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The Rape Of Libya
 By Bill Van Auken

The pretense that the US and its European NATO allies were intervening in Libya to "protect civilians and civilian populated areas from threat of attack," as stated in the United Nations Security Council resolution, has effectively been abandoned. Behind the fig leaf of this resolution the naked imperialist and colonial character of the war has emerged

Understanding Clinton's Statement
 On Libya – "We Own You"
 By Reza Pankhurst

The far-fetched thought that NATO would leave the people to resolve their own path forward once the obstacle of Gaddafi was removed is now completely disproven. For all talk about "partnership" and "working together" in the words coming out of the State Department, Clinton is effectively explaining to the NTC and Libya – you need access to your own money, and we are the doorkeepers. In effect, we own you

NATO's Libya Expedition Enters A Labyrinth
 By Farooque Chowdhury

NATO's Libya expedition is over. A "new order" is going to be "stabilized" as the oildom is being controlled by a new regime under the shadow of war planes from an expeditionary force of intercontinental royal-republican coalition bearing marks of breach and competition

What Every Environmentalist Needs To Know About Capitalism
 Interview with Fred Magdoff conducted by Scott Bochert

What Every Environmentalist Needs to Know about Capitalism is a short, accessible introduction to the ecological crisis that is intended for a wide audience

How To Talk About The End Of Growth
 By Lindsay Curren

Interview With Richard Heinberg

Tired Of Democracy?
 By Gail Omvedt

Corruption can only come to an end when the millions of ordinary people ofIndiafight it: by refusing to indulge in it, by taking action against the small local corrupt officials and powerholders they come against, by taking out morchas, taking action. This is the way out –not "Guardians" chosen by Magsaysay Award winners

On The Lok Pal Bill And
 The Anna Hazare Movement
 By Dr. Udit Raj

When North Indians were attacked in Maharashtra ,where was he? He has also so far not criticized the Modi Govt. in Gujarat for the atrocities on the Muslims in 2002. Anna Hazare himself should render an account of the expenses incurred on his movement and the sources thereof. Though the current scenario is not acceptable but with Jan Lokpal, the country will head towards bigger evil from lesser evil

Corruption And Its Discontents
 By Niranjan Ramakrishnan

Neither the protesters nor the government want to address the issue of corruption in India in its deeper essence. Is it an obscenity only when a government official receives a bribe? What about corruption of the conscience? For instance, is it corruption when someone can build a 60 story skyscraper for a personal residence in a country where millions of children go to bed malnourished?

Some Thoughts On Corruption
 By Mukul Dube

I agree with those who hold that the underlying inhumanity is the worst form of corruption, which no Lokpal can dent even slightly. Our societal arrangements are corrupt at the core: no other evil in the whole world even comes close

Brahminism, Hindutva And The Dalit Question
 By Yoginder Sikand

The struggle against Hindutva needs to expand from simply being an anti-communal struggle or a struggle simply for secularism and minority rights to become part of the wider struggle for social justice for the oppressed castes and of their quest for emancipation from Brahminical hegemony

UK Riots: The Cracks Beneath The Veneer
 By Maryam Sakeenah

Without venturing into moral judgement, the massive rioting in UK has, if nothing else, brought to light the fragility of the ostensible peace of 'developed' societies, which stirs an engaging debate bearing strongly upon some central sociological and philosophical questions

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