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Consumer Market Newsletter By Indicus Analytics

  Powered By Indicus Analytics Volume no. 2, Issue 26, November 2010  

News and Insights

Modi woos three cos from south to Gujarat
The chief minister held one-on-one meetings with teams from TTK group, Brakes India and Indowind Energy on Saturday.
Consumer durables on upward growth path from Oct: Videocon

We have seen the growth from November to August average going up to 46%-50% and the average growth up to August was more than 30%. In September it has come down.

Blue Dart selected as ICMR's Star Brand 2010-11

Star Brands gives recognition to the most impact creating brands across industries and sub- industries chosen by the Indian consumers.

Sharp announces its entry into the Indian Handset Market

The new mobile devices represent a strategic move for Sharp towards becoming a leader in the 'mobility market' in India

Indian consumers are one of the most receptive consumers globally: BSF survey

Tata, Reliance, ITC and Nokia are perceived to be the top socially and environmentally responsible companies.

Airtel's new avatar likely soon

this will be yet another brand-evolution for India's largest telecom operator as the new brand is expected to be splashed all across India, Africa, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Seychelles.  

UK  Consumer Confidence  Falls to 19-Month Low, Nationwide Says
UK consumer confidence fell to a 19-month low in October as Britons braced themselves for the deepest budget cuts ..

Consumer-Sentiment Index Shows Improvement
Americans were more upbeat this month than they were in October, according to a survey of   consumer   attitudes.

Consumer Reports loves MacBook Air

The 11.6-inch MacBook Air topped the list of 11-inch laptops (don't get excited, there were only two entrants) with a score of 67 out of 100. Its performance was rated as "good," while ergonomics and the display were rated "very good."

Consumer debt won't return anytime soon

If you're expecting a meaningful pickup in consumer leverage you may want to think again.

Android pulls the smartphone Grand Slam

Android powers the highest regarded phone on all four US carriers and at least two of top three.

Housing loans grow 20% to Rs 3.15 lakh cr last fiscal

In its report 'Trend and Progress of Banking in India 2009-10', RBI said that while home advances rose, loans for other retail segments such as auto, consumer durables and personal purposes dropped in the last fiscal.  

Samsung India to expand Chennai facility at Rs 350 crore

According to state government officials, the company had in 2006 signed a MoU to invest Rs.450 crore to make consumer durables like washing machines, air conditioners and colour televisions.

New M&S boss expanding own brand strategy

Marc Bolland, who joined M&S from supermarket Morrisons six months ago, said this would involve increasing the M&S brand in clothing, scaling back the number of non-M&S food lines from 400 to 100 and revamping the store's website.

TCL to invest $30 mn to expand in India

In its endeavor to focus and establish itself as a strong contender in the market, TCL plans to expand its sales and services network across the India, from the current base of 20 branch offices and dealer network of over 5000, which is supported by 136 service franchisees.

China Cosmetics Industry Eyes on Ravishing Skin Care Segment Finds RNCOS
Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India, 11/03/2010 - Aggressive new product launches along with increasing awareness about professional ...
NIKON Starts Call Center in  India
The new center will be equipped with all the queries regarding new product launches, price of the products, Nikon store in the country, lens servicing etc. .

Samsung Debuts Galaxy Tab With India-Specific Features

The advantage with tablet PCs running Android is access to the 1,00,000 Android Market applications. But Samsung is betting on its own App Store for the Galaxy Tab to draw Indian users. For ebooks, the company has created an application called the 'Readers Hub', a digital library with 2 million ebooks, 3,000 magazines and 1,600 newspapers in English and vernacular languages.



What are the job seekers on the net like?

As many as 55-60% of the Internet users in India are seeking jobs on the net. And given that Internet penetration will only increase, Indicus predicts online job seekers will grow three-four folds during the next decade, to reach 100 million by 2020

Internet penetration in India has been slow and mainly an urban phenomenon. Various estimates place this figure between 50 and 55 million. Interestingly, a very significant proportion of the Internet users are job seekers. Research by Juxt Consult indicates that as many as 65% have visited job sites. All of them may not be active job seekers, but clearly a lot of them are.

The three-four leading job sites and the size of their resume databases (as indicated on their sites) indicate that there are between 15 and 22 million active jobseekers on each of these sites. Even if one assumes that a large proportion of these are present on all the leading databases, one can realistically assume a figure of 28 to 30 million active job seekers, which is abut 55-60% of all the people on the net at present.



Affluent households with chief wage earners in their middle age form a sizeable segment of urban SEC A households. As the second largest SEC A sub-segment, this group is comprised of one-quarter of all urban SEC A households. The chief wage earners in this group are well-educated businessmen or professionals, and are generally in the age group of 35-44 years. The defining characteristic is that they are all married with young children. Households have, therefore, usually three-four members, and most families have one or two children. Though this segment includes both joint and nuclear families, the households are predominantly nuclear families and just 16% have one or two senior citizens.



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Insights from Indicus

Toilet blocks to hygiene
Far more Indians have access to cell phones than to basic sanitation

First past the post
ndia Post, the world's largest postal network, is set to become a major partner in financial inclusion

Affluent households with chief wage earners in their middle age form a sizeable segment of urban SEC A households.

Upbeat economy may achieve 8.5% growth
Growth is set to rise over the next year, on track with the higher growth trajectory of the past decade.

Why india has a drink problem
Access to improved drinking water sources in the country has increased, but what about water quality?

We would like a lot more chimneys
Despite an already bloated subsidy bill, there is a proposal by the oil ministry to subsidise gas connections to the rural poor, by waiving the security deposit of Rs 1,400 per connection. 

Ringing in a revolution
The countrywide expansion of telecom services is impressive, but there is ample scope for improving rural tele-density

What are the job seekers on the net like? Indicus conducted a research to find out the profile of jobseekers in India

Tracking Young Households
Urban consumers have varied socio-economic profiles

A class act on education, finally
India is on track to meet its Millennium Development Goal on primary education

Skewed Urban Markets
Markets are all about spending money, and it is of course consumer incomes that dictate the power to spend.

India's dark realities
Electricity, or rather the lack of it, is one of the biggest constraints on India's growth. 

Joining the rural dots
Despite a decade of work on rural road connectivity, India's track record is uneven

Learning can be the best vaccine
The more educated the mother, the more likely she is to vaccinate her child against a range of diseases, a government survey shows

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