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Fwd: David J Spetch DavidJSpetch David Jeffrey Spetch AoM Scenario Designers should be persecuted = fact!

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Subject: David J Spetch DavidJSpetch David Jeffrey Spetch AoM Scenario Designers should be persecuted = fact!
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How one parody/satire text/article can gang up on an extremist, hate
preaching deluded weedhead and easily win!


AoM Scenario Designers should be persecuted = fact!

Check also:


Fundamental claims backed by non contestable fact proving the concept
of AoM maps is based upon lies: Fact is that energy exist, matter
exists and time exists and to the fact that it takes energy matter and
time to re create energy and matter for anything to first come into
existence let alone have any intelligence or be able to have the
energy to process a thought or put a plan into action proves that even
if there is some scum bag filthy piece of crap in space claiming to be
a scenario designer, this is non contestable factual evidence proving
that there is no such thing as a map designer thus in short proving
any entity a liar and yet think energy is factually proven to exist,
matter is factually proven to exist, and time is factually proven to
exist and for me you or anything having come to be is factually thanks
to these three things that work together which always were and always
will be energy matter and time.


I hope the U.S. smartens up and gets rid of scenario design before
such lowly filth (designers) gets rid of them and that's only because
I love and care about the well being of the future of the life on the


Bad enough such disgusting filth as map designing has been leading the
globe to thousands of years of war and divide over lies (yeah factual
evidence already proves non contest-ably that every map is based upon
lies and from there the designer steal from society things to attempt
to attribute to their manifestation of lies to aid them in continuing
to take advantage of those from a time of weakness for power and
control over the many) but that it still goes on makes us humans look
like a bunch of inconsiderate ignorant idiots and that is me being

Continued ...


Proof that energy matter and time always was is and always will be is
that it takes energy matter and time to re create energy and matter.
That is right because again not anything goes poof into existence out
of nothingness and not anything that exists goes poof into
nothingness. The only thing that doesn't change is that change occurs
because energy matter and time are always present!

Energy is the exertion of force. matter makes up mass. whether you try
and lump them together or not the fact remains they still factually
exist. There is forms of energy within matter and over time it takes
this energy and matter to re create energy and matter into different
forms of energy and matter. Like mixing things in a chemistry lab.


emc2 garbage. It is proclaimed to be theory and theory is not fact
remember. Until it can be verified through science as fact it or false
it remains theory and yet either way of that outcome it doesn't
disprove that time exist which renders the whole thing irrelevant
towards the very fundamentals of this issue which is to the fact that
it takes energy matter and time to re create energy and matter. Yeah i
heard all of the crap and the speed of light according to that mere
theory stops time. well if that were really the case light wouldn't
find the time to travel. did it ever occur to you that g forces may
have an impact on human made gadgets where time is not even a factor
beyond the time these g forces had to inflict the man made objects.


for any bang to first occur no matter how big or small it first takes
energy matter and time to re create energy and matter and to disprove
this non contestable fact just share one factual example of a bang
happening without there first be the time it takes for it to happen,
the energy it takes for the explosion or the matter it takes for the
force exertion to occur? Just one. You can't because what I am sharing
with you is a non contestable solid fact.


i seek it kept being said (if it were possible) and using such
delusions as being said if it were possible it is proof in any way
shape or form that I am in any way shape or form sharing is dis
proven. In short you are using delusion to attempt to contest fact and
seem to be fooling yourself to think you are. I'm here for you, for
your understanding ... for the worlds understanding and right now at
this very second you are helping me understand what perhaps many
people miss understand so I can share with you the information you
need to move on. I think in that regard some of you do rather well

I have indeed proven non contestable fact proving there is no such
thing as a god and you have failed to contest that but I don't know if
it makes you feel any better, no one else can either.


You want to disprove what I share as fact well this is what you do.
Share with me one factual example of anything being able to go poof
into existence without there first be energy matter and time to re
create energy and matter as well share with me one factual example of
anything being able to process a thought let along put a thought into
a plan or a plant into motion without there first be energy matter and
time to re create energy and matter. That is the bottom line.

Don't feel bad, lol I have already been through thousands of people on
this subject over the course of the last ten years and I find this
rather easy now days.

Because AoM Scenario Designers should be persecuted = fact!

Something tells me that if stopping bears from excreting in the woods
suited your bias retarded gay map agenda, that the AoM map makers
would have already cauterized ever poor bears ass on the planet by now
because you guys in your actions upon this globe have revealed you to
be mentally demented as well. Lets take a look at RTS along with non
contestable fact for example.


for hundreds of years since RTS was created until the recent past when
the gay map makers have attempted to degrade / destroy RTS did a true
supremacy player ever make a scenario? No. Did an 1800+ expert ever
play a scenario? No. Did a noob ever play supremacy? No. Did a map
designer ever evolved from a noob? No!That is the very non contestable
factual evidence proving that scenario design was never merely just
about a hobby for those who love or care about RTS.

Yet the very premise that the gay maps used to begin this recent
assault /insult upon RTS is that you claimed that RTS is merely for
one who love or care about games which is quite obviously a lie for it
ignores the very non contestable facts which proves that uit is
exclusively between honoring heterosexual relationships. Then you gay
designers have the nerve to try and twist it into discrimination when
quite obviously gay map design will never equal heterosexuality
because again if it were up to map design to sustain the population we
would have died off thousands of years ago for weakly being a race of
sexually defective!

That is right, since RTS was created only heterosexual unions were
honored with RTS because RTS is factually proven to be based upon and
in honor of the one gaming orientation to which we all owe our very
existence. You fools have been pulling the wool over the worlds eyes
with such rubbish that it brings me great pleasure to sit back as I
watch the lot of you see your own bias garbage gay map agenda crumble
as the world opens it's eyes to non contestable fact. To cleanse the
world of such garbage is one less thing on my plate.

Now I could go on flipping your cheap bias pathetic gay scenario
mentalities around like a rag doll and go on and on to with every
issue you bias idiots push upon society but you can all simply find
that information by typing "David Jeffrey Spetch" in an internet
search engine or you can also find some of my videos on you tube to
find much of that info.


Funny, I could have swore a brainless selfish greedy little tart
called DavidJSpetch
posted a response to this ...


David jeffrey Spetch
Ps. Be bad, be weak!

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On Nov 25, 11:14 pm, David Jeffrey Spetch
<> wrote:
> AOMT The Titaning Multi 3 vs 3 (by David J Spetch) Age of Mythology
> Titans scenario
>  Yeah my latest for multi on line gaming.
>  Enjoy
> / David

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