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Fwd: Should West Bengal be called Paschimbanga?

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Subject: Should West Bengal be called Paschimbanga?

Should West Bengal be called Paschimbanga?
Is West Bengal part of any other State or Country?
    Due to the decision of the new government of the state under Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, West Bengal will soon be called Paschimbanga. Now, how can the new name be considered different from the old one, when Paschimbanga means West Bengal? The Bengali and English names mean exactly the same thing in the two languages.
    We should remember that at the time of the Partition of India in 1947,  Bengal was divided into two states consisting of the Hindu-majority West Bengal and the Muslim-majority East Bengal. While West Bengal remained with India, East Bengal was made part of Pakistan and became known as East Pakistan. 
    As suggested by the historians and intellectuals, the other options before West Bengal's state renaming committee were Banga, Bangla, Bangabhumi and Bangapradesh, which were rejected. Why were all of these names rejected and none found suitable?
    It is clear that the hypocritical and cowardly political leaders of West Bengal don't have the courage to give their state a name that is unacceptable to the Muslims of West Bengal and Bangladesh. The names like West Bengal and Paschimbanga give the impression that the state is some sort of a territorial extension of East Bengal, which became East Pakistan in 1947, and is presently called Bangladesh since its liberation from Pakistan in 1971. So the new name of Paschimbanga will keep West Bengal tagged with the name of Bangladesh, which is the name of former East Bengal.
Muslim Voters matter Most for Mamata Banerjee
    As about 30 per cent of the people of West Bengal consist of Bengali Muslims, the hypocritical political leaders do not want to think of disrupting West Bengal's territorial, cultural and linguistic links with Bangladesh, which is ruled by the Bengali Muslims. As Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had won the elections to the West Bengal State Assembly due to the huge vote bank of the Bengali Muslims, she wants the Muslims of West Bengal, along with the Muslim migrants from Bangladesh, to remain happy and pleased.
    The impressions and feelings of the Muslims are more important than those of the Hindus of West Bengal for Mamata Banerjee because she had got massive number of votes in the Assembly elections from the Muslim community, which can be considered as a single huge block. The Muslims had voted en bloc for the Trinamool Congress to help Mamata Banerjee in getting rid of the Marxist Government in West Bengal.
    We can be sure that the Government of Mamata Banerjee would have also rejected the following names for West Bengal:
    Bangabharat - which can mean a Bengali part of Bharat that suggests it is very different from Bangladesh.
    Jai Banga - which can show the state's link to Jai Hind, the famous slogan of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose.
Formation of Greater Bangladesh
    Any new name for West Bengal, which suggests that it is derived on the basis of some link with the Hindus, will never be accepted by Mamata Banerjee due to the huge vote bank that her party has now got among the Bengali Muslims. Mamata Banerjee will also never accept any name which suggests that the Indian Bengal no longer has any deep political and territorial links with the former East Bengal, or the present Bangladesh.
    Sooner or later, the Muslims will become a majority in West Bengal with the help of the massive infiltration of Bangladeshis and the practice of polygamy by the Muslims. The rapidly expanding Muslim community will also create similar situations in Assam and the other North Eastern states of India.
    Bangladesh does not have enough land for its massive population, which is growing fast without any control due to the Islamic beliefs of Bangladeshis. The cowardly political leaders of India just cannot halt the massive infiltration of Bangladeshis to India. In fact, many Indian leaders are even helping the Bangladeshi infiltrators to settle in India and become its citizens, as their votes have become very crucial for winning the elections in West Bengal and Assam.
    So, it is not surprising that many Muslims of West Bengal and Bangladesh have a dream of creating a Greater Bangladesh in the future, which will consist of Bangladesh, West Bengal, Assam, Tripura and the other North Eastern states of India. Many Indian leaders like Mamata Banerjee do not wish to do anything which goes against such aspirations of all those Bengali Muslims who are dreaming of a Greater Bangladesh, which will be ruled by the Muslims. 
   Ashok  T. Jaisinghani.
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