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Zulhijja 20,1431/November 27, 2010


Verse of the Week:

"Those only are believers whose hearts become full of fear when Allah is mentioned, and when His communications are recited to them they increase them in faith, and in their Lord do they trust. Those  who keep up prayer and spend benevolently out of what We have given them. These are the believers in truth; they shall have from their Lord exalted grades and forgiveness and an honorable sustenance."

-Holy Qur'an 8:2-4


Hadith of the Week:

On the authority of Abu Hurairah, may Allah be pleased with him, who narrated that the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, said: "Oh Allah, bear witness that I have issued a warning concerning failure to fulfill the rights of two weak ones in society: orphans and women."

[Sunan Ibn Majah, #3678]


Submitted by Sis. Kristi


Evil is rampant: Editor's note

Think: Billions of dollars donated for Haiti have disappeared. The country is in a complete mess, with 1000 plus cholera deaths reported. The US can take over countries thousands of miles away and pump millions into the criminal entity known as Israel. It cannot help the people of Haiti who are poor and black and live next door to us. Isn't that institutionalized racism favoring the Zionist Jews?


Jamaat al-Muslimeen [News]

P.O. Box 10881

Baltimore, MD 21234


From Imam Badi Ali [National Shoora Leader] Jamaat al-Muslimeen North Carolina


Spotlight #1: The problem in America regarding the basic issue of food is that families hardly ever eat together. They watch TV even if they eat together and the noise keeps normal conversation down. On Thanksgiving for once they are able to sit together to eat. By contrast, during Ramadan, Muslims get to eat together 29 or 30 times. Count our blessings!


Spotlight #2: Obesity is a major sickness across America. People eat too much and they eat too much junk food.  Fasting extra fasts like the Prophet, pbuh, did on Mondays and Thursdays can help break the cycle.


Spotlight #3: Eating habits are connected to many mental problems. People who are stressed out, depressed or nervous can indulge in food without thinking of what they are eating, or how little or how much they are eating. Here prayer and du'a [supplication] to Allah can help.


Fasting on Thanksgiving: Sis. Kristi fasted on Thanksgiving in memory of the righteous among Native Americans who were deprived of their rights and mistreated. She says, this might be a good idea for next Thanksgiving. We have a year to prepare!


Tasks for Muslim Activists: Peacefully Act Against Zionism

1.    Support work for Muslim political prisoners. [Zionism has taken justice away from Muslims.]

2.    Media reports related to Muslims & Oppressed people across the country.

3.    Sending Qur'ans, hadith and Islamic literature into US prisons

4.    Monitoring the pro-regime activities of ISNA, ICNA, MPAC, WD and other sold outs.

5.    Helping needy Muslim men and women who can get on their feet with a little help.

6.    Working with women's groups to create awareness of spousal abuse.

Which area of the struggle can you help with?

Jamaat al-Muslimeen's shoora members have selected prominent political prisoners to write to and support in a variety of ways. Readers who volunteer to help will be working with one of the shoora members. Here are some of the prisoners we are concerned about:


1.    Dr. Shaykh Omar Abdel Rahman.

2.    Imam Jamil Abdullah al-Amin. [The interview Sis. Nadrat did with his wife, Sis. Karima, is a must read for supporters.]

3.    Dr. Ali Timimi

4.    Dr. Aafia Siddiqui [Also check the outstanding efforts for her by Br. Mauri Saalakhan.]

5.    Ahmed Abdel Sattar

6.    Lynne Stewart

7.    Abu Ali

8.    Masoud Khan

9.    Seifullah Chapman

10. Br. Shifa [from Bangladesh]

11. Homaidan al-Turki     

12. Imam Siddique Abdullah Hasan               and many more.

You do  not have to agree with the all the viewpoints of the prisoners. Our task is to see that their human rights are not violated, awareness of their plight continues and they are released sooner than later.


Unite Against Zionism

What have you done against Israel today by Peaceful Means?


Boycott all businesses which support Israel. [See NT web site for info compiled by Sis. Karen]


Boycott Nestle products.

Boycott McDonalds and Disney

Boycott Starbucks and Estee Lauder

Boycott Home Depot


Unite Against Zionism

Prominent Norwegians Call for

 Cultural and Academic Boycott of Israel
European Jewish Press

One hundred famous Norwegians, led by the country's national football coach, have signed a petition demanding a cultural and academic boycott of Israel, accusing its educational institutions of "playing a key role in the occupation" and equating it with apartheid .. .. Egil Drillo Olsen, coach for the national Norwegian football team, recently wrote in Aftenposten, the country's second largest paper, that the call to boycott Israel was "in line with what 90 percent of the world's population believes. There cannot be many other opinions." The petition is the last item in a string of similar and high-profile initiatives to have taken place in Norway over the past two years.


 Christian Site Publishes our Report on Baltimore anti-Prison Rally


The Christian website of one of our new friends from the Youth Justice Sunday rally (he is one of the rally organizers) picked up Nadrat Siddique's report....along with the link to the NT.


I like their quote from the Bible at the top of the page "Speak out, Judge righteously...."


Hajj Khutba in Saudi Arabia: Written by US Intelligence Services?

From Sis. N:

Orwellian Hajj Khutba....Wonder if dhs wrote this for him.


Our media observer says:

Dr. Muqtedar Khan has a track record of support for anti-Islamic forces. Is this typical of Muslims from India's upper classes who love Uncle Sam?

The  cycle of collaboration is completed here. A government appointed "imam" gives the

Hajj khutba, condemns Islamic resistance as "terrorism," and Muqtedar Khan praises it and his article is published in the Zionist Washington Post.


Behind the scenes in Saudi Arabia: BBC November 26: The Saudi government has announced the arrests of 149 Islamic "terrorists." The arrests of so many Muslims in such a small population indicate the hollow situation in the holy land. The regime spends $1 billion on internal security, which means it is holding the entire population under surveillance and suspicion. [


Next three items from Kaukab Siddique, Ameer of Jamaat al-Muslimeen

Be Politically aware: We Are not Fighting Anyone's Race or Religion


This is a racist statement: "Boycott Jewish businesses."

This is NOT a racist statement: "Boycott Jewish businesses which support  Israel."


Be Aware of the Correct Islamic Position on Israel


Israel is a terrorist entity which has no legitimacy at all. It has taken Palestine by force of arms.


Most Jews and Christians and Muslims who criticize Israeli ATROCITIES are not against Israel's legitimacy. Even good Jews like Noam Chomsky and Amy Goodman criticize Israeli atrocities, not the existence of Israel.

Israel is in occupation of Palestine and must be evicted. Just because you took my home by force of arms and expelled me, and are still in occupation of my home years later, does not make my home, your home.


An Invitation I did not accept.

Exchange of Emails with CBS, Dom Giordano Show. Admits he Hasn't Read Irving's Books but Wants to Condemn Siddique for the Irving Connection


Subject: Quick Questions from Dom G.

Hi Dr. Siddique,


Sorry for the abundance of e-mails and thank you for giving me a response yesterday, but Dom wanted to see if you could answer a few questions he wrote for you.


Do you believe Jews suffered a Holocaust at the hands of the Nazis in which approximately 6 million Jews were killed?

Is America a satanic system?

What do you think of the work of David Irving?

Thank You,
Mike Viso

Executive Producer

The Dom Giordano Show

WPHT-CBS Radio, Philadelphia



Dr. Siddique's Reply:


I believe that all human suffering should be part of our perspective on life.

The Jews suffered tremendously under Hitler. Germany has paid billions in reparations.

When will African Americans and Africans be paid reparations?


If you have read anything of David Irving's writings, let me know. Have you read his books on Hitler and Churchill?

What questions do they raise in your mind?


There is no point in discussing Irving if you have not read him.


About the holocaust, have you read of the destruction of German civilian populations by the allies. Let me know what you have read.


Final Email from Mike Viso: [Emphasis added.]


Thank you for your getting back to us. Dom has read some of David Irving's work, but not his books. We still would love to have you call in to be a guest with Dom. Please let us know if this possible. You have been very kind and generous with your time and I thank you sincerely for that.


Latest news from Kashmir: NT Monitor

November 25: Much respected Kashmiri preacher Mirwaiz Farooq who leads a peaceful movement for the separation of Kashmir from India was beaten up by Hindu extremists while he was speaking in the city of Chandigarh. The incident has sparked unrest in Kashmir. Here is a snippet from Press Trust of India:

"As the news broke in Srinagar, Kashmir, thousands of people took to streets in downtown and raised pro-freedom and anti-India slogans. The protesters clashed with police in Bohri Kadal, Naidkadal, Gojwara, Nowhatta and Bohri Kadal areas.

Reinforcements were rushed to the areas to restore law and order as movement of traffic was also affected by the protesters.
Police and paramilitary forces were deployed in other parts of the city as there were rumors that the Mirwaiz was injured."


Attacking Islam from within

Shi'ite Sectarians Attack Islamic Truths Quite Blatantly

By Kaukab Siddique


Ali bin Hussain, narrates from Ali, r.a.: I was with the messenger of Allah, peace and blessings of Allah be with him, when Abu Bakr and Umar came from the front. The messenger of Allah, pbuh, said to me: These two are the leaders of the people of Paradise, both the young and the old, the people of the past generations and of the generations to come, except for the prophets and messengers, but O Ali, do not tell them. [Hadith in Sunan of Tirmidhi.]


Focus only on one sahabi [companion of the Prophet, pbuh] is the way sectarianism emerges. The Prophet, pbuh, gave the place of excellence to Abu Bakr, r.a., followed by Umar, r.a., followed by Usman, r.a. among men. Among women, he placed Ayesha, r.a., Umm Ammara, r.a., Umm Waraqa, r.a., Umm Haram, r.a.,  at the top.


This is the anniversary of  Caliph Usman, r.a. He was murdered by people who cunningly, and against his will,  brought up Ali, r.a. as Caliph. Ali, r.a. was a brave fighter and a man of learning, of  piety and generosity but he was not a leader. The Prophet, pbuh, never gave him a position of leadership.


At a time when the Ummah is mourning Usman, r.a., the Shi'ites completely ignore his murder and instead focus on a grotesque interpretation of a Hadith to claim that the Prophet, pbuh, wanted Ali, r.a., to be the first Caliph and declared his intent at a place called Ghadeer Khum. The Shi'ites have declared the anniversary of Ghadeer an EID day, although in Islam there are only two Eids, fitr and adha..


Their interpretation of Ghadeer Khum is far fetched to say the least. The Prophet, pbuh, called Ali, r.a., his MAULA which can mean friend and/or protector. He wanted Muslims to consider Ali. r.a., their friend and protector. It had nothing to do with making Ali, r.a., the Caliph or the Prophet's, pbuh, successor. Hereditary succession is not permitted in Islam.

Shi'ites have the right to follow their odd interpretation of that one Hadith. Let Shi'ites be Shi'ites. We have no problem with that, but to impose their weird interpretations on the Muslim world as a whole must be stopped. The losers will, inshallah, be the Shi'ites, if they continue. Islam must not be distorted into sectarian bits and pieces.



Letter:Re:  In defense of Ayesha Siddiqa, r.a. No Whipping Please!

Re: "If you are real Shi'ites, whip those among you who are insulting our Mother."


As Salamu Alaikum,

I am glad to verbally defend all of the prophet's wives, but I am not going to whip anyone.  I read this statement and I disagree with it.  I would rather take a non violent approach.  Also, I do not think that we should blame all of our problems on the Zionist Jews. Before accusing anyone of wrong doing, you need to show the evidence.

You cannot condemn  anyone solely on what they believe. 


Raheema Pater Rov


Letter: Re: Israel behind Anti-Siddique Blitz. [A spiritual reminder]

As-Salaam Eleikum Brother! The attacks against you for speaking up  against untruths, lies and social corruptions by a group of people (or any group, for that matter) is very similar to what I experienced.  Consequently, I feel compelled to voice my "testimonial" on your behalf. 

In the end, if your motives and actions were based on Faith in God Almighty and His Law and Guidance then you have Allah Almighty on your side.  To speak up against Injustices  for the "social good" on behalf of those  who are being persecuted and/or are being deprived of their rights is every Muslim's  spiritual, religious and moral duty. Inshallah, in the end victory will be yours in more ways then you can imagine possible at this time.  Because Truth prevails no matter how ferocious the attacks by your enemies or their assumed  "successes" against you.

And, this experience  will, inshallah, make you aware that Trust in Allah Almighty to provide for all your needs in this "Dunya"  will be affirmed and strengthened.

It may take time for the truth of your words to be understood by other people.  And then your enemies will realize that they paid a heavy price for their actions. This has been my personal experience and I feel that in the end the struggle was all worth it.

 Allah Almighty's Truth and Justice are more powerful that those of all of the misguided,  moral and social corrupters of this world.

As-Salaam Elekum

Sofia [New York City]  [The writer teaches English in NY.]


Letter:Re:  US-Iran Collusion.

 Iranian Reader thinks Jundullah Islamic Leader was CIA Agent

Ya Nasibi!

What exactly is your complaint about Jundullah vis-a-vis Iran? This CIA-funded, armed and trained group continues to receive aid and blessings from their masters in Langley and Tel Aviv, just as PJAK does on Iran's Northwestern frontier, despite the fact that both groups are nominally considered "terrorist."

"Aghaye" Riggi, prior to his recent unfortunate demise, even appeared on Voice of America where he was declared to be "the leader of a popular Iranian resistance movement" and was referred to as "Doctor" throughout the course of the interview.

Navid Nasr


Editor's Note: Please read New Trend carefully. The US has declared Jundullah a terrorist group and is supporting Iran. Neither the US nor Israel showed any concern at Iran's  summary execution of Jundullah leader Rigi and numerous other Islamic fighters from Sistan-Baluchistan area.

A Jundullah leader from Egypt was killed by the US in an air strike inside Pakistan, probably guided by Pakistani intelligence.

Summary executions based on coerced confessions or fabricated confessions are violations of Islamic Law [Shar'iah]. Iran is yet to bring any evidence that its victims were working for the CIA. An interview by VOA or a smear by ABC does not mean that the mujahid was not independent. Taliban have appeared on BBC.  Does that mean they are agents of Britain? President Ahmedinejad was interviewed by Jewish-Zionist media when he came to the US, including a long interview with hard core Zionist Jew Larry King of CNN.

Iran has a long history of collusion with the US, including support for the US invasion of Afghanistan as well as fulfillment of the UN-US embargo and sanctions for 10 years on Iraq. The problem Iran has is with Israel, which is a case of rivalry. Iran is yet to say the word JIHAD against the US or even Israel.

Iranian propaganda against Taliban and al-Qaida, plus 9.11 conspiracy theories,  as well as support, with millions of dollars, for both Karzai and al-Maliki, two puppets of the US, should help you to understand Iran's role. Slogans in favor of Palestine are nothing more than slogans. Hamas lacked the fire power to destroy even one Israeli tank during the onslaught on Gaza. That's how much Iran has helped Hamas. Hizbullah too did not have any efficient rockets to hit Israel during the fighting. It was pathetic. Iran is nothing but clever talk and choreographed slogans.


Our America: [With thanks to Sis. Hamdiyya Fatima, Charlotte, North Carolina]


Extreme Right Winger Rush Limbaugh's Weird Comments on Obama

President Obama's "wildly distorted" version of Thanksgiving– where the pilgrims and Native Americans traded food and wealth during a cold winter– has greatly upset Rush Limbaugh. In fact, Limbaugh was so shocked the president would thank Native Americans for their "rich culture," he thought the White House's official Thanksgiving declaration was a hoax.

Compared to George Washington's 1789 declaration, Limbaugh argues, Obama's is practically sacrilege. Decrying "the myth of the first Thanksgiving," Limbaugh read an excerpt of the President's declaration, adding personal touches in places like "Native Americans' rich culture continues to add to our nation's heritage" (here he inserted "at their casinos and reservations." Then he repeated several variations of "this has got to be a parody" to himself incredulously as he mulled over the text, which he followed by interpreting President Obama's comments: "We were the invaders… we were incompetent idiots, we didn't know how to feed ourselves, so they came along and showed us how, and that's what Thanksgiving is all about."

Speaking with a caller, Limbaugh clarified what the real story of Thanksgiving is about: "the true story of Thanksgiving is how socialism failed," he tells the caller, noting that "the Indians didn't teach us capitalism" and "we shared our bounty with them… because we first failed as socialists." The caller, David, seemed thrilled with that explanation, but it sounds like the sort of thing American history scholars may have a bit of a problem with.


Pakistan: Treachery by the Kayani Military Command: NT Media Observer

US and NATO Officers working in Paki Military HQ in Quetta

On November 24, the Pakistani military admitted that it has accepted officers from NATO and the US office of defense in its 12 Corp Army Headquarters in Quetta. [Dawn, a pro-regime paper, is the source.]

The CIA, the same source reports, is already in Quetta.



[Aga Khanis are welcome to answer this report up to 300 words- Ed.]

The Facts about Sect leader Aga Khan and his clan

By Qasim Ali Ismail

      While the some Muslims countries and organization are investing in Pakistan, Aga Khan is looting Pakistan  Aga Khan Foundation "bought over 200 billion dollars worth Habib Bank for only 10 billion dollar."

      Aga Khan Foundation is exempt from Taxes, Sales taxes and duties and hence Aga Khan Hospital can buy the dame chemicals for 1/3rd to 1/4th prices as compared to any other organization in Pakistan .  Aga Khan Foundation was given absolutely free 300 acres of land in Malir by Mushraf (An indeed a big theft and corruption)

      Aga Khan took over many amenity plots for peanuts and prohibited offering Salah in those Jamat Khanas which do not face Ka'bah and when genuine Ismailis went to the High Court Aga Khan proudly said that no one is permitted to offer Salah in those Jamat Khanas and when poor, elderly, fragile Akber Ali made a small mosque in front of Jamat Khana n Karimabad, Federal B Area Karachi, he was shot dead one fine morning by Ismaili Fidaeen. These Fidayeen who also work as MQM Ghundas [thugs] also killed Syed Salahuddin of Takbeer when he wrote a detailed article about Aga Khan's designs for Chitral. These same people shot dead Mulana Ubidullah Chitrali when he published a small pamphlet about underground designs and aims of Aga Khan in Chitral

      It is true that Zia Ul Haque handed over 100 acres of land for Aga Khan Hospital but in return what poor people of Pakistan got? Nothing. Even if a dead body comes to Aga Khan Hospital the hospital may fetch several hundred thousand rupees.

      Every years thousands of Aga Khanis migrate from India to Karachi and other parts of Sindh but both criminal MQM and Jeye Sindh remain silent and Government of Pakistan despite knowing all the facts keep its eyes shut

      It was stupidity of Zia Ul Haque when he praised only the building of Aga Khan and did not see the intentions and aims behind it.

      Now Aga Khanis are being given Educational Boards to destroy the moral and ethical fabrics of Pakistan.


Somalia: NT Media Monitor

Somali-Americans  used to Shore up Puppet Mogadishu Enclave

     November 25: Bashir Abdi, a wealthy Somali-American, was shot and killed on the outskirts of the Mogadishu enclave held by pro-US-Israeli forces. He was the owner of stores in the mall at 24th and Chicago Avenue in Minneapolis. He had gone to Somalia to work with the tiny power bloc being defended against al-Shabab by non-Muslims Ugandan troops.

      Mohamed Abdullahi, a Somali-American from Buffalo, NY, is now "Prime Minister" of Somalia. [Source: Fox 9.]

     Ugandan troops admitted for the first time on November 25 that they opened fire on Muslim civilians in Mogadishu, killing 2 and wounding 10, including children. They are being "disciplined." [Africa News].



British Afghans Join Jihad in Support of Taliban.

 Pakistanis Join Taliban in Good Numbers along with Tajiks, Uzbeks and Arabs

[Courtesy British paper the Guardian, November 25.]


British-based men of Afghan origin are spending months at a time in Afghanistan  fighting Nato forces before returning to the UK, the Guardian has learned. They also send money to the Taliban.A Taliban fighter in Dhani-Ghorri in northern Afghanistan last month told the Guardian he lived most of the time in east London, but came to Afghanistan for three months of the year for combat. "I work as a minicab driver," said the man, who has the rank of a mid-level Taliban commander. "I make good money there [in the UK], you know. But these people are my friends and my family and it's my duty to come to fight the jihad with them."
"There are many people like me in London," he added. "We collect money for the jihad all year and come and fight if we can."
His older brother, a senior cleric or mawlawi who also fought in Dhani-Ghorri, lives in London as well. Intelligence officials have long suspected that British Muslims travel to Afghanistan and Pakistan each year to train with extremist groups.
Last year it was reported that RAF spy planes operating in Helmand in southern Afghanistan had detected strong Yorkshire and Birmingham accents on fighters using radios and telephones. They apparently spoke the main Afghan languages of Dari and Pashtu, but lapsed into English when they were lost for the right words. The threat was deemed sufficiently serious that spy planes have patrolled British skies in the hope of picking up the same voice signatures of the fighters after their return to the UK.
The dead body of an insurgent who had an Aston Villa tattoo has also been discovered in southern Afghanistan.
British military officials say there have been no recent reports of British Taliban in Helmand in southern Afghanistan and that the overwhelming majority of foreign fighters are Pakistanis. Not since John Walker Lindh, the so-called American Taliban, was captured in late 2001, has the US admitted to having successfully captured an insurgent from a western country.
In the main US-run prison near Bagram airfield, there are just 50 "third country nationals" being held, a spokeswoman said. "Most of these are Pakistani, with small numbers from other countries in the region," she said.

According to a senior officer at the National Directorate of Security, Afghanistan's equivalent of MI5, foreign fighters tend to be Arabs, Chechens, Pakistanis or from central Asia's former Soviet republics such as Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

NATO in Afghanistan:
Islamic Caliphate is the Problem NATO sees if Jihad Succeeds
Excerpted from a report by Saqib Bukhari, written for Hizb ut-Tahrir [UK] with a link to Imran Yousafzai
The issue now at hand is that the Communist threat is gone; however, as we have heard many a time, the red menace has been replaced by the green crescent and one can safely deduce that NATO will be looking to form a more pronounced alignment of its policies and strategies to protect its ideology of Capitalism from a revived Islam rippling throughout the world. However divergent interests and threat perceptions of its constituent states has created a deep tension in NATO in terms of a strategy that is best suited to deal with the threat.
To illustrate this point, one should analyze the presence of NATO troops in Afghanistan as part of its war on terror and understand how the operation in the region (including Pakistan) is deeply controversial and is acting as a thorn for many of the states involved. It is of no secret that NATO presence in the region is geared to curtailing the possibility of an Islamic government taking power. This sentiment is further echoed by a former British General, Sir Richard Dannatt, who in an interview expressed his concern that an 'islamist agenda, which if we don't oppose it and face it off in Southern Afghanistan or Afghanistan or in South Asia, then frankly that influence will grow... to the high- water mark of the Islamic Caliphate'
His statement typifies the concerns that have been voiced by politicians, academics and policy makers regarding the aspirations of the masses in the Muslim World to live according to Islamic governance.
The point of contention, however, is whether or not the 'Islamist threat' will be a pressing issue to the point of devising a mission statement that will explicitly take such a reality into consideration and become part of its core activity or will it lie in a peripheral space. The reasons for such potential disagreements amongst NATO states lie in the following:
Its mission in Afghanistan is deeply unpopular
The NATO alliance seems deeply split in relation to the issue of Afghanistan and its presence in the region. This split is made clear by a recent speech by U.S Defense Secretary, Robert Gates, who stated that NATO was in 'a state of crisis' and levied much of the blame on the European's lack of commitment to deploying troops to fight the Taliban and other mujahideen groups in the region. Essentially a two-tiered alliance has formed, where certain countries such as U.S, Britain and Canada have committed fully to the tasks at hand and are willing to employ and implement the NATO values but there are other countries that are reluctant to toe the line.
The reasons for such reluctance are many fold; a) a number of states including Germany cannot get public or parliamentary support to deploy troops under the NATO guise, simply because the war has been viewed with great skepticism on part of the Europeans who considered it to be a ill thought out objective coupled with the fact that the Neoconservative Bush Doctrine was unpopular and its war mongering aspirations were detrimental to European interests and threat perceptions. Secondly, the European experience of 2 world wars has left a bitter taste in the mouths of policy makers and public so to fully commit to the mission is resulting in an unsure hesitancy. A third difference is predominantly methodological; all NATO countries recognize the threat of an Islam taking political assertion but for most European states, such revivalism is not one to be countered with warfare but rather at home using domestic anti-terror policies, law enforcement initiatives and educational enactments in order to create a friendlier version of Islam, a secular European Islam so to speak that can be projected to other parts of the Muslim world.





Palash Biswas
Pl Read:

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