Monday, November 28, 2011

DGP Mr. BR Lall – Crusader Against ‘Black Money’ No More

DGP Mr. BR Lall – Crusader Against 'Black Money' No More


BR Lall – the real Bharat Ratan of India who fought against corruption and black money all his life is no more with us. He is among very few I know and admire the most for his dedication & integrity and was surely brightest son of India. He had map of Indian Black Money in his mind.


When media induced perception of Black Money is all corruption and GOI responsible for it entirely, he minutely analyzed every aspect of corruption and black money and his conclusions were most accurate and useful.


For example he calculated contribution of Black Money in India is Corruption at 5%, Drug & Crime at 30% to 35% and Tax Evasion at 60% to 65%.


This is his most Notable Contribution – his pinpointed the sources.


He was concerned about these evils Corruption Crimes & Tax Evasions like Cancer are destroying and crippling our society and understood well without controlling these evils progress is not possible.


He was above politics therefore best qualified to lead India in fight against Black Money.


We would miss him but his books, lectures and videos shall continue to inspire younger generations to fight Black Money.


Ravinder Singh

Inventor & Consultant

November28, 2011


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