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20th Annual Conference of AMIC:Hyderabad, India from 24-27 June 2011

20th Annual Conference of AMIC:Hyderabad, India from 24-27 June 2011

The Asian Media Information and Communication Centre (AMIC), Singapore is proud to announce its 20th Annual Conference, in conjunction with its 40th anniversary to be held at Taj Krishna hotel, Hyderabad, India from 24-27 June 2011. The conference invites abstracts, full papers, panel proposals and media presentations (including videos) for consideration. Pre-conference capacity building workshops will also be held on 23 June 2011 and proposals are invited for topics and themes for conducting such workshops.

The theme of the conference is 'Taking Stock of Media and Communication Studies: The Challenges and Opportunities of Globalisation, New Media and the Rise of Asia'.Against the background of the 40th anniversary of AMIC, it is proposed to take stock of media and communication studies keeping in mind the challenges and opportunities arising out of globalisation, new media and the rise of Asia. Hence, the conference seeks submissions that address  the challenges and opportunities arising out of these new global developments for media practitioners and communication scholars especially in terms of De-westernising the past and Asian-ising the present in theory and practice.

The old scenario in media and communication reflected a colonial past and a North-South imbalance (dominated by the North) in terms of infrastructure, means of entertainment, ways of content production, understanding audiences and their behaviours, media campaign planning and theoretical knowledge generation that tended to universalise an Eurocentric approach.  The attempt to correct such imbalances spawned the struggle for a NWICO, multicultural, post-modern, post-colonial and other pluralist ways of research that privileged the subaltern and the rest of the west. However such attempts to develop core philosophical principles, paradigms and theoretical assumptions are criticised for lacking a clear vision and raised questions of epistemology, ontology and methodology.

Today, with the rise of Asia on the global economic scene, there is an increase in Asian television channels, entertainment studios and non-western content catering to non-western audiences. Satellite television channels are increasing, newspaper circulations are rising and FM radio has also made a big comeback. At the same time, the proliferation of new communication technologies and their convergence and interactive features have meant a multiplicity of avenues for production, publication and expression in various media formats. 

 In the media industry – newspapers, radio, television, cinema, Internet alike- the dependence on the West has meant an adaptation and proliferation of predominantly English-based, western programme formats, news and entertainment content and ideas. What does this bode in terms of media skills and practices, knowledge and theory generation? Is it time to break the mould and build a new cast? In the background of such developments, it is time to take stock and re-look at the field to re-interpret old perspectives and generate new relevant perspectives. Hence, the call for abstracts, full papers and panel proposals related to this theme.

The AMIC conference is open to academics, media industry professionals, government agencies, policymakers, regulators, UN agencies, donors, research groups, civil society organisations, independent consultants and students.

This flagship conference is hosted in rotation by countries across the Asia-Pacific region. Recent conferences were held in Singapore (2010), New Delhi, India (2009), Manila, the Philippines (2008), Singapore (2007) and Penang, Malaysia (2006).  The AMIC Annual Conference is a premier event on the Asian media calendar.It attracts eminent international speakers and participants from the media world. Delegates to the conference come not only from the Asia-Pacific region, but also from Africa, Europe and the Americas. It features high-profile keynote addresses, plenary sessions, and many parallel sessions. Networking events, cultural programmes, media visits and even tourism events are also held in conjunction with the annual conference.


AMIC invites panels, papers and media presentations in especially the following areas:

Media and Globalisation

Risk, Stigma and Health Communication

Advertising and Public Relations

Communication and Culture

Radio, Television and Entertainment Studies

Communication and Multi Media Campaigns

Political Economy of the media

Independent, National and Asian Cinema

Internet and New Media

Communication Theory and Methodology

Public Service Broadcasting and Community Radio

Media, Information and Communication Literacy

Media, Climate Change and Environment Studies

Newspaper, Radio, TV and Magazine Journalism

Communication Technology

Mass Communication, History and Society

Communication and Journalism Education

Media Management and Economics

Media and Development

Media and Democracy

Media and Ethics

Media and Good Governance

Media and Gender

Media and Youth

Media Law and Regulation

Alternative and Community Media

Media Industry Trends and Dynamics

Asian Perspectives on Communication

International Communication

Culture and Critical Studies

Film Studies

Documentary Production

Language Journalism

Multimedia Production

Diaspora studies

Communication Policy and Regulation



Papers and media presentations will be selected on a competitive basis and refereed.

Papers should follow the APA formatting guidelines. Kindly email the full papers (approximately 20 pages in length and double spaced) or an abstract (maximum two pages and double spaced) along with contact information and a 200-word bio to by the following deadlines. The panel proposals need to list the topic with a detailed description of the topic and presenters with titles and abstracts of their presentations. Results of the call for papers will be sent out by 30 March for abstracts and 15 April for full papers and panels.



Abstracts                               28 February 2011       15 May 2011 (Full paper submission)
Full papers                             15 March 2011            15 May 2011 (Final Paper submission)
Panel Proposals                   15 March 2011            15 May 2011 (Final Papers submission)
Media Presentations           30 March 2011            N/A

Please note that by submitting your paper or Media Presentation, you agree that you (or at least one of the co-authors, if more than one) plan to register and present it in person at the conference.

For more information or any queries, please contact Ms Sandhya Srinivasan at

Palash Biswas
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