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Fwd: Indian Economy on One Leg – Half Pants Crippled India

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Subject: Indian Economy on One Leg – Half Pants Crippled India

Indian Economy on One Leg – Half Pants Crippled India  


Half Pants agent of Banias and Upper caste exploiters has crippled India. But maliciously they blame PMO and others through relentless propaganda. Indian economy was on one leg for many thousand years.


Ashok T Jaisinghani fails to tell us it is Ambanis or Mittals or Agarwals or Birlas in general who had SWINDLED India. 90% of the market share in Telecom is with Ambani, Birla, Mittal, Ruia and Tata but half pant scoundrels would ask new entrants to pay Rs. 170,000 crores. Here too there is caste discrimination – here too they don't object to dual licenses taken by banias at low price.


Half would not justify sell out of 2/3 of entire Oil & Gas reserves to Ambanis and so many other minerals.


He fails to tell us that it is Banias and Traders who had taken over Rs. 250,000 crores as bank credit rot foodgrains and replace their rotten grains with PDS grains or sell PDS grains in market.


It is the Half Pants who didn't allowed Bank Nationalization until Indira introduced it.


Half Pants didn't want India to import Good Seeds, Opposed dam building but during their tenure wanted to cut through entire Himalyas.


Half Pants promoted Metro Rail, Asian Games, BRT, Setu Samudram etc.


Half Pants opened Trade with Chine and Bania and Traders import products from China and retail it for 100% to 200% profit than manufacture in India.


Nine Sins of Half Pants 1998-2004 Rule


1. Introduced Take Over code that limited NRI investments in companies.

2. But allowed unqualified families to illegally raise equity in companies from under 12% to 50% to 90%.

3. Dismantled FERA.

4. Sabotaged or Delayed 'Patents' to millions of Indian Engineers SMEs.

5. Sold or leased National Wealth in Oil & Gas, Mines & Minerals to select corporate almost free.

6. Reduced direct credit to farmers promoted high cost Micro Finance.

7. Promoted or allowed 'Subcontracting of Major Works'

8. Promoted Crooks, Astrologers, Communal Elements to sabotage development.

9. NDA was hostile against smaller neighbors started N-Weapons Race.


Ravinder Singh

November21, 2010


Great Economic Miracles of India

Manufactured by the Fakonomists


    One after another, many big corruption scandals are continuing to tumble out of the UPA Government's cabinet. The Comptroller & Auditor General has now exposed the biggest scandal relating to the 2G Spectrum allocation, which involves a massive loss of about Rs.176,000 crore to the Indian exchequer. Union Minister for Communications and IT, A Raja, has already been forced out. There is even a possibility of Manmohan Singh's Government being brought down on this issue.


    The corruption scandal of Commonwealth Games, held in Delhi, also reportedly involves massive misappropriations from a huge expenditure of Rs.70,000 crore to Rs. 90,000 crore, but only a small fry like the Chairman of the Organizing Committee, Suresh Kalmadi, has been removed from some posts though an amount of only Rs.1600 crore was given to him. Even many of the athletes have made crores of rupees in a couple of weeks. So what is so new or strange if each member of the Organizing Committee also made a few crores here and a few crores there?


    The amount of corruption scandal of the Commonwealth Games,

    Involves rupees seventy thousand crore with top leaders' names;

    Why is only a fellow like Suresh Kalmadi getting all the blames?

    He is surely the scapegoat for saving reputation of some dames.


    Organizer of Commonwealth Games, the great Kalmadi,

    Has been rewarded with brand new Maharastrian Bailgadi;

    Mr. Kalmadi has been dismissed with such total disgrace;

    Now in Pune, he can only conduct the Bullock-Cart Race!


    Let us try to understand the mentality behind the great wealth and progress made by the extremely corrupt leaders, bureaucrats, builders, industrialists, businessmen, middlemen and traders who are boasting about India having the capability of spending a massive amount of Rs.70,000 crore to Rs.90,000 crore on the Commonwealth Games. Does that not indicate the massive progress made by India in being able to spend such huge funds that have been generated by the country, even if the Dalits, the poor and middle class people continue to be deprived of many essential goods and services at affordable prices?


Lies about Commonwealth Games


    After the conclusion of the Commonwealth Games, the UPA Government has been gloating that India is emerging as a superpower in sports, which is a false claim. In all the newspaper reports, radio and TV programs, it has been wrongly declared that India got the No. 2 position in the Commonwealth Games. The No. 2 position actually belonged to the United Kingdom because England got 37 gold medals and Scotland got 9 gold medals, which together add up to 46 gold medals for the United Kingdom. I am not sure whether Northern Ireland and Wales, which are also part of the United Kingdom, also got any gold medals. India got only 38 gold medals, which is far behind that of the United Kingdom. Let us also note that Australia, which has a population less than that of Haryana or Panjab, got a massive 74 gold medals. So India got a distant No. 3 position while competing with nations having much smaller populations.


    How can India become a superpower in sports when the majority of the poor and middle class people continue to be deprived of many essential goods and services at affordable prices? The supply of insufficient food grains, which are also of extremely bad quality, makes it impossible for the majority of poor Indians to improve their health. Many of them remain sick all their lives and die young. To become top sportsmen and sportswomen, can such people afford to consume foods like meat, pulses, milk and fruits, which have become extremely costly? We should forget about the consumption of such foods, as the majority of Indians cannot get even clean water that is fit to be used for drinking and cooking.


Rotten Leaders & Rotting Grains


    Massive quantities of food grains are deliberately allowed to rot in Government godowns and to be eaten by rats, weevils and cockroaches, if they cannot be smuggled out and sold in the black market to hotels, bakeries, flour-mills and also distilleries for the manufacture of alcohol. The Supreme Court direction to the Government of India to distribute surplus food grains to the poor and lower middle class people was deliberately ignored by the roly-poly overfed fellow called Sharad Pawar, who has been pretending not to understand the English language used by the Supreme Court in its order.


    It is clear that the food grains are deliberately allowed to rot in open godowns instead of releasing them in the market for the poor and middle class people to buy them at reasonable prices. The deliberate wastage of food grains and the creation of artificial shortages are meant for causing massive increases in the prices of food grains for the benefit of corrupt politicians, bureaucrats, middlemen and traders.


    Our rotten leaders are bent on depriving the poor Indians of even adequate food grains of proper quality through the Public Distribution System or what we also call as the Ration Shops. The provision of insufficient food grains, which are also of extremely bad quality, are making the poor Indians sick and to die young.


    Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar has created such "huge surpluses" of food grains in godowns that India now can even feed all the rats, weevils and cockroaches of the country, besides making food grains rot in the open godowns! Such great miracles of India should be considered for entries in the Guinness Book of World Records.


    There should be temples built with the idols of Sharad Pawar so that all the rats, weevils and cockroaches of India can worship the idols of Sharad Pawar.


Great Miracle of Mumbai


    In Mumbai, several generals and admirals were lured to become members of the illegally sanctioned building of Adarsh Co-operative Housing Society, which was built on an illegally acquired plot of land. The building has been declared illegal, as it has been constructed in violation of the environmental laws and FSI regulations. Former Chief of Army Gen N C Vij, former Chief of Army Gen Deepak Kapoor, former Chief of Navy Admiral Madhavendra Singh own flats in the Adarsh Society. Three close female relatives of ex-Chief Minister Ashok Chavan also own flats in Adarsh Society. Each flat has a market price of Rs.8 crore. 


    The reputation of the Armed Forces of India was put at stake, just to serve the interests of the extremely greedy politicians, bureaucrats and their cronies. The now sacked Chief Minister Ashok Chavan, along with many other top leaders of Maharashtra, did not hesitate to use the names of the top defence officers even when they flouted all the rules and regulations to get the high-rise building constructed in the restricted coastal regulation zone. In this process, they have tarnished the reputation of the Armed Forces of India, for whom the building of Adarsh Society has become a massive Tower of Shame.


    The flats in Adarsh Society were originally meant for the families of servicemen, ex-servicemen, and the widows and orphans of the Kargil War martyrs. It seems that many politicians and bureaucrats have suddenly been turned into living Kargil martyrs, and their female relatives have been declared as Kargil war widows, in the Greatest Miracle of India produced and directed by the top leaders of Maharashtra. There will soon be a World Record of Miracles manufactured by the Indian politicians and bureaucrats.


    It is the allotment of flats in the 31-storey building of Adarsh Co-operative Housing Society at Colaba, Mumbai, which has produced a Great Miracle of widows who have living husbands like the politicians and bureaucrats. The politicians and bureaucrats are really the most wonderful Miracle Makers who have converted themselves into living Kargil Martyrs, and whose families consist of Kargil War widows and orphans! Is that not the Greatest Miracle of Modern India performed by the top leaders of Maharashtra who have shamelessly stolen the rights of war widows and orphans?


Paid News based on Total Lies


    Because of all the money they receive from the UPA Government, the top newspapers and TV channels have been repeating that during the recession in 2008 and 2009, the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of India had grown by about 7% to 8%. As a student of Economics, I just cannot understand how a growth of more than 7% in the GDP can ever be described as a recession! What is the meaning of recession if it can produce a high annual growth of more than 7% in the GDP?


    Manmohan Singh, Pranab Mookherjee and P. Chidambaram consider themselves to the greatest economists of the world who have successfully prevented India from experiencing recession. This belief is just based on some bogus reasoning of the 3 Fakonomists (Fake or Bluffing Economists) who should be called Madman, Moorkhjee and Chakram. These Fakonomists are boasting that even the top leaders of Europe and America, like Gordon Brown and Barack Obama, want to sit at their feet as students to learn the tricks of Fakonomics from them. They want all other leaders to learn from them how to manipulate the economy to mask the recession by deliberately causing a massive rise in the prices of all commodities, including the essential goods and services.


    India is witnessing a Great Miracle of Fakonomists who have been successfully fooling all the Opposition leaders by making them believe that there was a growth of 7% to 8% in India's GDP even during the recession in 2008 and 2009.


    This has been achieved with the suppression of real news. The news has been successfully doctored and falsified with the help of highly paid gangs of journalists who endorse the completely bogus claims of the Fakonomists for the sake of big money. All types of lies are being used by the Fakonomists to make the people believe that in 2008 and 2009, India had achieved a growth of 7% to 8% in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Such is the great glory of the PAID NEWS that we read, hear and view in India!


    The International Syndicate of Fakonomists can also easily follow the top Fakonomists of India by running their own rackets of deception in their countries. Many top leaders of the world have actually been masking the recession by resorting to lies in a massive conspiracy to fool all the common people of the world.


    As mentioned by the journalists and economists of other countries, many people who had bought costly apartments, cars, motorcycles, TVs, etc, wrongly believed that they had become the owners of the properties. Actually their properties were mortgaged to the banks and other financial institutions, and they were merely paying their heavy monthly installments by working overtime and doing double jobs. Once they lost their jobs due to the recession, and they were no longer able to pay the installments on their loans, their properties were forcibly taken away and auctioned by the financial institutions.


    When they were employed, the loan-takers were only slogging to enrich the financial institutions. It clearly proves that the properties were actually owned by the financial institutions. The employees were only daydreaming that they were the owners when they were actually economic slaves working for the benefit of the financial institutions. Many who were not able to pay back their loans lost all their properties, some of whom even committed suicide.


    The information on the suicides by Indian farmers and unemployed youths is being blacked out due the practice of paid news that is now followed in the country. The advertisements of the Government of India are not given to the news agencies that do not black out those items of news that are unpleasant to the UPA Government led by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.


Expose the Fakonomists!


    The 3 big bluffing buffoons, Manmohan Singh, Pranab Mookherjee and P. Chidambaram, still think that they can fool all the people by repeatedly spreading falsehoods about the Indian economy. There was recession all over the world in 2008 and 2009, but the big Fakonomists of the UPA Government continue to claim that there was a massive 7% to 8% growth in the GDP of India, which actually means there was no recession in India at all.


    Why did the share prices fall massively in 2008 and 2009 when the GDP growth was booming? If the growth of GDP had been 7% to 8%, the prices of shares should have continued to rise fast. According to my knowledge of Economics, only a booming economy can give us a yearly increase of more than 7% in the GDP. Does that mean that India never had any recession in 2008 and 2009? Then why did many business establishments and industrial units close down, thus making millions of Indians lose their jobs leading to the massive unemployment? With a yearly growth of 7% to 8% in the GDP, there should have been a booming economy with an increase of at least 3% to 4% in the employment figures, along with the opening of new business enterprises and new industrial units.


    So why did the share prices tumble from a high of about 21,200 on 10 January 2008 to a low of about 7700 within a short period? Does such a massive decline in share prices indicate a growth of 7% and 8% in the GDP for the financial years of 2007-8 and 2008-9? There must have definitely been a steep fall in the production of goods leading to massive losses and also resulting in massive unemployment. The growth in the GDP must have definitely fallen below zero percent, which is the reason why the share prices had tumbled so steeply. 


    Let any top economist of the world prove that a 7% annual growth in the GDP can be called a recession, then I shall throw my graduation certificate in Economics in the waste paper basket. If I am proved wrong, I shall even agree to be declared a lunatic and shall also willingly go to live in a Mental Hospital among mad people. 


    Otherwise, Manmohan Singh, Pranab Mookherjee and P. Chidambaram should be declared as Fakonomists and renamed as Madman, Moorkhjee and Chakram.


    The 3 idiots had only pretended to be blind when they refused to see the reality of recession and massive unemployment even with the thick glasses on their eyes.


    India has been turned into a land of lunatics where the leaders are hell-bent on cheating and exploiting the common people on a massive scale. It is better to go and live in a Mental Hospital where we can understand what even the mad patients say, but we just cannot understand the lunatic leaders of this country.


    The opposition leaders are not much better than the Congress leaders of the UPA. Why have the opposition leaders not exposed the false claims of the trio of Fakonomists like Madman, Moorkhjee and Chakram?


    Many Opposition leaders seem to be in league with the Congress and are also involved in corrupt deals of the UPA fellows. They are paid huge bribes as their shares from the massive funds of black money just to keep them silent over the corrupt deals of the UPA Government. We know how the last UPA Government got the Indo-US Nuclear Deal Bill passed in the Indian Parliament three years back when it openly bribed many opposition MPs with Rs.25 crore each for getting their votes in favor of the Bill.


Inflation & Printing of Currency Notes


    The following is the SMS received by me on 11 November 2010, which states that some Indian citizens have collectively deposited more than Rs.280 lakh crore worth of secret funds in the Swiss Banks:


"Indians are poor but India is not a poor country". Says one of the swiss bank directors. He says that "280 lac crore" of Indian money is deposited in swiss banks which can be used for 'taxless' budget for 30 yrs. Can give 60 crore jobs to all Indians. From any village to Delhi 4 lane roads. Forever free power supply to more than 500 social projects. Every citizen can get monthly 2000/- for 60 yrs. No need of World Bank & IMF loan. Think how our money is blocked by rich politicians. We have full right against corrupt politicians. Itna forward karo ki pura INDIA padhe. Take this seriously. You can forward jokes, then why not this? Be a responsible citizen!  


    The transfer through Hawala transactions to foreign banks of such huge funds, earned by exporting massive quantities of Indian products, have been causing massive shortages in India resulting in an immense rise in the prices of essential goods in our country. That is one of the main reasons of Stagflation or a massive rise in prices even during the period of recession or stagnation of the economy. The prices of goods are ordinarily supposed to fall during a recession.


    The UPA Government is also getting currency notes worth many lakh crores of rupees printed in foreign countries and secretly releasing them in the Indian economy to prevent deflation or fall in the prices of goods and services, which can be caused by the recession. The leaders of the anti-people UPA Government have actually caused a runaway inflation, so how can the opposition leaders make them agree to reduce the prices of essential goods and services? The UPA Government of Manmohan Singh & Co has been throwing dust in the eyes of the Aam Aadmee or Common Man.


    The UPA Government is only interested in safeguarding the interests of the rich industrialists, builders, top businessmen, share speculators, middlemen and big traders at a huge cost to the common people of India. That is the reason it just does not want to bring down the prices, which normally happens during any recession. It wants the prices to go up and up instead of stabilizing them at reasonable levels. The fact is that the relatives and cronies of many in the UPA are themselves rich industrialists, builders, top businessmen, share speculators, middlemen and big traders.


        Our political leaders have even been boasting that they have given a new symbol to the Indian rupee, which looks more like some character from the Chinese language that uses such signs instead of the alphabets. The Chinese language does not use alphabets as is done in the case of English, Hindi and other languages. For getting the symbol for the Rupee, one leg or the stem of the Roman letter R has been removed, and this lame one-legged R has been given two bars to make it top-heavy. It looks like a one-legged top-heavy lame symbol, which just cannot fit properly into either the Devanagree script or the Roman script. As it consists of 3 strokes, it is also not easy to write this symbol properly with a pen.


Ashok  T. Jaisinghani.

Editor & Publisher:    Top Nutritionist  

Only Cow's Urine & Dung are Pure in India!! 
By Ashok  T. Jaisinghani


Palash Biswas
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