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In The USA, What Is Our Anti-War Option? By Robert Barsocchini

In The USA, What Is Our Anti-War Option?
By Robert Barsocchini
22 June, 2014
What is our option in the USA if we don't give permission for our money to be put towards the  biggest international shakedown racket in history?
Obama is not an option for us.  He is a  criminal  dictator who defies international and domestic law and the  will  of the  majority  of the US population (aka democracy) and wages war of aggression against multiple sovereign groups of people, also against  their  will.
With no public discussion, and in the face of widespread popular opposition, the Obama administration is now preparing to drag the country into an open-ended conflict that threatens to engulf the entire Middle East, involving Syria, Iran, Turkey and the Gulf monarchies. 
Nor is the conflict confined to the Middle East. The war drive against Syria is inextricably tied to the US and European-backed campaign against Russia, a major Syrian ally. Opposition from Russia was a significant factor in the decision by the Obama administration to temporarily pull back from war against Syria last year. This was followed by the operation in Ukraine to unseat a pro-Russian government and provoke a confrontation with Russia itself.
It is the position of the Obama administration that the president has the right to wage war against anyone, anywhere, without even the pretense of a congressional, let alone popular, mandate. The vast majority of the American people oppose any reentry of US military forces into the cauldron of Iraq, let alone US intervention in Syria, but this intense antiwar feeling finds no expression within the US political establishment and its twin parties of imperialist war. -  Patrick Martin and Joseph Kishore
Hillary Clinton is  really  not an antiwar / anti-global-criminal-racket option.  See  here .  She is pro-war and pro-racket.    
What is our option if we want to live in the US, or for one reason or another (family, etc.) have to live here, but don't want our labor and money used for the biggest shakedown racket in history, while little kids' schools in the US are so underfunded that they literally can't afford recess?
Recess is a segment of free time.  In the "richest nation", our schools can't afford time, and teachers have to fund school supplies from their own pockets, yet six trillion of the dollars we pool together to try to form a decent society have gone into brutal, Nazi aggression against oil and gas countries in the last decade or so.  Over 3 billion of our dollars every year go to illegally funding the last country in the world that is engaging in  old-style, illegal settler colonialism , as well as  mass terrorism,  child torture , and  chemical warfare : Israel.  Currently, according to Amnesty International,  the top ten foreign groups to which Obama sends our money are torture regimes.
What is our option if we want nothing to do with this obscene global murder, terror, and shakedown racket?
There is only one realistic option: mass, non-violent mobilization and action.  
We need impeachment for Obama, and legal punishment for him and other war criminals that have preceded him, like Bush and his regime.  That will not happen through the system currently in place.  It will only happen through mass, non-violent mobilization making  it happen.   
And if we won't make that happen, then secession.  Stop allowing ourselves to finance the shakedown racket.
For me, that would mean:  Washington out of Oregon .
Here's one of the reasons why these options must be urgently pursued and achieved:    
In Ukraine, at least  356  people, mostly civilians, have recently been murdered in a major Obama-backed, Hitlerian terror and ethnic cleansing operation targeting civilians.  On top of the material and political support already given, Obama just committed 48 million more of our dollars to sponsoring the terrorism.
Here  is explicit documentation, by Eric Zuesse, of the specifically Hitlerian character of the ethnic cleansing and terror campaign being carried out with Obama as backer, sponsor and accomplice. 
By dictatorially using our money, against our will, for these crimes, Obama is making us complicit.  I do not give permission for my money to be used for this.  This is happening against my will.  I am being dictated to, and I want it to stop.
Final note:
Contrary to what Western propagandists would have us think, Eastern Ukraine has been integrated with Russia for hundreds of years as a defense against European imperialism: 
In 1653 the greater portion of the population [of Ukraine] rebelled against dominantly Polish Catholic rule, and in January 1654 an assembly of the people (rada) voted at Pereyaslav to turn to Moscow, effectively joining the southeastern portion of the Polish-Lithuanian empire east of the Dnieper River to Russia.
- Riasanovsky, Nicholas V. (1963). A History of Russia. Oxford University Press. p. 199.
Those are the exact regions that today have declared independence from the US/Western junta-integrated dictatorship in Kiev, and which are being "cleansed" with open US support.
Robert Barsocchini  is an  investigative journalist  and writer for the film industry.  

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