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Assalaamu Alaikum (Greetings of Peace):
I begin with a note of thanks to The Creator for what was accomplished yesterday. It's after 3:30 in the morning and I found myself unable to sleep because of the post mobilization energy coursing through my brain. Insha'Allah, I intend to write a full report on yesterday's initiative for The Muslim Link newspaper in the coming days; until then, however, these few thoughts.
Yesterday got off to a great start (alhamdullilah!), the courtroom was FULL of support for Br. Ali Asad Chandia; and I'm certain that it lifted his spirits, gave added vigor to the voice of his defense attorney, and sent a message of communal determination to his prosecutors. As for the judge, I could only imagine how he felt to see a large courtroom packed with Chandia supporters, and through the windows of the doors at the back of the courtroom, see the faces of others peering through the glass who couldn't get in. 
(I was among the latter, having arrived a few minutes after 9am to an already packed courtroom. I didn't mind the inconvenience of standing outside and straining to hear what was being said inside, at all.)
The judge heard arguments from both sides and is expected make another decision (hopefully this time a better decision) sometime soon, insha'Allah.
As for the mobilization in downtown Washington for the Muslim community's disappeared -impacted family members and their supporters traveled from Georgia, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York, and from deep in the heart of Texas, to convey a message of concern and determination to Mr. Holder and his Justice Department. (More on this later, insha'Allah.)
For now I want to salute those families (and supporters) who contributed their time and energy to such an important mobilization on such a challenging day! (Insha'Allah, we are planning to undertake an even more major mobilization in April of this year!)
A special note of thanks also goes out to those family members who took the time to visit the courtroom to show their support for their brother-in-Islam, Ali Chandia.
With that said, the final program for the CITIZENS' HEARING convening at the Martin Luther King Memorial Library, in downtown Washington (a few hours from now), can be found below.
In the never-ending struggle for peace thru justice,
El-Hajj Mauri' Saalakhan
Updated Detailed Citizens' Hearing Program
- Person in charge of event/room: Raed Jarrar
There will be 2 tables (8 chairs), each with one microphone, facing each other but tilted towards the audience: One for the panelists and the other for the witnesses)
- Media contact: Sue Udry
- Panel I Organizer: Steve Downs
- Panel II Organizer: Shahid Buttar
- Panel III Organizer: Faisal Hashmi
- Victims Families: Faisal Hashmi/Mauri' Saalakhan
- Videotaping: Mel Underbakke/Fred Bryant
(Note: Only NCPCF will be allowed to videotape and those from legitimate media as cleared by Sue, such as C-Span, Russian TV, Press TV, etc.- no independents are allowed.)
- Distributing/collecting index cards for questions from audience: Adel/Lama/Dana
- Distributing/collecting membership forms: Adel/Lama/Dana


12:30-12:55 PM:    Setting up room (Raed)/Welcoming (BOD)/ Media Packets (Sue)
                                             Welcoming victim families (Faisal/Mauri')
                                             Setting up wall (Steve)

1:00-1:03: Introduction of panelists in Panels I,II, and III (Raed)   
Panelist for Panel I and II: Peter Erlinder (NLG), Nihad Awad (CAIR), 
                                              Kathey Manley (Project SALAM), Sara Flounders (IAC), Reem Salahi
Panel III chair: Shaker Elsayed

1:03-2:05 PM Panel I:  Prosecuting Thought Crimes and Manufactured Charges, 

                       Panel Chair: Peter Erlinder

1:03-1:10 PM: Introducing topic and witnesses: Peter Erlinder (Introduce all witnesses together)

Witnesses: Prof. Sahar Aziz, Georgetown Law Center (1:10-1:25 PM)

                   Steve Downs, Project SALAM (1:25-1:35 PM)

1:35-2:05 PM: Panelists (each will have 6 minutes- 1 minute to make a statement and 5 minutes to ask questions of the witnesses).


2:10-3:00 PM Panel II:  Profiling and the Erosion of Civil Freedoms

                       Panel Chair: Nihad Awad

2:00-2:05 PM: Introducing topic and witnesses: Nihad Awad (Introduce all witnesses together)

Witnesses: Shahid Buttar, Bill of Rights Defense Committee (2:10-2:20 PM)

                    Mike German, American Civil Liberties Union (2:20-2:30 PM)


 2:30-3:00 PM: Panelists (each panelist will have 6 minutes- 1 minute to make a statement &5 minutes to ask questions of the witnesses).


3:05-4:00 PM Panel III: Unequal Treatment and Victim Families Testimonies

                       Panel Chair: Shaker Elsayed

3:05-3:10 PM: Introducing topic and witnesses: Shaker Elsayed (Introduce all witnesses together)

Witnesses: Padriss Kebriaei, Center for Constitutional Rights (3:10-3:20 PM)

                    Faisal Hashmi, Muslim Justice Initiative (3:20-3:30 PM)

                    Family members: Noor Elashi (3:30-3:40 PM)

                                                    Lejla  Duka (3:40-3:50 PM)

                                                    Mariam Abu Ali (3:50-4:00 PM)


Concluding Remarks:  Raed Jarrar



4:00-4:30 PM     - Media Interviews (after sessions with speakers/panelists) 

                             - After Program (with family members)

Media contact: Sue Udry



1) Introducing Panelists/session chairs: Raed Jarrar

Panelists/session chairs: Peter Erlinder, Nihad Awad, Kathey Manley, Sara Flounders, Reem Salahi, Shaker Elsayed

2) Introducing Panel I Witnesses: Peter Erlinder

Panel I Witnesses: Sahar Aziz, Steve Downs

3) Introducing Panel II Witnesses: Nihad Awad

Panel II Witnesses: Shahid Buttar, Mike German

4) Introducing Panel III Witnesses: Shaker Elsayed

Panel III Witnesses: Padriss Kebriaei, Faisal Hashmi, Noor Elashi, Lejla Duka, Mariam Abu Ali





The Dr. Martin Luther King Memorial Library is located at:

901 G Street NW (@ the corner of 9th & G)

Downtown Washington, DC 


Palash Biswas
Pl Read:

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