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Fighting Continues In Tripoli After Gaddafi Compound Is Overrun
 By Bill Van Auken

Fighting continued in the Libyan capital of Tripoli Tuesday after NATO-backed forces sacked Muammar Gaddafi's heavily bombed Bab al-Aziziya compound. While leaders of the Benghazi-based National Transitional Council (NTC), proclaimed the fall of the compound as a symbol of final victory, heavy fighting continued in a number of areas of Tripoli

Tripoli Port Notes
 By Franklin Lamb

This observers tentative appraisal of Tuesdays events along the North Tripoli Port area as of late afternoon 8/23/11 is that the "65,000 well trained and well-armed troops" hyped Sunday by the Gaddafi government don't in fact exist and that the pockets of government troops here in Tripoli and across Libya that do, will continue to resist what it views as NATO aggression designed to usurp the country's oil and add Libya to Africom

The Conquest of Tripoli
 By Reza Pankhurst

While America and other Western nations played a guiding role behind the scenes during the uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt, successfully managing the situation to largely maintain the status quo and their interests with the regime left in place, in Libya they are using political influence that comes with the military backing provided by NATO to try to manage the direction of the future of the country through their financial and political backing of the NTC

Syrian Revolt Speeds Up Gaddafi's Defeat
 By Yahya R. Haidar

Gaddafi is 'defeated' and Mr. Moon quickly joins the troupe in beating the drumbeats of war

Wave Of Illegal, Senseless And Violent Evictions
 Swells In Port au Prince
 By Bill Quigley

Housing is a human right. Using force to evict homeless survivors of Haiti's earthquake from one spot to make them homeless in another place is illegal, senseless and violent

The Roads To Our Alternative Energy Future
 By Barath Raghavan

A wholesale transition to alternatives seems unlikely to deliver energy at current levels of consumption/production. I'd like to briefly consider a few possible trajectories / scenarios here

Globalizing The Intifada
 By William T. Hathaway

As we know too well, this war is creating terrible suffering on all sides. But if we surrender to their implacable aggression and allow the capitalists to dominate the world, the suffering will be far worse. Even the capitalists will be trapped in it because they've lost their humanity. By fighting them now, we are choosing Gandhi's "path of least violence."

The Lokpal Conundrum: Steering Between
 Hardened Stances
 By S.G.Vombatkere

In view of the stand-off, there is need for a "third position" between the opposing and apparently irreconciliable positions of the Union Government and Team Anna. Best expressed by Aruna Roy among others, it rejects the Union government's weak Lokpal Bill and is in complete agreement with the need for a strong Lokpal Institution. But at the same time it notes that the Jan Lokpal Bill will create an unduly powerful Lokpal Institution

Anna Upsurge And The Social Movements
 By Ram Puniyani

While the 'Anna protest' is valid, the pressurizing of state-government to bring in a suitable law for Lokpal, one does not understand why the insistence by Anna, that the Bill must be passed in the stipulated time, and only his draft should be accepted. Anna's group is not the only civil society group, there are other options also, which have come out with probably better alternatives and have tried to overcome the authoritarian nature of the Governments draft Bill and Team Anna's draft bill

A Lokpal Critique
 By Vaibhav H. Wasnik

That corruption is a problem in India or most developing economies is not anybody's secret. But the rampant misusing of the power of suggestion by a ``corporations'' backed media to counter the electorate process by promoting a non-ballot based center of power is even more mischievous

Why Are Dalits Not Enthusiastic About
 Anna's Movement?
 By Bhanwar Megwanshi

Babasaheb Ambedkar was the Chairman of the Drafting Committee of the Indian Constitution, and so Dalits have an emotional attachment to the Constitution. If a movement sets itself above the Constitution and challenges democracy, a key pillar of the Constitution, Dalits will refuse to support it. That is why Dalits and other oppressed caste groups remain indifferent to Anna Hazare's movement

In The Name Of The Cow: Banjaras
 Targetted By Hindutva Forces
 By Bhanwar Megwanshi

For several years now, across large parts of Rajasthan Hindutva activists have been targeting members of the Banjara community in the name of 'cow-protection'. Scores of such incidents have been reported—more than 200 in the last decade

Bollywood In Transition For Marginalized
 By Surendra Rote

The movie Arakshan extends platform of Hindi Cinema for marginalized to share their issues

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