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LIVING IN GERMANY24.11.2011 | 15:00 UTC  
Migrant communities say German authorities must act to restore trust
For years, German authorities made no connections between the murders of nine migrant shopkeepers and a neo-Nazi terror cell. Migrant groups say it's because the state failed to recognize the far-right threat. alt
alt Investigation into right-wing extremist murders was flawed
alt Opinion: Parliament is not just paying lip service
alt Parliament expresses shame over far-right murder spree in Germany
alt Germany unveils strategy to combat far-right extremism
alt Banning Germany's far-right NPD a tricky issue
Opinion: Parliament is not just paying lip service
Germany is in shock over the extent of rightwing terror in the country. Parliamentarians across the spectrum have expressed shame - proof that the country is prepared to defend its freedom, says Daniel Scheschkewitz. alt
alt Parliament expresses shame over far-right murder spree in Germany
alt German neo-Nazi terror cell had more helpers
alt An eastern German town fights back against neo-Nazis
alt Victims of neo-Nazi killings to be remembered
Former defense minister dodges prosecution with charitable donation
Bavarian aristocrat and former German defense minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg has paid 20,000 euros to avoid prosecution on charges of plagiarism. With the case dismissed, Guttenberg could stage a political comeback. alt
alt Disgraced former minister Guttenberg returns to public stage
alt Ex-Defense Minister Guttenberg set for move to US
alt University says ex-defense minister 'deliberately cheated' on thesis
For sale: Germany's Catholic Church gives up 'erotic' publisher
Even the Pope urged selling it and on Tuesday, German bishops caved in: the Catholic Church is giving up its stake in Weltbild, a major publishing group that lists books frowned upon by Catholic doctrine. alt
alt Catholic Church spending creates uproar in Philippines
alt German Catholic Church to open up internal files on abuse
alt Catholic Church beatifies Nazi-resisting priest
Lufthansa returns to Rio as business booms
Lufthansa is once again flying non-stop to Rio de Janeiro and for good reason: Brazil's second largest city is booming, and the next World Cup soccer tournament is on the horizon. alt
alt VW announces major investment in Brazil
alt Brazil pushes environment projects to tackle crime and poverty
alt A German recipe revolutionizing the Brazilian beer market
Popular and provocative - Rammstein
What is Rammstein? Sadistically violent, fascist, pornographic, or just stupid? The six former punks from East Berlin are Germany's most successful - and most controversial - band. alt
alt Rammstein shows that there's still money in shock-rock
alt Belarus declares Rammstein a public enemy
alt Rammstein's new album lands on German index of restricted media
Schalke's Stevens goes from Eurofighter to Captain Cuddly
Despite more than their fair share of setbacks, Schalke are within shouting distance of the top. But their man in charge Huub Stevens told DW Sports that the role of the coach isn't all that important. alt
alt Attempted referee suicide overshadows Bundesliga matches
alt Schalke shut out Cyprus, Hanover settle for tie with Copenhagen
alt Long-term progress looking unlikely at Stevens-led Schalke
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Coming home
You only miss it, when it's gone. Your homeland. But what is it? Is it a country? A feeling? Watch our series "Coming Home" and tell us what you associate with your homeland. alt
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