal Montgomery of El Alamein who defeated Field Marshal Rommel conclusively in North Africa.


Manekshaw replied, "Madam, I am a professional soldier. Leave the conduct of war to me without injecting your nefarious political ideology into it." Indira was shocked to hear this.


While Indira Gandhi brooded unhappily General Manekshaw went on to inflict total defeat on the enemy, forcing the Pakistani commander to sign the unconditional surrender of all his territory and troops.


For his defiance of treacherous Indira Manekshaw paid a heavy price despite his brilliant success in war. Neither Indira nor her vast ruling establishment looked at Manekshaw with favour and when he died neither the Supreme Commander, nor the prime minister and nor even the defense minister attended his funeral.


True to her core loyalty towards Mohammed & Islam prime minister Indira Gandhi, the daughter of Nehru, handed back the captured territory to her "brother in faith". Shaikh Mujiburrahman. in order to establish his separate sovereign and independent ISLAMIC republic once again.




Sir Winston Churchill...  His argument against granting India freedom.


"Power will go to the hands of rascals ,rogues, freebooters; all Indian leaders will be of low caliber & men of  straw. They will  have sweet tongues & silly hearts. They will fight amongst themselves for power &  India will be lost in political squabbles. A day would come when even air & water would be taxed in India." 

[He wrote this 64 years ago] 

We are incredible; we have worked so hard in order to prove him right.....







Until 1947 the British were the masters of India. In order to administer the vast sub continent with hundreds of languages, sects and religions, they needed highly qualified British officers assisted by an army of native clerks or baboos.


The British officers had guts, daring, initiatives and education. Their clerks, or baboos, slavishly typed their instructions and order out, printed copies and sent them to all parts of the country. The clerks were mere copying or writing machines. They were not supposed to use their brains. Any baboo who thought of doing something original or without permission of superior bosses, was considered rebellious or audacious and dismissed forthwith.


After decades of specialisation the baboos became a rigid class of morons.


When the British departed in 1947 there was extreme shortage of officers. It was here that the baboos had their first victory. They knew the rules while the newly promoted INDIAN officers were not only timid and overcautious but also knew nothing of the real world except their theoretical BOOKISH knowledge.


They were so timid that they always played safe and took no decision but at every step asked the clerk (baboo) what to do and how to write the letters.


Thereafter the native ministers, too, were straight from illiterate and impoverished rural scene. Most did not know English and even Hindi that is still struggling to become the overall national language. These ministers, too, became excessively dependent on their baboos.


Add to this was the crippling DYNASTY factor!


Nehru, who replaced the British Viceroy, had other intentions about PERPETUATING his own rule through his children and grandchildren till eternity. Did he want clever ministers or officers? NO WAY! He needed morons and he had them in abundance.


Nehru, Indira and Rajiv chose ministers who were absolutely rubbish with the only qualification to tow the line and say "YES" to whatever any "Gandhi" said or dictated.


That is how the BABOOS now rule the roost while India is struggling to escape the iron hold of Dynasty and replace the vast army of "deep frozen" BABOOS for fresh administrative blood to match the development of Taiwan, Singapore, Japan and China.


But the baboos are now like the CAT among all the mice, including the army generals who are career soldiers, not professional like the generals who drove the enemy away across continents and won victories.


The question is, "WHO WILL BELL THE BABOO CAT?"








LET'S LOOK AT THE END GOAL of the autocratic, all powerful almighty, anti-Hindu, all corrupt & all plundering perpetual Dynasty.


It is:  "Total DESTRUCTION of Hindus, Hinduism, our historic and religious heritage, including literature, while spreading confusion, dividing communities, pitching one indigenous (native) community against another, plundering and looting with both hands ALL THE TIME."


For any wide-awake people even one day is enough to discover the NATURE of their rulers. It must be a very ignorant, intimidated, gutless and servile nation that even SIX DECADES are not enough to tell us as to WHO IS ON TOP.


It is the HINDUS, the end victims of our enemies' DEADLY STRATEGY, who are foremost in trusting the Muslims and serving the Christians.


Normal people keep EVERYTHING in their own hands to feel strong, secure and comfortable but the Hindus feel strong, comfortable and secure if a NON Hindu is Rashtrapati, Rashtrapatni or Rashtramata. Insecure timid Hindus will feel SAFE if a committed Catholic Sonia is on top but not a committed Hindu.


Now we can clearly see the STRATEGY of this "DICTATOR" DYNASTY unfolding before our eyes.


It must have been decided  upon even BEFORE Partition. That is why PARTITION was effortless, quick and smooth for Nehru and Jinnah though the Hindus were plunged into BLOOD BATH and lost one third of SACRED "dharti" with Gandhi's cherished slogan "AKHAND BHARAT" blown up.


The second occasion was the invasion of KASHMIR.  Nehru's defence was only for show. We saw through his mind when he stopped his army from advancing to recover the full State. The Indian Army is still STUCK there where Nehru intended them to "freeze" and die.


The third instance was the WAR over East Pakistan when eight million refugees, mostly Muslim, came crying to their "mother" Indira. She used the war to liberate them, but enslave and degrade the Hindus,  betray Secularism (Akhand Bharat), and to enhance her own position to win the next elections that she did easily, riding the wave of victory. But the servile and ignorant people did not question, "Why has she returned the CAPTURED territory so quickly and willingly?"


How could sleeping Hindus ask this question if they had not asked the TWO before, e.g., 1.  Why we surrendered LAHORE?, and 2.  Why we begged UNO for cease fire when our own troops were ADVANCING?"


Having won the trust of the Hindus and having established herself as the "IRON LADY", Indira "Gandhi" took on the SIKHS, the traditional defenders of Hindusthan and living in the border State.


To a Muslim nothing is more annoying, irritating and irksome than an obstacle in his way of advance and conquest. Hence Nehru managed to completely ruin the Sikh community by giving their homeland (Lahore, Nankana Sahib, GujranwalaRawalpindi and Multan) to Mohammed ofMecca, and now Indira got her own chance to complete the job.


The DYNASTY knows that after the Sikhs are dead the Hindus will be a walk-over. Hence the invasion of East Punjab in 1984. Strict censorship and intimidation of Sikh leaders and media has not told the complete story of Sikh disaster in 1984.


We all know that none of the perpetrators of 1984 genocide in Delhi and elsewhere has been convicted and hanged.


Having given a severe blow to the Sikhs the next target were the TAMILS who were not only staunch Hindus but also demanding a little freedom from Dynasty's strangulating hold over Hindusthan. They resented the State control of their temples and misappropriation of temple funds (that is still going on unhindered and unchecked).


Rajviv was the CONTINUATION of Nehru's and Indira's policy and sent the Indian army to KILL the Tamils of INDIAN origin instead of giving them protection. But there was NO protection to them from Delhi just as there was NO protection to the Kashmiri Hindus in 1989. They were NOT given arms to defend themselves or given any protection. Instead Article 370 of Constitution was enforced. It was meant to feed and protect them, susidise their food, water, electricity and housing, while ensuring Muslim majority in the State.


What can we say of the sleeping Hindu nation who have not looked at all this, and a lot more (e.g., foreign wives, Bofors commission) besides, and cried,




The scams, the astronomical foreign deposits and the despicable lickspittle Presidents and cabinet ministers and governors, are all leading to rapid weakening of the Hindu nation and its DISINTEGRATION.


In this context the only hope for an unarmed nation, being fed on the diet of Gandhi's "AHIMSA" and the defeatist doctrines of "TYAAG" (RENOUNCE!) and "MAYA" (world is an illusion), is the army. But the less said about the GUTS, PATRIOTISM and VISION of this army, the better.



16 Jan 11.

Palash Biswas
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