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Fwd: [OrissaConcerns] Update from POSCO Pratirodh Sangram Samiti (PPSS) as on 20th December 2011

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Subject: [OrissaConcerns] Update from POSCO Pratirodh Sangram Samiti (PPSS) as on 20th December 2011
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Dear Friends,

As you are already aware, though our protesting villagers are yet come
out of the shocking incidents of 14th December 2011 when our peaceful
protesters were physically assaulted by the private militia under the
leadership of a don called Bapi Sarkel who has been given a contract
to do some work for IDCO/POSCO, the woes and worries of the struggle
is not coming to an end. The critically injured persons are still
struggling for survival in the absence of any government or
non-government medical help as there is a strong fear that they will
be arrested the moment they are seen in public. The reason being- in
the process of assaulting us with bombs and other weapons, they killed
one of their own men. This was how they created a ground to arrest all
the leaders and active supporters of PPSS in this pretext by
implicating them in the "murder" case. If you may kindly recall this
was how they also arrested our leader Mr. Abhay Sahu.

The Naveen Pattnaik government continues to be inhuman, undemocratic,
unethical and cruel in his approach to promote rapid industrialization
in the state. Now the private militia has taken place of the police
and attempting to intimidate and crush us. Needless to say that the
private militia has all the backing of the police and district
administration who apparently have got clear instructions from the
Chief Minister to go ahead. Following the incidence, our honourable
MLAs, cutting across party line, strongly protested the involvement of
private army who unleashed violence on the unarmed villagers in the
floor of the Odisha Assembly. The media also covered the matter in
great detail and there was public outrage. Due to the pressure from
public, MLAs and the media, the government has transferred the
mastermind Priyabrata Patnaik from Managing Director of IDCO to a
position of insignificance. But it is said the person replacing him is
more cleaver and more efficient in advancing the corporate agenda. In
response to the uproar in the state Assembly, Chief Minister Naveen
Pattnaik made a statement on the floor of the assembly that the police
and the civil administration were not informed about the road
construction. If this is true, then he should accept his inefficiency
(as he is holding the Home Ministry with him) and resign. In reality,
however, the Police and administration at the district and state level
were fully supportive of the nasty design of the Contractor Bapi
Sarkel and his goons.

Bapi Sarkel has kept people from Thailand as his bodyguards. They
carry arms with them. Who has allowed these foreigners to carry arms
in Indian soil? And ironically, the contractor has been provided with
a Special Protection Officer by then district police ! Demands of the
MLAs to arrest Bapi Sarkel has fall in deaf year of the government. On
the other day, the police raided his residence and office and told the
media that they did not get him or any incriminating documents. This
is amazing that police does not get a person who was openly speaking
in front of  private TV channels and blaming the MLAs. We demand the
immediate arrest of such a person who is using his goons to attack us.

We believe that the raid on Bapi Sarkel's house was drama enacted to
lauch a series of arrests of the our leaders and supporters who have
been falsely implicated in the killing of the goon who had come to
attack our people but died as a result of their own bombing on
December 14. Instead of taking action against the contractor and the
police officials supporting him, the administration has clamped false
case of murder against former legislator and CPI leader Narayan Reddy,
who is now helping the movement on the request of PPSS and our
arrested leader Abhay Sahuji. We have come to know that, as part of
the larger design to crush our movement, the government is planning to
arrest our people like Mr. Prashant Paikary, Spokesperson of PPSS, our
leader like Mr. Ram Krushan Panda, National council Member, Communist
Party of India (CPI), Mr. Bapi ( son of Abhaya Sahoo) and others.

On 19th December 2011, the leaders of five parties, Communist Party of
India (CPI), CPI (Marxist), Forward Bloc, Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD)
and Samajwadi Party submitted a memorandum to the Honourable Governor
registering protest against the project related work in the proposed
POSCO plant area in the absence of a Memorandum of Understanding

Amidst this chaos, POSCO officials have quietly opened a project site
office at Dadhibamanpada in Nuagaon Panchayat.

Our villagers including children and women are continuing our protest
at Balitikira, bordering Govindpur village, to protest against the
forceful land acquisition for POSCO. We are guarding at different
gates round-the-clock to prevent the arrest of our people and other
leaders. Our villagers are in strong determination to fight till the
POSCO withdraws its project.

Our friends will constantly update you with any further developments.

Please continue to demand the withdrawal of the project and all cases
registered against our people.

Kindly circulate the mail widely with a request to express the
solidarity with us.

Awaiting the same quick and positive response from you.

Sisir Mohapatra

Secretary, POSCO Pratirodh Sangram Samiti (PPSS).

Mobile no.-09437571547
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Palash Biswas
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