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Fwd: [bangla-vision] Rifah Supports Propsal by Nusrat Mirza "Dr Awatar Singh Sekhon (Machaki) of Canada Responds"

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Date: Fri, Aug 26, 2011 at 10:32 PM
Subject: [bangla-vision] Rifah Supports Propsal by Nusrat Mirza "Dr Awatar Singh Sekhon (Machaki) of Canada Responds"


President (Former) Usman Khalid
London Institute of South Asia (LISA) &
Secretary General, Rifah Party of the 
Islamic Republic of Pakistan

Dear President (Former) Khalid,

Aslaam O Alaikum!

I am sending my comments with regard to your yesterday's comments in which you have presented various scenerios to put the 'horse before the cart' as far as the 'naive political administration of 10-25% Zardari-Geelani association" is concerned. First, please accept my congratulations on your suggestions to the column Nusrat Mirza. My viewpoint is that the present "10-25% Zardari-Geelani"  administration has done a worst disservice to the Awam of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in general and to the professional and political scientists of Pakistan in general, along with the scientists and the future leadership of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Second, within the present Constitutional rights given to judiciary of Pakistan, the chief of the judicial system should issue an immediate warning to the 'disgusting' administration to demonstrate a 'vote of confidence' in the parliament, liked by the Awam of Pakistan, that the 'disgusting' administration of naive politicians are fit to carry on their rule until their term ends. If the 'disgusting' administration' fails to demonstrate to the Awam their confidence, the Chief of the Judiciary must exercise his/her constitutional power to 'dissolve' the parliament. An interim administration may be placed in the office, without wasting a single second, to provide a clean administration for the people/Awam of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan until the next General Elections are conducted, in order to place a clean and effective democratic administration for the country.

Third, the Chief of the Judiciary, in view of the corruption fiascos in South Asia, must ensure that no one else but the honest, clean and having interests of Pakistan's betterment at their hearts are allowed in the politics/siast od the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Fourth and final point is that under not any circumstances, the development, national progress, national security, and security of the 'International Frontiers', 'visions of the Father of Pakistan, Janab MA Jinnah, his advisors, staunch supporters and followers, 'Sovereignty of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, etc., be allowed to suffer at any cost.

I wish you and the Awam of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan of very best.

With personal warmest regards.


Awatar Singh Sekhon (Machaki), Ph D, FIBA, RM (CCM)
Associate Professor (Retired) of Medical Microbiology and Immunology
Director (Former), National Centre for Human Mycotic Diseases CANADA
Editor in Chief, International Journal of Sikh Affairs ISSN 1481-5435

Thank you Ahmed Gul for circulating the column written by Nusrat Mirza.


I agree with the analysis and remedy articulated by Nusrat Mirza. The PPP must be given chance to respond to the situation first. I suggest that it replaces the governor; appoint Mr Justice Wajihuddin Ahmed as the Governor of Sindh, dismiss the provincial government, and promulgate Governors rule in the province. All this is in accordance with law and the Constitution.


If the PPP leadership does not see the writing on the wall, there is another solution. The PPP does not enjoy majority in the parliament. It is possible to replace the PPP by a 'motion of no confidence' against the Zardari-Geelani Administration.


If the political parties cannot unite to pass a motion of no confidence, the parliament would have failed. The people should then take control and assemble in front of the parliament until Zardari/Geelani run away thus ending their rule.


If none of this happens, there would be a case for the CJ to order the military to re-establish the writ of the government and rule of law.


Usman Khalid     


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Subject: FW: Karachi Situation by Nusrat Mirza


There is a meaningless debate raging on in TV and all the "wise" guests are favouring or Not-favouring employment of army in Karachi. The real cause is not the lack of law enforcing forces, its the 'govt' itself which is playing the killing game. Even if army is deployed, it wont be allowed to work. The CM Balochistan has often said,  whenever FC gets hold of criminals, "the FC is running a parallel govt". 
Unless the political forces share the goals with LEAs, whether peace or war, army alone cannot achieve anything. Instead of bringing army to karachi, the PPP govt with all its so-called allies, needs to GO.  GO! 
There be governor's rule, by an assertive man, whose integrity is beyond question and who has no political strings. The same Police and Rangers will be able to tackle the situation.
Law and order only gets out of hand when there is no deterrence. PPP govt has removed the deterrence from Sindh, even Balochistan.
Could someone please fwd it the Honourable CJ?






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