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Fwd: Mother or bread?

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From: Xavier William <>
Date: Sun, Nov 28, 2010 at 6:48 PM
Subject: Mother or bread?

There is a ripple of an agitation before the Kerala Secretariat calling for giving first preference to Malayalam over English; and their slogan is Malayalam is our mother. They have written the slogan on a board and called in the media to broadcast it.
If I were also able to broadcast such a message I would have written in the same board the slogan "English is my bread"
This throws into the question which is better, our mother or our bread bread.
What is the mother? The mother feeds us right from birth till we are able to look after ourselves. And what does she feed us with? Of course she feeds us with food - bread or rice or whatever
And where does she get the bread from? Obviously at store with the family income.
And where does the family income come from? From the work place.
And the work place, which generates more income in workplace - English or Malayalam?
Obviously the mother uses indirectly more of English than Malayalam and so though Malayalam might be the mother tongue it is of secondary or tertiary use to the mother in feeding her children compared to the usage of English and so obviously a mother would use English as a language tool than Malayalam. (According to me language is a tool for communication than anything to do with the mother)
Then why do these people agitate bofore the assembly? They have not been able to grasp the a,b,c,d and whatever these alphabets leads to. So the best way is to agitate for getting at their bread in the name of their mother. Thye are like the fox which asked who wants sour grapes.
In fact most if not all leaders clamoring for the vernacular have their sons and daughters studying in the US or the UK or Australia and so do our proletarian anti-capitalist comrades.

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