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Even frog urine creates tsunami in Kolkata! Kolkata, the city of joy is always under political tsunami.,however, most violent.

Even frog urine creates tsunami in Kolkata!

Kolkata, the city of joy is always under political tsunami.,however, most violent.

Palash Biswas

I am waterlogged in Sodepur nowadays.It is water all over the road connecting to BT Road.We have been buying drinking water since Panihati Municipality has been taken over ruling TMC from the Left after 40 years.Now no bus service is available on Soepur Barasat road whenever it rains.

It is hell losing all over as reaching working place and returning from there have become hazardous.Simply,Wednesday's downpour that inundated large parts of the city for hours could be the prelude to more rainy days. It is coming true.It may help harvesting in a great way specifically in context to EL Nino predictions.We should be happy all the way. Bengali literature is very very romantic in reference to rain. Bengal has lost all its great nostalgic rivers way back in Bangladesh and now we have opted for boating right into the heart of Kolkata.

Kolkatans may welcome the drop in temperature after a scorcher of a summer but monsoon has brought the pain of waterlogging early this time. The civic infrastructure seems to be caught unprepared though monsoon was late this year. Large parts were inundated for hours on Thursday after a 90-minute downpour. Waterlogging may worsen over the next few days as the city is lashed by more rain.

However,it is fire in the markets.Stiff price rise is not regulated as yet despite the populist hype of Maa Mati Sarkar.For example,Onion prices are poised to jump to Rs 100 per kg.

More over,I am highly disconnected these days.No continued internet servce as underground cable network is submered often.For last two days,my PC has remined disconnected.My TV set has been stuck by thunder rain al most twenty days ago.I depend  on net for news updates,Specifically my Bengali and English blocks happen to be breaking newsstreams which have broken miserable and I have no explaination for my growing audiances.I feel helpless.I am sorry.

Kolkata and suburbs have been submerged during rainy season since unknown time.Parivartan has not helped the people being waterlogged every time it rains.

Even frog urine creates tsunami in Kolkata.Kolkata, the city of joy is always under political tsunami.,however, most violent.

Public transport is not regulated.Bus service may stop anytime and anyone may get stranded anywhere.You may not blame the helpless drivers as roads are not only flooded,it seems mines field underwater.

It is only politics.Politics of power literally and it seems power football has gripped Kolkata very tight amidst highest fan following for latin American magic football of Brazil and Argentina.

Just imagine the horror overlapping the public life and assess the reality of Law and Order,kanoon kaa Raj!

Trinamool Congress MP and Tollywood actor Tapas Paul has threatened to "destroy" CPI(M) workers and have their women raped if any of his party workers are attacked.

Addressing a workers' meeting at Chowmatha village in Tehatta in Nadia district — which falls in his parliamentary constituency of Krishnanagar — on June 14, Paul said, "If any opponent (of the Trinamool) touches any Trinamool girl, any father, any child, I will destroy his entire family. Aamar chheleder dhukiye debo, rape kore chole jaabe, rape kore chole jaabe (I will unleash my boys, they will rape them, rape them)."

In his speech, telecast by  Bengali news channel 24 Ghanta on Monday, Paul issued repeated threats to his "opponents", warning them "for the last time" that while he would stay in Krishnanagar, he would visit Chowmatha village every month and, if he ever heard that any Trinamool supporter had been harmed, he would "not spare them".

"I am no MP, I am just a worker," he said. "To my opponents, I show my shoe," he added, bending to take off his footwear and holding it up. "If any CPM (worker) dares to touch my Trinamool (people), I will destroy his gushti (extended family)… Baari, ghor, gushti aami shesh kore diye chole jaabo… (I will destroy their homes and entire extended families)," he said.

"Aami prochur mastaani korechhi… aami pockete maal niye ghuri… aami nije revolver diye guli kore chole jaabo…CPM ke guli kore maarbo… ("I have been a hoodlum myself… I walk around with a maal [gun] in my pocket… I will personally shoot CPM [supporters] with a revolver…)," said Paul.

Rather magic realism of Latin America with all its sorrow and pathos enveloped Kolkata with its Samba and Carnival.But no glimpse of Latin American fight in any sphere of life.

I have to go back home in Uttarakhand within two years as I have to retire in May,2016 if I survive.

In Kolkata,I have no home neither I may afford any home in near future.

I have to survive at least two rainy seasons yet again and I am afraid.

West Bengal Chief Minister and Trinamool Congress supremo Mamata Banerjee is "deeply saddened" by party MP Tapas Paul's alleged remarks threatening to kill CPI(M) workers and have their women raped, a comment for which the party is facing widespread condemnation.

"Such kind of comment is condemnable. Our party leader is deeply saddened beyond comprehension. The matter came to her notice yesterday. He has been cautioned and an explanation has been sought from him. The party does not support this kind of conduct," the West Bengal Education Minister and party secretary general Partha Chatterjee said during a press conference at the Assembly premises.

Even as Banerjee condemned Paul's remark, Trinamool Congress leadership asked its MP to tender an unconditional apology.

"His comment is condemnable. The party does not approve of it. The party has sought an explanation from him and caution him. The party demanded that he tender an unconditional apology to the people for his comment," TMC general secretary Mukul Roy said.

Partha Chatterjee, when asked if the administration would act against the errant MP, said, "I have informed you about the views of the party. The administration will speak for itself."

Another senior TMC leader and Panchayat minister Subrata Mukherjeesaid a decision in this regard would be taken at a meeting of party MPs on Wednesday to be presided over by TMC Supremo Mamata Banerjee.

She is to preside over a scheduled meeting tomorrow with the party MPs which she had convened last week to chalk out the strategy for the ensuing budget session of Parliament.

Trinamool on Monday demanded an explanation in writing from the party's actor-turned MP within 48 hours for his controversial remarks, which triggered an uproar.

Paul, a Bengali film actor, was elected to the Lok Sabha from the Krishnagar constituency in Nadia district twice on TMC ticket in 2009 and 2014.

Tapas Pal rape controversy: Are politicians in West Bengal in the habit of making such remarks?

By Shikhar Jiwrajka @shikharjiwrajka | July 01, 2014 8:04 PM |

Trinamool Congress parliamentarian Tapas Pal kicked up another storm of controversy when he threatened CPI (M) party workers to destroy their clan and rape their women, if his party workers or their family members were touched by them. However her wife did come out to his husband's rescue, as she apologised saying, "I am saying sorry on his behalf but there is another side of the story."  (Watch: Controversial Tapas Pal was Madhuri Dixit's hero in her debut film Abodh!)

What is it that makes politicians talk trash on sensitive issues of rape, so easily/derogatorily? More often than not, we have seen the politicos making loose comments on issues of rape and violence against women. The thin line of passing whimsical remarks on the rape issues have been faltered by politicians across party lines. Looking at the recent furore, we compiled a list of such outrageous statements which were spelled by MPs and MLAs of West Bengal:

1. Mamata Banerjee, CM West Bengal, (Trinamool Congress)

Mamata Banerjee, fondly regarded as Didi in Bengal, gave a bizarre reason saying, "Rape cases are on a rise in the country, as men and women interact more freely now. Earlier if parents caught men and women holding hands together, they were reprimanded by them. But now, things have opened up. It's like an open market with open options."

2. PC Sorcar (Bharatiya Janata Party)

The magician PC Sorcar spelled a cast which boomeranged on him and his party. PC Sorcar who fought the recently concluded Lok Sabha Elections from Barasat on BJP's ticket, in one of his rallies had said, "She (Mamata Banerjee) belittles the grave issues of rapes saying the boys are just mischievous. I urge you (addressing the people) to ask her that, if she is raped, then what will be her opinion?"

3. Dev Adhikari (Trinamool Congress)

In one of his interviews in the run up to General Elections 2014, Dev Adhikari, who is fighting on TMC ticket from Ghatal constituency, made another rubbish statement. Adhikari said, "Being at the centre of attraction during election campaigns feels like being raped, you either shout or enjoy."

4. Anisur Rehman (Communist Party of India-Marxist)

Anisur Rehman felt no shame in passing sexist remarks on the incumbent West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee. In his rally at Itahar in North Dinajpur Rehman said, "This is the same Mamata Banerjee who landed up at Writers' Building claiming she was raped. I told her if you want to bring some girls, bring some good girls. There is no better girl than you. We will give her some medal, or we can give her Rs 20,000. We ask Didimoni, what is your fee? How much will you take for getting raped?"

5.  Kakoli Ghosh Dastidar (Trinamool Congress)

When the nation was protesting the 2012 Delhi Gangrape case Trinamool Congress MP Kakoli Ghosh Dastidar made a ridiculous remark. Dastidar then said, "The Park Street rape case is a different case altogether. It was not at all a rape case. It was a misunderstanding between the two parties involved between a lady and her client; a deal gone sour".

6. Abhijit Mukherjee (Congress)

President Pranab Mukherjee's son Abhijit Mukherjee shamed his family name when he termed the anti-rape protestors at Delhi as dented-painted women. Abhijit on an interview on a local news channel had said, "Those who are coming in the name of students in the rallies, sundori, sundori mahila (beautiful women), are highly dented and painted." The controversy soured when his sister came out in media and apologized for his brothers abnormal remarks.

7. Tapas Pal (Trinamool Congress)

Tapas Pal, a TMC parliamentarian from Krishnanagar Lok Sabha constituency in Nadia district, is the recent to join the shambolic bandwagon of making absurd remarks. In an interview of a local channel, Pal said "If you (CPI-M workers) ever dare to touch any TMC party worker or their family members, I will not spare them. I carry a gun always. I'll shoot them and destroy their entire clan. I will make their family pay dearly. I will unleash my boys and ask them to go to the families of those and rape their women and leave."


'Low' forms afresh in Bay, but rains seen mainly in East



A low-pressure area has formed over the north Bay of Bengal and adjoining areas of Bangladesh and Gangetic West Bengal in a fresh booster for the monsoon.

The 'low' lies straggled over the sea and land this morning, according to an update by the India Met Department.

Limited room

The limited room over sea should enable the system to dump heavy to very heavy showers over East and North-East India as well as parts of the West Coast over the next few days.

Conditions are becoming favourable for the advance of the monsoon into more parts of Uttar Pradesh, parts of Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab and Haryana during the next four days.

A helpful trough lay extended from Punjab to East-central Bay of Bengal across Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand and the centre of the low-pressure area.

The fresh surge would also help move the northern limit of the monsoon from the alignment linking West India to Central and East India, but stalled for more than a fortnight now.

Heavy in East

Expectedly, the forecast for the next three days is heavily biased to the East: Heavy to very rainfall is forecast at isolated places over Odisha, Gangetic West Bengal, Sub-Himalayan West Bengal and Sikkim for today. Heavy rainfall is also seen for isolated places over Assam and Meghalaya.

As for tomorrow, heavy to very rainfall is forecast at isolated places over Odisha, Gangetic West Bengal, Sub-Himalayan West Bengal, and Sikkim.

It will be heavy over Bihar, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Assam, and Meghalaya. An almost similar scenario is forecast for Thursday as well.

The extended forecast for the weekend speaks of the possibility of continued rain or thundershowers at many places over North-East and East India.

Thundershowers would also break out at many places over the western Himalayan region as well as the West Coast and at a few places over the plains of North-West India and peninsular India.

(This article was published on July 1, 2014)


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