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Fwd: CC News Letter, 29 Dec - Israel Threatens Another Gaza Invasion

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Israel Threatens Another Gaza Invasion
 By Mark Weiss

Israeli officials are stepping up their rhetoric, warning that another invasion of Gaza is just a matter of time

Call For US Intervention Into Iraqi Crisis
 By James Cogan

It cannot be ruled out that if the Shiite factions do not accept Sunni demands, which now include calls for new elections and Maliki's removal as prime minister, the political crisis and rising sectarian violence could be used as the pretext for direct American military intervention. Tens of thousands of American troops are still stationed in Kuwait and other Gulf states

Confessions Of A Recovering Environmentalist
 By Paul Kingsnorth

I withdraw from the campaigning and the marching, I withdraw from the arguing and the talked-up necessity and all of the false assumptions. I withdraw from the words. I am leaving. I am going to go out walking

The Future Needs An Attitude Adjustment
 By Tom Murphy

The adult in me wants less whining, fewer temper tantrums, realistic expectations, a willingness to sacrifice where needed, the maturity to talk of the possibility of collapse and the need to step off the growth train, and adoption of a selfless attitude that we owe future generations a livable world where we can live rich and fulfilling lives with another click of the ratchet. Otherwise we deserve a spanking —sorry — attitude adjustment. And nature is happy to oblige

Rio+20 Needs To Address The Downsides of Growth
 By Herman Daly

Since growth now makes us poorer, not richer, poverty reduction will require sharing in the present, not the empty promise of growth in the future

Food For Fuel, A Sure Way Of Creating A Hunger Crisis
 By Jean Ziegler & Siv O'Neall

Jean Ziegler, in his recently published book 'Massive Destruction – the Geopolitics of Hunger', is denouncing the brutal arms the neoliberal masters of the world are using in order to annihilate resistance to their senseless attempt to run the world as they see fit

Palestine: Those Who Inspired Us In 2011
 By Ramzy Baroud

2011 had its share of tragedy. Human lives were lost in Palestine. But hope was also sustained by the sacrifices of numerous 'ordinary' people who collectively managed to achieve many hard-earned feats. It is these numerous small victories that will make it difficult for Israel to continue with its futile campaign to occupy and dominate a people so determinately entrenched in their land - from the small village of Nabi Saleh to the proud Palestinian city of al-Quds

Population Growth: The Problem In Real Terms
 By Jason G. Brent

If clean water is not supplied to the current 7 billion humans inhabiting the Earth plus the additional 1 million of our species that will be added every six days starting November 1, 2010 and continuing to July 1, 2050, many humans will suffer horribly and many will die horrible deaths due to lack of clean water

No Political System Can Function
 Without A Free Press: Mark Kingwell
 By Kourosh Ziabari

An interview with Prof. Mark Kingwell is a world renowned Canadian author and philosopher

Lokpal Legislation Debate Require
 Calmer Consideration
 By Justice Rajindar Sachar

The debate in Parliament on the proposed Lokpal legislation has unfortunately touched a low nadir; instead of discussing the legislation in a sober atmosphere and with conscious effort to arrive at as much consensus as possible, the parties instead indulged in mutual attacks

Kashmir: Curbing The Academics
 By Burhan Majid

There have been a series of attempts when we saw the academics being interfered with by the State police. So besides the usual high handedness and meddling, the State's police force has jumped into action in yet another field. In a way the Police in the State have become too ubiquitous marked by its arbitrary interferences which are more often uncalled for

Imran Khan: Change Has Taken Place
 By Dr Shabir Choudhry

Imran Khan's apparent popularity has made some positive changes too. People are coming to public meetings; and it has forced leaders of the both big parties to pay more attention to their workers and leaders. It may even force them to come to some arrangements on certain seats to keep the Captain and his big boys out of the race

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