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Even BNP's senior leaders did not know about it !!!
Tuesday, December 20, 2011
Front Page

Inside BNP

Concern takes over surprise

Staff Correspondent
Anxiety is running high among astounded leaders and activists of BNP regarding the consequence of their party's Sunday's foiled attempt to paralyse the capital through a massive gathering.
They are also questioning why they were not informed about the plan ahead of time.
The city erupted in violence at daybreak on Sunday with explosions of crude handmade bombs as opposition activists clashed with police at different points.
Some senior BNP leaders were quite surprised by the happenings as they had been kept in the dark about what had been in the making.
According to party insiders, a coterie of men close to one time alternative power house Hawa Bhaban and Tarique Rahman, BNP chairperson's elder son, were the masterminds of Sunday's attempt.
Senior leaders are now questioning whether it was a wise decision to secretly plot a showdown without preparing the rank and file.
Leaders of the party, from top to bottom, are now also fearing a government clampdown on them following the violence.
The government already picked up 362 opposition leaders and activists all over the country since Sunday, and filed 18 cases against 7,000 of them.
BNP acting secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir yesterday however said, "Everything is propaganda, opposition activists had no involvement in the incidents. It was carried out by ruling party operatives to create an opportunity for clamping down on the opposition."
Some BNP insiders, who had somehow come to know about Sunday's plan before the violence ensued, attributed the failure on the planners' lack of coordination.
Questions also arose within the party about how the law enforcers got to know the plan while senior leaders of the organisation were in the dark.
The party insiders however said such actions might not be out of question for the future despite Sunday's failure.
"What else we could do when we are not allowed to hold even a protest programme," said a mid-level leader who is believed to be one of the masterminds of Sunday's events. He, however, denied his involvement.
The insiders also said those who were involved in the planning are now investigating the reasons behind the failure and how the plan got leaked.
Senior leaders declined to say anything about their involvement in the planning, while some of them questioned the rationale for such an attempt.
Some are also wondering whether the whole thing was a plot by agent provocateurs for putting BNP in trouble.
Mid-level leaders however said the matter probably was not discussed widely for the sake of the plan's success. Some of them said leaders of all party units in the city and its adjacent districts were only asked to gather activists without mentioning any specific reason.
They were only told about a reception for freedom fighters scheduled to be attended by Chairperson Khaleda Zia.
Sources close to some leaders of BNP's front bodies said huge amount of money was distributed among different levels of the party Saturday night for bringing activists and supporters to the capital.
Leaking out of the plan at the last stage was the main reason for the failure, they added.
According to intelligence sources, some leaders of BNP's youth front Jatiyatabadi Jubo Dal and its associated student organisation Jatiyatabadi Chatra Dal took the lead role in executing the plan. But they could not control their activists who started chanting slogans and hurling homemade bombs without getting any clearance from the leaders.
Although the decision was that none would chant any slogan before the mass gathering takes a good shape, the decision was ignored by some grassroots activists, which gave the law enforcers a reason to disperse them, said the party insiders.

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