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Silly Sibal thinks He is Smartest Guy
Jittery Un-Popular Alliance is Censoring Internet
    Can the Government of India order Google, Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, YouTube, Yahoo and other foreign Internet companies to censor the emails and block access to the blogs of all the people who are strongly critical of the wrong policies of the United Progressive Alliance regime that is ruling India?
    The UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon had stated in his message on the UN Human Rights Day, "Governments must not block access to the Internet and various forms of social media as a way to prevent criticism and public debate." The US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has also criticized the countries that are trying to curb the freedom of their citizens on the Internet.
    Responding to criticism over the UPA Government's decision to curb the free expression of views on the Internet, the hypocritical Telecom Minister Kapil Sibal  told a TV channel, "Whatever I have said in the press or during the interview does not amount to restriction or regulation. It is evolving a consensus that is acceptable to media ... It is not my intent ever to interfere with social media in whatsoever form." He further said, "I wanted them (Internet companies) to form their own guidelines by their own standards. The intent from the government is that we want them to take the action."
    On 15 December 2011, Kapil Sibal met the representatives of Internet companies like Google and Facebook to discuss the guidelines. Why does the Government of India (GOI) want Google, Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, YouTube, Yahoo and other foreign Internet companies to censor the emails and close down the blogs of people who are against the regime of United Progressive Alliance in India?
    It is true that many nasty Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) are boldly writing some of the most offensive and obscene details about the real or imaginary lives of Indian leaders belonging mainly to the Congress party and its allies. The boldest NRIs are fearlessly writing extremely offensive articles because they are living in foreign countries and are beyond the reach of Indian laws. The Government of India has no power to block or censor the contents of emails and blogs of NRIs just as it is doing in the case of Internet users living in India.
    So the UPA Government wants Google, Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, YouTube, Yahoo and other foreign Internet companies to do their dirty work of blocking the emails and closing down the blogs of Internet users that are offensive and obscene.
GOI Servers are Used for Cyber Attacks
    According to the reports in Indian newspapers published at different times, the UPA regime has been accusing some foreign agencies of using the servers of the Indian Government to target the computer networks of India and other countries. The Government of India has falsely blamed the foreign agencies of hacking the servers of the National Informatics Center (NIC) regularly and using its servers to launch cyber attacks on the computer networks of India, China and other countries. Even though it has blamed the foreign agencies for the cyber attacks, it is absolutely clear that the GOI has failed to prevent such attacks, which have been launched by the servers of NIC belonging to GOI.
    The real culprit is the GOI itself, which is spying on the millions of Internet users in India. The GOI is wrongly blaming the foreign agencies for the dirty work of spying and hacking that is being done by its own secret agents and spying teams. We must accept the stark fact that there is regular hacking of telephones and computers of millions of people in India by the agencies secretly appointed by the UPA regime to spy on a large number of Indians.
    For providing security to the country, there is a legitimate reason for the GOI to hack the telephones and computers used by the Naxalites and other terrorist outfits, but should the GOI use that reason as an excuse to spy on millions of Indian citizens who are critics of the UPA regime?
Kapil Sibal's Tablets can Become a Curse
    Introduced by the Government of India as the Low-Cost Access Devices, the Aakash tablets were launched by Kapil Sibal on 5 October 2011, and were distributed by him to some students. The price of an Aakash Tablet has been kept dirt cheap at Rs.2250, but it will cost only Rs.1125 for students.
The GOI will bear 50% of the cost and a student will be able to buy it for Rs.1125 only.
    A bogus claim has been made by Kapil Sibal that a student will be able to access online streaming of the subjects of his course and web-based research dealing with higher education. We should know that the access to the Internet is too costly in India, as it is absolutely undependable. There is no guarantee that the Indian Government's Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd servers can provide an efficient and dependable Internet connectivity.
    Among the subscribers of BSNL, there are many desperate students and other youngsters who have often failed to send their urgent emails even after trying for a number of times. They suffer from sleeplessness, headaches, depression and suicidal tendencies. Suicides by the students and the unemployed persons may have increased due to the extremely inefficient services of BSNL.
    In the near future, Kapil Sibal's Aakash tablets can cause extreme depression among students and other young persons for being unable connect to the Internet for any urgent work. Students may not receive email messages in time, which call them for interviews for admissions to colleges and universities. Young persons may fail to send applications on time while applying for jobs. Many persons can also lose their jobs for being unable to send urgent messages to their employers. Some desperate students and other young persons may break Kapil Sibal's Aakash tablets and swallow the toxic pieces of his tablets for committing suicide. 
    The BSNL is known to provide only the most inefficient and the slowest Internet services that are fit for the bullock-cart age. The BSNL services are the most useless in the world. Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd should be renamed as Bailgaadee Sevaa Nigam Ltd (Bullockcart Services Nigam Ltd)  or the Backward Services of Naalaayak Log.
Massive Fraud by BSNL
    In India, every time one's computer dials the number of the Internet Service Provider, but fails to connect to the Internet, the total number of telephone calls increase, which adds to the charges in the telephone bill.
    Like the massive scam of 2G Spectrum allocation, this is another big fraud, which is going on for many years to cheat the Internet subscribers of India. According to my rough estimate, the Internet subscribers are made to pay a massive amount of about Rs.10,000 to Rs.20,000 crore extra every year to the BSNL for the dropped calls due to the failure of connectivity on the Internet. The Internet subscribers are being cheated on a massive scale, as they are forced to make these huge payments to the BSNL in spite of failure to connect to the Internet.
    For a number of years, my emails are being deliberately delayed or blocked by BSNL, which is denying me access to the Internet. Sometimes, I am not able to connect to the Internet for a whole day or two days even after trying for a number of times during the day and night, which spoils my sleep and health.
    The information on lakhs of suicides by the students, unemployed youths, farmers, retail traders and others are sought to be kept secret by deliberately denying access to the Internet and by blocking the blogs that give details of such suicides. Most of the newspapers and TV channels are bribed by payments in various ways by the UPA regime to make them keep such information unknown to the readers and viewers. 
    Whenever Prime Minister Manmohan Singh goes abroad for any important international meetings, I have noticed that BSNL's Sancharnet internet services are deliberately blocked to the ordinary subscribers. The email and netsurfing are completely blocked by BSNL for one or two days. Connectivity to the Internet becomes zero for the ordinary subscribers of BSNL.
Most Beautiful Sikh of the World
    As the access to email and netsurfing are completely blocked by the BSNL for ordinary subscribers for one or two days, whenever Manmohan Singh is abroad, many bored Internet users are forced to watch TV to see the round face of the world's most beautiful Sikh called Sardar Manmohan Singh. His round face is lengthened by his blue turban whose top is shaped like the world's highest peak of Mount Everest to make him look taller than the leaders he meets.
    On TV channels, this most beautiful Sardar is shown giving lectures to the world's top leaders on his most famous Fakonomics. Even during the recession of 2008-2009, India supposedly had a growth of 7% to 8% in its Gross Domestic Product. So why is such a high growth in GDP called as recession? I can never understand such a tall claim of this greatest economic miracle performed by Manmohan Singh, with the help of P. Chidambaram and Pranab Mukherjee, during the recession of 2008-2009. Nobody else has ever performed such a great miracle anywhere in the world at any time in history.
    For the extremely corrupt UPA ministers and MPs, Sardar Manmohan Singh is the most beautiful Sikh in the world because he allows them to loot India for making unlimited amounts of money by using all the corrupt methods they can think of.
Manmohan Singh is Tallest God of Corruption
    The top of the blue-colored turban of Manmohan Singh is always raised very high to a point that has the shape like the peak of Mount Everest, the tallest mountain in the world. Sardar Manmohan Singh wants all the people of India to believe that he is the greatest Sikh ever born, who has been carrying a massive burden on his head for many years like the weight of Mount Everest. 
    There is an apparent increase of 4 to 5 inches in the height of Sardar Manmohan Singh due to his turban. Just by having his turban top shaped like the peak of Mount Everest, can he succeed in making himself the tallest personality? Is he pretending to bear the heavy weight, like that of Mount Everest, on his head by having his turban top shaped like the peak of Everest?
    I have also wondered how Manmohan Singh can walk so fast, but now I have realized that he may be wearing high-heeled shoes with elevators, or false  heels hidden in the shoes, that increase the "length" of his legs. The increased "length" of his legs can allow him to take longer steps and thus help him to walk faster. There is also an increase of 5 to 6 inches in his "height" due to the high heels and false heels.
    The total increase in the apparent height of Sardar Manmohan Singh due to the raised point of his turban top and the high heels of his shoes can be about 10 or 11 inches. The bogus height of Sardar Manmohan Singh is like his absolutely bombastic claims about the high growth of 8% to 9% per annum in India's Gross Domestic Product.
    Manmohan Singh is being worshipped by all the those crooked and corrupt Ministers, MPs, MLAs, industrialists, businessmen, bankers, bureaucrats, and their relatives and cronies, who are allowed to loot the common people of India on the most massive scale in the whole period of Indian history after the Independence.
    Manmohan Singh has truly become the Tallest God of Corruption who can tolerate any amount of corruption because that is the only way he can remain the Prime Minister of India till the end of his life. 
UPA now means Un-Popular Alliance
    The UPA Government wants most of the land and other national assets to belong to foreigners, NRIs, rich industrialists, corrupt political leaders, bankers and bureaucrats. That is why there is a big campaign for the unlimited Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and Foreign Direct Interference in all the fields in India. The idea about protecting the common man's interests is just a big farce. Many assets of India have already been mortgaged or secretly pledged to the foreign investors.
    The Un-Popular Alliance Government of Manmohan Singh wants all such secrets about the most massive fraud of the world to be kept hidden from the common people of India. So Silly Sibal wants to block access to the Internet, as he wants the majority of Indians to remain ignorant about their bleak future, when they will be reduced to the position of servants and slaves in their own country who will be working for foreigners, NRIs, rich industrialists and corrupt politicians, bankers and bureaucrats. It is part of the ruthless conspiracy to destroy the businesses of about 5 crore shop-owners and retail traders by forcing them to part with all their assets to foreigners, NRIs, rich industrialists and corrupt politicians, bankers and bureaucrats.
    Many politicians, bureaucrats and their relatives and cronies are benaamee shareholders and partners in banks, theaters, hotels, hospitals, schools, colleges, private universities, electricity companies, telecommunications industry, construction companies, road transport, shipping, airlines, import and export business, shopping centers and malls, sugar mills, monopolistic industries like iron and coal mines, cement, oil wells, and wholesale trade in many other commodities. It is not surprising that the corrupt politicians and bureaucrats now want to completely eliminate even the small competitors like retail traders by demanding FDI in multi-brand retail business, in which they will be benaamee investors or secret partners. The corrupt politicians and bureaucrats want to have an absolute monopolistic or total control over the whole of the Indian economy.
    Why have many thousand farmers as well as retail traders committed suicide in India?
    The Un-Popular Alliance Government is bluffing that it is against the middlemen who inflate the prices of consumer goods. Actually, the political leaders and bureaucrats are the worst and most ruthless middlemen who are responsible for all the restrictions, which cause artificial shortages, rise in prices of all commodities, black-marketing and the payment of huge bribes to them. The massive amounts of black money received by the political leaders and bureaucrats are kept in foreign bank accounts, which are used for purchasing assets abroad and benaamee properties in India.
    The retail traders are prevented by the corrupt politicians and bureaucrats to deal directly with the farmers to enable them to reduce the retail prices of essential commodities, which is possible by eliminating many of the middlemen. In direct dealings, the retail traders can pay higher prices to the farmers, but there are various obstacles created by the corrupt politicians and bureaucrats to restrict the free movement of agricultural commodities.
    The main culprits are not the retail traders for the payment of lower prices to the farmers, but the political middlemen, bureaucrats and their associated gangsters, who won't allow any direct dealings between the retail traders and farmers. The political middlemen and bureaucrats are known to first extort their shares of the loot before they allow the other middlemen to transport commodities from one place to another.
    The highly corrupt politicians and bureaucrats are absolutely against the consolidation of the retail traders at the local level, but they welcome massive FDI in retail business that helps to create monopolies under foreign companies. The foreign companies will definitely have many benaamee partners and secret investors, which can provide massive amounts of black money belonging to the Indian politicians and bureaucrats. It is clear that the secret funds of the extremely corrupt Indian politicians and bureaucrats in Swiss banks, and other tax havens, will be invested in the form of FDI in retail trade in India.
    Why don't the newspapers accept FDI in the newspaper industry when they are boldly supporting the Un-Popular Alliance Government of Manmohan Singh on the issue of FDI in retail business? Why do these same newspaper editors and publishers start trembling when they hear about FDI in the newspaper establishments of India? Why do these big boasters who support FDI in other sectors don't want competition from the foreigners in the print media? They are among the biggest hypocritical cowards who are just pretending to be very brave. 
UPA's Farce on Lokpaal Law
    The Un-Popular Alliance Government wants to enact a strong Lokpaal Law, or rather the Rokpaal Law, which it will use only for arresting the Opposition leaders and whistle-blowers like Sudheendra Kulkarni, Subramanian Swaamy, Annaa Hazaare, Baabaa Raamdev, etc. By arresting the Opposition leaders and whistle-blowers, the Un-Popular Alliance Government will be stopping them from exposing all the acts of corruption and the other crimes committed by the Un-Popular Alliance.
    The UPA Government has already initiated steps to use all means to block criticism of the Un-Popular Alliance on the Internet. As already stated above, the UPA Government has asked the Internet companies to block the emails and close down the blogs of Internet users who are strongly against the UPA regime. 
    The Un-Popular Alliance Government will not arrest any of its corrupt ministers, MPs, MLAs and, especially, the top Congress leaders. There is just a total farce going on over the issue of corruption and the Lokpaal Bill, which has also being dubbed as Joke Paal Bill by the critics of the Un-Popular Alliance. The people of India are not all fools who can be fooled all the time by the totally bogus claims, which are being made by the Un-Popular Alliance Government on the issue of the Lokpaal Bill.
    Annaa Hazaare and Baabaa Raamdev want a type of Thhokpaal Bill, which can be used for shooting or hanging mercilessly all the corrupt leaders, ministers, MPs, MLAs, bureaucrats, industrialists, businessmen and their associates.
   Ashok  T. Jaisinghani.

     Editor & Publisher:    Top Nutritionist   

Will some cartoonist draw a picture of Sardar Manmohan Singh
in which he wears a large turban with a very high pointed top
and in which he also wears shoes with very high heels?


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