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Fwd: Fw: No British Queen on Irish soil.

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Subject: Fw: No British Queen on Irish soil.
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 Subject: No British Queen on Irish soil.

The UK's Commander-in-Chief the Queen, the most dreadful of people you would ever not wish to meet, should not place her feet on Ireland's soil. To do so would be an unforgiveable  insult to all those who died in the 'troubles'  and their loved ones  who were opposed to HER government and HER controlling dominant military;their political objectives and intervention  in Irish history and its destiny.This woman  is not a robot, and is perfectly able to  rescind her  decision, bite the bullet so-to-speak, swallow her pride,set her feet in concrete and remain in Britain. Real, threats have been made against her and those who, short sightedly, approve  her visit to Ireland. Consequently  is  the Queen's arrogant triumphalism worth yet more  loss of life? Peace seekers everywhere say NO to that! Nevertheless  should this women  decide irresponsibly, to  set foot on the soil of Ireland, rest assured that it  will inevitably, leave in its wake gory  royal bloody imprints  that will result  in  the deaths of Irish men and women. In addition, her visit will be regarded as  an incitement and  a provocation leading to bloody reprisals in Britain. Consequently, no person, royal or otherwise would be guaranteed exclusion from retaliation. A message to the Queen therefore is simple: Remain in Britain old girl for the future well-being of your haughty Imperial self, your haughty Imperial relations and the 'ordinary' non interfering  peace seeking people of Britain. To visit Ireland will stir up dormant but not dead emotions, and justified political aspirations. William Gladys.   

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