Saturday, February 23, 2013

Fwd: RNI Exclusive in Hindi for free use: "Uttar Pradesh mein samman na milne se Samajwadi karyakarta naraaz"

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Subject: RNI Exclusive in Hindi for free use: "Uttar Pradesh mein samman na milne se Samajwadi karyakarta naraaz"

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Real News Intl (RNI) News Agency is India's first and till now the only privately owned news agency that provides news and features in three languages viz. English, Hindi and Urdu. Only authorized subscribers to Real News subscription service alone are eligible for all the news released on daily basis. However, we release certain news on daily basis which are for general use, and may be used free, as long as proper representation to Real
News Intl. and if mentioned, the writer, both is given. If you are a publisher/editor and/or if you use any of the news/articles sent by Real News Intl. as general release, you are required to send three copies of published
news/articles to RNI/LifeWatch, PO Box 9283, Krishna Nagar PO, New Delhi-110092.

(See our website for some of the recently released news/articles released for general media or visit the facebook page on;
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The exclusive news item(s) being released today for general free usage
is/are titled:

One article titled "Uttar Pradesh mein samman na milne se Samajwadi karyakarta naraaz" (MS-Word file with text in Kruti Dev and Unicode and Pagemaker file with text in Krutidev are attached)


Giving proper credit to writer/news agency is essential.

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Tanu F.
For RNI News Agency

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finance,religion, interfaith,social issues, etc.besides news related
to events and happenings. R.N.I.takes the responsibility of veracity
of each article/news-stories, unless they are specific views of
certain people or organizations. We may or may not agree to the views
of such articles.

Please remember that since you are not a subscriber to Real News, you
are only getting the news/articles release for the general media at
large. If you use the news/articles sent from R.N.I., it is mandatory
to give byline for each article/news-story to R.N.I.If you do not wish
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