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Fwd: Truth behind the appeal to Hindus - One second in Lord Krishna's day is 50,000 years!

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One second in Lord Krishna's day is 50,000 years!
    It is idiotic to believe that one second of Lord Krishna's day is equal to 50,000 years of humans. It is also absolutely wrong to state that 8.64 billion years is one day of Lord Krishna.
    It is such idiotic beliefs of some perverted religious leaders that are making the Hindus the laughing stock of the world. It is absolutely insulting for the scientists of the Hindu community to be told to believe in any such nonsense.
    Once scientists define one second as the time of a fixed duration, nothing can lengthen or shorten the second. Not even all the Gods and Goddesses of any religion, or all the religions, can then change the duration of one second.
    But some idiots want the Hindus to believe that 50,000 years can be compressed or shortened to just one second. Who is the great idiot who made such a stupid discovery? Even the best scientists of the world can never make any accurate calculations, and can never work on their projects, if they are told to believe that the duration of one second can be altered even minutely.
    Once defined in absolute terms, one second shall always be one second for all human beings as well as all the Gods and Goddesses. Even Almighty God of any religion cannot change that fact. One second can only have a duration of a fixed value.
    God with all his powers cannot turn even two seconds into one second. We should just forget that God can make 50,000 years turn into one second.
    If "Untruths can never survive for ever," then why are some religious leaders always telling lies.
   Ashok  T. Jaisinghani.
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Subject: Truth behind the appeal to Hindus

Truth behind the appeal to Hindus


From: vavamenon -;


One second in Lord Krishna's (Paramathma) day is 50,000 years of human years as per the YUGA time cycles of Sanatana Dharma (8.64 billion years is one day of Lord Krisha), which means abrahamic religions are in existence in this world NOT EVEN FOR THE DURATION OF AN EYE-BLINK of LORD KRISHA. Asuras many times tried to take over the entire Thrilokas and succeeded also from time to time, but always were banished. Asuras never learn their lessons from their past. They keep on reincarnating in order to maintain the balance of nature.


It doesnt mean that Sanatana Dharma followers should not do anything. We have to educate ourselves of this most UNIVERSALLY scientific principles, traditions and rituals/customs of existence in this world, by which one can experience Ishwar within one's self and also all around. BRAHMAM SATHYA (ETERNAL), JAGAT MITHYA (not eternally existing) is the lesson Bharatham has given to the world and PHYSICS has reached this ETERNAL TRUTH by the formula of E= MC squared of Einstein. Every discovery in every discipline of modern science is untieing the knots VEDIC MANTHRAS.


Untruths can never survive for ever.


This is what we can propogate to our own kiths & kins and near and dear ones and friends and neighbours. This can be propogated only by mastering our thousands of scriptures which all proclaim this simple truth of ALL PERVADING BRAHMAM. – M



Convert Christians trying to ban Sabarimala dress




A christian institution, but sporting a Hindu name, Nirmala College of Information Technology, has issued a circular banning the black dhotis traditionally worn by Sabarimala pilgrims. The mischievous circular is signed by Let a hartal be organised in Chalakudy the principal Sajeev Vattoly. It was read out to all the students two days before the Sabarimala season begins. Students wearing black dress have been prevented from entering the college.


The desert religion propagandists are constantly seeking to create tensions by provoking the docile Hindus. Are these converts not sporting big oversized crosses on their chests. These are always displayed openly in schools, colleges, shopping centres, hotels etc. Will heavens fall if for a short period pilgrim students wear a black dress.


Hindus should start a campaign to resist the diabolical moves of these converts. A similar stunt was t carried by Muthoot Group, very recently. Let a hartal be organised as a beginning to fight conversion tactics.



From: vilasni narayanan -;

Convert christians trying to ban Sabarimala dress


This just goes to show their growing power and arrogance because of it. And of course the cowardly Hindus will take any shit that is dished out to them by anyone. if any such circular had been brought out regarding the dress of muslims (would they dare to ban the purdah which is also black and used all the time) the reaction by that community would have these perverted christians pissing in their pants. Why are the students keeping quiet, they should protest or quit the college en masse, hit them where it hurts. In any case we Hindus should stop sending our children to these chrisitian colleges which are mushrooming all over the country and which are venues for conversion of our young people.





Save Vaishno Devi temple


Omar Abdullah is hatching plans to destroy the famous Vaishno Devi temple. Plans have been made to start mining activity very near to the sacred Temple. The crooks have managed to secure a no objection from the Ministry of Environment. All Hindus should unite against this diabolical move to destroy the environment surrounding Vaishno Devi temple. I will not be surprised if some extremist elements use the mining route to destroy the temple itself. Militants are trying to evict all Hindus from J&K. The pilgrimage centres are enabling Hindus to unite and resist the militants in J&K. The diabolical idea is to pollute the surroundings and eventually destroy the temple itself so that pilgrimages to Vaishno Devi temple ceases. I appeal to all Hindu brithers and sisters and Hindu organisations to join and start a movement to stop this dangerous project. Approach the Supreme Court and get a Stay against the J&K government.

Omar has to be kept under watch. He wants to withdraw AFSPA, start mining activity around sacred Hindu pilgrimage centres, dilute vigilance on borders, what is the deep rooted plan ?



Truth behind the appeal to Hindus


R L Francis


Vatican's thinking about Indian Christians is not based on facts and that is why the Pope's Pontifical Council for Inter-religious Dialogue issued a message for Hindus on the eve of Dipawali. The message urged Hindus to fight against anti-Christian propaganda in the country. The appeal says that Dipawali is the festival of the conquest of the forces of light over darkness. It says Hindus and Christian should jointly fight and pave the way for religious freedom.


The Vatican's appeal is very shrewd; it justifies Conversion in the garb of freedom of religion.


The Vatican is well aware that the Catholic Church in India enjoys equal freedom to Hindus. The representative of Pope Benedict XVI, Archbishop Salvatore Pennacchio, directly appoints Bishops in India without any problem. The Church is continuously building new churches and schools in the name of minority rights. How much more freedom does the Vatican truly need?


The Vatican maintains that Christians have been victimized by Hindu extremists in the last few years and that this has posed problems for missionaries. But Vatican needs to understand that the main reason behind these conflicts is Conversion.


Many enquiry commissions set up by various states in Odisha, Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh have pointed fingers towards this direction. At the same time, all Christians enjoy the right and freedom to follow their religion in India.


The problem arises only when and where missionaries try to increase the empire of the church. Is this not a fact that poverty stricken areas of tribal regions are the target of these missionaries? Why do missionaries help only those who accept their religion? "Jesus had said that if you greet only your brothers and sisters, what more are you doing than others? Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly father is perfect. (Math. 5:47-48)"

Missionaries face problem only at places where they try to convert the populace. This has increased tensions in tribal regions. Hindu organizations believe that the Vatican is preparing the ground for conversions on the basis of huge foreign funds. The fact is that these funds are received for social activity. But there is no

Ten percent of the total population of Catholic Christians in India lies in the Chotanagpur region. Even church documents accept that 91.47 percent of domestic girl workers are Christians, while the non-Christian (Sarna) comprise merely 1.3 percent. Sixty percent of the converted SC (dalit) Christians comprise the total population of Christians in this country. Yet the Church is currently trying to include them in the list of Hindu dalits.

It is a clear admission that conversion does not open the doors of liberation. The opposite seems to be true.


Kanchi Shankaracharya Swami Jayendra Saraswati and some other spiritual leaders met with Cardinal Jean Louis Pierre Tauran, President of Vatican's Pontifical Council for Inter-religious Dialogue for Communal Harmony in 2009, in Mumbai. Here everybody accepted that conversion is the main obstacle in the path of religious harmony. Now Pope Benedict XVI is meeting the world's spiritual leaders in Asisi, Ital,y and they are again discussing communal harmony.


The problem is that the success of evangelical activity has been linked with an increase in numbers. India is no exception. In the north-east region, Protestants and Catholics are fighting among themselves. The local Catholic Bishop Jose Mukala says that Protestant Christians are forcing Catholics to become Protestant in the Kohima region. Properties of Catholics are being subjected to arson. They have appealed for their safety to the United Nations! Some years ago, Catholic and Protestant missionaries had agreed that they would not convert each others' members; but the question arises, from where will the numbers come?

In October 2011, hundreds of tribal representatives from nine states were called by the Catholic Church to Bhopal, for an Adivasi Mahotsava. The motive was to liberate them from social, economic and political exploitation. They were indoctrinated that they were not Hindus and were free to chose their religion. The motive is obvious.


Two years ago, the Catholic Church had told the Vatican that the church is still in infancy stage among tribal people. The meaning is obvious. But now, the rift between tribal Christians and non-Christians is getting wider.

The Vatican appeal to Hindus talks about anti-conversion laws in some Indian States and the problems these pose for missionaries. But the Vatican must be made to understand that the Indian constitution permits citizens to follow any faith of their choice.


The Indian constitution allows citizens to propagate any religion. But there is a thin line between Conversion and Propagating a religion. It is the duty of the State to restrict the freedom of those whose only goal is to just convert people.


It is well known that wherever people have been converted, social tension has increased. Now, the onus of establishing social harmony lies on the shoulders of the Church. The Church should spend the money it collects in the millions on the welfare of those who have already been converted and are now being exploited inside the Church. The Vatican should think about their genuine liberation.


The writer is President, Poor Christian Liberation Movement



Palash Biswas
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