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OBCS ARE PHYSICALLY OURS AS BAHUJANS BUT ALAS! MENTALLY WITH ENEMIES ie BSO (BRAHMINICAL SOCIAL ORDER)  Important thought of Dr. Ambedkar in book "Linguistic states and Minorities
Chakradhar Hadke 1:36pm Aug 28

Important thought of Dr. Ambedkar in book "Linguistic states and Minorities" on OBC: - UCs/Brahmiins are at one pole and Bahujans except OBC are at opposite pole. In the middle there is a string tied over it across the two polls. A rolling ball is attached to the string, which is roll-able. The rolling ball is like OBCs, the large majority. If the rolling ball inclines towards UCs/Brahmins pole then UCs/Brahmins are winner and vice versa.

Historically and ironically the rolling ball OBCs have hitherto since independence tended towards UCs/Brahmins and as such Bahujans are so far loser, and UCs/Brahmins are winner hitherto. Now at this juncture, UCs/Brahmins are under terribly dismal condition, their nights are becoming sleepless due to OBC's Census going to be carried out within some months/weeks. As such, the think tanks of BSO (Brahminical Social Order) are terribly worried, because with this, OBCs will be freed from their clutches due to constitutional rights in wake of this caste based counting/census. So is the root cause of BSO to field their pawns Anna Hajare and Ramdeo Baba to divert minds of people and undermine the Constitution. BSO always act on "Horse move" of chase game. "Kahipe nigaahe, kahipe nishaanaa", is the treachery of BSO, for OBC must be alert. Their other physical brothers being Bahujans are there with them to fight the arch-rival BSO at every front of life and intellectual level too, for OBC must muster courage to believe and have faith on Ambedkarites/Buddhists.

Dear Mr. Piyush Gade, this is very difficult question how long OBCs shall remain stupid. It needs "Mental Revolution" and for mental revolution birth like Dr. Ambedkar (leader) is required in their middle to bring about "Mental Revolution". This is reformation work, which is very very slow process, for it can take several decades or centuries as well. The tragedy is that OBCs treat Ambedkarites/Buddhists as enemies as far as religious or cultural matters are concerned. But for seeking political reservations in job and education, they treat us friends. We also hitherto fought OBC's battle agaist BSO for regaining their constitutional reservation keeping ourselves forefront. Whereas OBCs simply used to say us , "Aap ladhho, ham aapkaa kapda pakadtaa hai". i.e. "Brothers you fight (our battle), we guard your clothes". Example is Mandal Commission agitations that we had fought on OBC's behalf as true brothers, being we were/are ever conscious about our reservations rights and OBC brothers should not get is lost at the hand of BSO (Brahminical Social Order) . Manyawar Kanshram ji was able to unite OBCs around 1K OBC castes out of 6K castes, which resulted to turn table in favour of Dalits, as we see the realization of his Herculean efforts, that he could tilt the ROLLING BALL (OBCs) in Ambedkarite's/Dalit's court as per the very important thought, as stated in my previous mail.

BSO have/had been utilizing OBC when on name of Hindu religion (the religion imposed by BSO- our archrival), culture, custom when crisis arrives. eg. Demolition of Babari masjid/mosque and anything which BSO like to do, they simply say to OBCs "Chhu Moti". Then within no time OBCs act like their LOYAL DOGs to finish BSO's rivals like Ambedkarites/Buddhists/Muslims/Christians and other minorities, who are PHYSICALLY OURS/BAHUJANS. So is the reality (tradgedy) of so-called BAHUJAN WORLD. I would like to question OBCs openly that, whether BSO (Brahminical Social Order) i.e. UCs/Brahmins act in OBCs favour when question of reservation comes and the same is to be enforced. i.e. How many UCs/Brahmins have fought for OBC's reservation, in lieu of OBC's trust like loyal dog for ages? Alas! no case is found. On the contrary BSO had made all out attempt and left no stone unturned to supress Mandal Commission i.e. the reservations of OBCs. Thus BSO makes OBCs USE AND THROW. Whereas, Ambedkarites/Buddhists/Dalits/SCs/STs are conscious of reservation rights. Consequent to this, they had fought battle of Mandal commission to achieve human rights i.e. Reservations to OBCs so that SC/ST reservations would not be abolished. Thus they acted on OBC's behalf as GIVE AND TAKE Policy. So, in wake of ongoing information flow through internet, websites, mails, facebook, sms and other such electronic communication media, OBCs must wake and dare unitedly at their earliest to tilt themselves (in language of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar - THE ROLLING BALL) in favour of SC/ST/Dalits/Ambedkarites/Buddhist and other minorities' which constitute BAHUJAN WORLD who are PHYSICALLY OURS. Revolution can't be possible in so short span of time, it takes several years, decades or century also. We have travelled a long road, now it is high time to tilt the ROLLING BALL (OBCs) in favour of PHYSICALLY OURS brothers/sisters. I must dare to state here that their leaders must make endeavours to convert their OBC mass into Buddhism, which can the great step towards revolution i.e. Renouncing of Arch-rival's Hindu religion which is based on COCKS and BULLS stories/imaginary stories and imposed upon OBC for ages. This is reformation work, that their leaders must realize the root cause as to how and why they had been used and thrown for ages. Quitting Hinduism is one of the master blows towards REVOLUTION, I opine. OBCs must note that, they can't fight with weapon enemies (BSO). i.e. Remaining in Hinduism OBCs wont be able to fight with the Hindu religion founders i.e. BSO UCs/Brahmins. If OBCs take step of renouncing Hinduism then Manu/BSO shall get angry and as such OBCs shall be on right path as per law of contradiction, I opine.

i.e. What enemy hates, we must love,
& What enemy loves, we must hate.


C.C. Hadke.

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