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The Lesser Evil

Do you hate the United States of America? Not its people, of course, but its government, the industrial-military complex, the media, the legal system, the financial sector, have I overlooked anything? Is there anything about America you don't hate, apart from a distant memory of the brand "America" you were brainwashed with when you were a child?

You are not alone. In fact, we have reached a point, where this hate, anger, disgust and pity towards everything American is shared by a significant proportion of people both inside and outside the United States. This was long overdue. I mean, how far do you have to push a people until it realises that it is being ruled not by human beings, but by blood-sucking, psychopathic monsters?

It took them a while. Even those Americans who still didn't wake up after finding their hopes brutally squashed by Obama and put their faith in the phony Tea Party movement, are now getting it. The TSA arrogance with their porn scanners and toddler fondling finally made them come to their senses. Better late than never.

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