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Darjeeling 17.07.2014 By Mamata Banerjee

Darjeeling 17.07.2014

By Mamata Banerjee
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Today I am in Darjeeling.
My darling Darjeeling is always very charming.
It is my sweet home.
Drawn by the beauty of the place and love of the people, I have come here nearly 40 times.
My full Government of West Bengal team is with me today at Darjeeling.
I have laid the foundation stone of a unique North Bengal Wild Animals Park, which will come up near Siliguri on the way to Darjeeling.
The animals will roam around freely in open spaces of about 297 hectares and can be seen by visitors during safari rides in special vehicles.
It is indeed good news for our nature and wildlife lovers and tourists of the country and abroad who can enjoy African Safari experience in this Rs.250 Crore project that will come up in less than two years.
Drinking water is very scarce in Darjeeling. During the months from January to May and during peak tourist seasons, the town faces acute water scarcity.
We have set up a Water Supply Project from river Balason. Today, I have commissioned the project. Water from this project will be supplied to Darjeeling town and surrounding areas through pipe network which will be set up very soon. At the moment, the existing pipeline will be used for enhanced water supply.
For convenience of tea garden workers in particular as also other workers of North Bengal, we are setting up a North Bengal Office – “Shram Bhaban” of Labour Department. Today, I have laid foundation stone of this office building.
Our Mayel Lyang Lepcha Development Board set up earlier is doing excellent work for the Lepcha community.
For the Tamang community, we have today announced formation of a Board to work in a focussed manner for development of Tamang brothers and sisters and preservation of their rich heritage.
My best wishes to all of them.
Some pictures of today’s event are uploaded here for all of you.

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