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On the 14th of January the Tunisian dictator Ben Ali was deposed after 20 years in power. Even if the detonator for the popular rebellion was the self-immolation of a humble street vendor mistreated by the police, over many years the Tunisian people had to bear injustice of all kinds, alarming levels of unemployment and poverty and even the persecution of certain Islamic practices.

A few days later we see how the populations in Egypt and Yemen also start to demonstrate peacefully in order to end their respective dictatorships. In the case of Egypt there has already been brutal repression with deaths, wounded and more than a thousand people arrested. In this country governed for more than 30 years by Hosni Mubarak, who at the age of 82 wants to pass on power to his son Gamal in the elections next November, corruption, repression, nepotism and poverty rein. In the case of Yemen, Ali Abdallah Salah—an ally of the USA in their struggle against Al Qaeda—has governed for the last 32 years and the social conditions are also disastrous.

It is remarkable how, despite the pressure to which these people have been subjected over decades, the international press has only recently started to echo the situation because of the popular uprisings, highlighting once more that dictators allied to the USA are always much more tolerated by the critics within the press than when dealing with governments that are not obsequious to the USA and their allies, and happily once again highlighting that the story of the liberation of human beings is not impeded by dictatorships, nor can it be hidden by media manipulation.

Humanists value and support the brave attitude of these peoples who, despite the harshness and cruelty of their governments, have no fear of non-violent rebellion to struggle for their rights, their liberties and a better condition of life. We know that it won't be easy for them, not only because they will have to struggle against their own repressive and corrupt governments, but also because they will be in the midst of an international struggle: on the one side by the USA and their allies, who won't want to lose control of these countries, and on the other side by the advocates of violent fanaticism who will seek to capitalise on the discontent. But beyond the course that events take, it is clear that the clamour of the people is making itself heard.

The world is not the one shown by the media with the bias of interested parties who try to establish themselves as the Lords of the world. The real world is the one of thousands of millions of oppressed, marginalised and impoverished people whose voices cannot be silenced for ever. Sometimes this human clamour will be expressed peacefully, and sometimes with unequivocal violence, but it will continue to be demonstrated, against all the prognosis of those in power and the media.

The System in all its forms is the clothes that human beings have outgrown. And although they want to keep showing us a happy world, the economic and political crises will continue to deepen. And although they want to condition us to a single way of life, the new generations will continue bidding for their space. And although they want to design a world for the few, immigrants will continue struggling for their rights, and the peoples subjected to dictatorships—left or right-wing—will continue rebelling. And although they try to repress true human spirituality, either under the cloak of nihilism, or by trying to impose a dogma; the profound spirituality residing in the heart of each human being, will soon awaken from its long sleep, as announced by SILO.

In front of these events, the Humanist Party International supports the non-violent rebellion of the people against injustice and denounces the repression and persecution by governments in these days.

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