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[Janshakti] Why prices are increasing?

[Janshakti] Why prices are increasing?

These idiots occupying high offices in RBI ,planning commission and likes are outdated and brainless confused persons.First they create problems and then sit with head between hands.That is what MM Singh is doing.he is biggest fraudulent expert ever in India.Glamor stuck and stooge of MNCs and capitalists his sole objective is to help loot.Just throw him out and see how prices start falling.
Nothing is going to happen with 0.25% interest rate hike that too of RBI rates.
Higher interest means cost of supply chain capital and prices will actually go up.These idiots are not seeing this fact in last 2 years.They are repeatedly failing
why prices are rising:
1.Too Much easy money circulating in market
2.High salaries of babus(100%) and executives)300% to 100000%) after MM Singh came as PM.
3.Brainless wastage of money and enjoyment by politicians and babus
4.Automobile boom
5.Reckless conversion of agriculture land for malls and computer centers.
6.No control on corrupt corporations who hike prices every 15 days.NO price commission in India.
7.Fraudulent property price rise(7 times) caused by MM Singh government overinflating paper wealth in economy and making everything costlier.
8.Raising costs and demand before income.Singh is a typical person with his foot pointing backwards.He has put cart before the horse creating expenditure economy and luxury blindly aping west before genera ting incomes.
10.Costly imports and cheap exports
11.Free play to FIIs and MNCs to loot Indian economy.
12 Raising taxes heavily every month including property taxes

13.Auctioning land
14 Raiusing Fees like IIMs and IITs that others copy
15 Government withdrawing from social services like health,sanitation and othertr things at low costs leaving corrupt and greedy business men to loot the society in name of privatisation.
16 Private sector is as much or rather more corrupt and greedy than public services.

17 Main caue is MM Singh,Mukherjee and other corrupt and brainless politicians in UPA.

Prof R K Gupta

Palash Biswas
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