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It's Official: The Economy Is Set To Starve
By Christ Martenson

The IEA has known about looming Peak Oil issues for more than a decade and is only now explicitly recognizing the idea in their public documents. People inside and outside of the IEA say that the organization has downplayed both the timing and potential severity of Peak Oil. Peak Conventional Oil has already happened

The IEA's New Peak
By Tom Whipple

As a document, WEO 2010 breaks some significant new ground both in calling the peak of conventional oil and the attention it focuses on the impact of carbon emissions. At the same time it offers succor to those who insist on denying the reality of the 21st century

UN Issues Severe Climate Warning Ahead Of Summit
By Michael McCarthy

The world is now firmly on the path for dangerous climate change in the coming century, a major new assessment reveals today on the eve of the forthcoming UN climate conference which opens next week in Mexico

Sarah Palin And The Missing "F" Word
By Alan Hart

Sarah Palin (or her publisher) chose a title for her latest book with three "F" words -America by Heart: Reflections on Family, Faith and the Flag. But surely there's something missing. Another "F" word. One with four letters. What could it be? (My answer in a moment)

No, Mr. Netanyahu, You And Yours Are Responsible
For The "Demonization" Of Israel
By Alan Hart

My own guess is that Netanyahu's biggest fear is that America's Jews might be on their way to understanding that support for Israel right or wrong is not in their own best interests. There is some evidence to suggest that might, repeat might, be so. If it is, perhaps there is some reason to hope that the countdown to Armageddon can be stopped before it is too late

Volvo Equipment Enabling Torture,
Facilitating Occupation
By David Cronin

Volvo prides itself on being a byword for sturdiness, safety and reliability. After a careful examination of the vehicle-maker's investment in Israel, perhaps it should also become synonymous with enabling torture

Exposing Israel's Fraudulent Third
Periodic Report To The UN
By Stephen Lendman

Israel is seriously and repeatedly in breach of all the above enumerated rights, basic ones under ICESCR and other international laws. It puts a lie to saying it's "proud of its longstanding recognition of the inherent dignity and the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family."

Missile Defense At NATO's Summit:
Two Forms Of Atlanticism Combined
By Dr. Peter Custers

Whereas Russia's rulers who are being wooed by NATO have perhaps not much to fear from the wedding, - states like China and Brasil belonging to the Global South have little reason to be re-assured. For NATO is now committed to playing a military role well beyond the territory it historically assigned itself. See the war in Afghanistan. One wonders about the offensive significance which the combination of two atlanticism in the future will have

Engels On Skilled And Unskilled Labour
By Thomas Riggins

In Chapter Six ('Simple and Compound Labour') of Part Two of his classic work Anti-Dühring, Frederick Engels addresses a charge made by the German professor Eugen Dühring to the effect that in his work Das Kapital Marx has made a major blunder which amounts to a socially dangerous heresy regarding socialism. What could this heresy be?

Pakistan: Thy Wish Is My Command
By Mir Adnan Aziz

A recent US request to 'extend' the sphere of drone strikes was countered by a spineless offer to 'enhance' CIA presence in Quetta. The powers that be, confident by the accepted bondage at large, gave up on even the routine charade of defending sovereignty at all costs

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