Tuesday, November 29, 2011

US war against Pakistan?

Not "unpredicted" as this article's opening lines say.
This was predicted a decade ago. The break up of Pakistan has been planned as part of US+NATO's broader West Asian strategy.
Therefore, it is now up to the people and the military to decide how to handle the situation. The NATO is using similar strategy as it used in Libya and Iraq.
NATO Ignored Pleas to Hold Off Airstrikes That Killed 24 Soldiers: Pakistan, writes Chris Brummitt in CommonDreams, here:
This has strategic implications for India, China and Russia. The establishment strategist know this, yet maintaining unholy silence.
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Arun Shrivastava
US war against Pakistan?
The latest and unpredicted downturn in the Pakistan-US relations has given the nation's support to the Pakistani army that claims to be ready for American aggression on Pakistani soil. General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani is turning into a national hero to lead the nation in what could be a possible war against the US. Under pressure due to the economic recession and suffering humiliation in Afghanistan, the Obama administration has started blaming Pakistan for its failures in Afghanistan. This blame game is deteriorating relations between Pakistan and US and this can prove costly for the US itself. Around 75% of American and NATO military supplies pass through Pakistan. Shutting off this vital lifeline alone would be a disaster for the American and NATO forces stationed in Afghanistan.

President Obama cannot dare to enter into a military conflict with Pakistan at this moment in time. Pakistan's forces and its 180 million strong population is ready in ambush for a war against the US. The American administration must decide well if they are ready to face the wrath of a nation that has held a grudge against them for decades.

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