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RSS Hindutva network in Nepal has surfaced to make Nepal Hindu Rashtra yet again.Pl spare the Injured Himalayas and invoke not religious nationalism!
Just feel the diplomatic war in the strategically all important and more important for the survival of environment and humanity!
Palash Biswas
Nepal Earthquake is a calamity faced by south Asian geopolitics and its suffering people across the border.Rescue operation is never enough in the Himalayan zone and media always focuses on urban centres and business places of religion and tourism,overlooking rest of the Hiamalays.It happened during Kedar Tsunami and it is happening now as we miss the scenario beyond kathmandu and have some glimpses around the Everest.We have no information about the remote areas.

Mind you,as Indian states of UP ,Bihar and Bengal are badly affected and as we bear the burn of the injuries,Nepal to bear in deepest of its heart,during Kedar Tsunami Indo Nepal Border adjacent to Uttarakhand were very badly affected along with the demography all over each and every district in Uttarakhand and we still have not any details.Only the skeletons found after a long time around Kedar valley exposed the truth of the rescue and relief so much so hyped.

I am no surprised to see the diplomatic war to get into the strategically most important Himalayan Zone with an incomplete mission to relaunch,revoke the dethroned Monastery and the Hindu Nation misusing the calamity.

This mail which I share with you,points out the so called conversion campaign.We may not know the truth as yet.

But the RSS Hindutva network in Nepal has surfaced to make Nepal Hindu Rashtra yet again.Mind you , having used the SAARC Summit to accomplish the Hindu Imperialist agenda in south Asia Narendra Bhai Modi has sent all the secretaries to Nepal which is not necessary as despite the calamity Nepal must not be intervened in governance as a sovereign and free nation which should be helped at this time.

Before you read this mail,I want you to read RSS activities in Nepal.
Apr 27 2015 : The Economic Times (Kolkata)
Hosabele to Co-ordinate Relief Works Via Nepalese Wing of RSS
Nistula Hebbar
New Delhi:

Our HSS volunteers have started work, says Vaidya
Senior RSS office bearer, Dattatreya Hosabele, has left for Nepal to co-ordinate relief activities through the Nepalese wing of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh ( R S S ) , k n ow n a s t h e H i n d u Swayamsewak Sangh (HSS).

"There have been conflicting re ports that RSS has sent off its people to Nepal for relief work, that is not true. Our volunteers of HSS have started work, but they are Nepalese.It is a foreign country and we need to co-ordinate with the government of Nepal for any relief work through the RSS," said Sangh's Prachar Pramukh Manmohan Vaidya."Dattaji has gone to Nepal and he will co-ordinate what HSS needs to do, and whether it is alright with the government of Nepal, for us to send people from here," he added.

He said that RSS shakhas outside of India were nomenclatured as the HSS, and that some volunteers from the Nepal wing had distributed dry food and water to those left stranded by the earthquakes. The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh has been fair ly prompt in rescue and relief works in the past and it forms an important part of its activities as an organsiation. According to BJP VicePresident Vinay Sahasrabuddhe, RSS began its activities in rescue work after the 1979 cyclone in Andhra Pradesh, and Morvi floods in Gujarat after the Macchu Dam burst its walls, also in the same year.

Just feel the deplomatic war in the strategically all important and more important for the survival of environment and humanity!
Apr 27 2015 : The Economic Times (Kolkata)
India Leads, China Steps In
New Delhi
Our Political Bureau

RELIEF & RESCUE OPERATIONS IN NEIGHBOURHOOD Among other nations, Pakistan too has sent assistance teams to Kathmandu; United States pledges initial amount of $1 million for emergency help

Over 2,000 dead; Friendly nations ask India to fly out their citizens from Nepal

Even as India has embarked on one of its largest ever relief missions in the region by rushing massive aid to Nepal, China too is stepping in to help its Himalayan neighbour with Beijing sending in its first rescue team to Kathmandu on Sunday with the promise of more assistance in the future.

While New Delhi was the first responde to the massive earthquake that has resulted in over 2,200 deaths in Nepal by deploying a C 130 J aircraft to send in a rescue team and conduct a reconnaissance mission to assess the dam age, a 68 member team from China landed on Sunday for rescue opera tions on board a special aircraft.

Even as damage has been reported in Tibet where the death figures are believed to be 17 and rising, Beijing deployed its rescue team with sniffer dogs and rescue equipment to Kathmandu.According to reports from Beijing, four Chinese citizens, including a mountaineer have been killed in the Nepal quake. The Chinese team consists of at least 40 military personnel as well.

"The Chinese government is mobilising emergency relief supplies which will be delivered to the disaster-hit area in Nepal very soon," Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hong Lei said in Beijing, adding that President Xi Jinping has sent messages of con dolence to his Nepalese counterparts.

China has been increasing its relations with Kathmandu steadily and has emerged a big trading partner with Nepal. Several key infrastructure projects are being executed by Chinese companies and a plan to extend the Tibet rail network to Nepal has also been approved. This ambitious 540 km long rail project involves digging a tunnel under Mt Everest.

Among other nations, Pakistan too has sent assistance teams to Kathmandu with two C 130 aircraft landing on Sunday with a medical team emergency supplies. The Pakistani team also consists of a 30-bed mobile hospital and two more C 130 aircraft are expected to be sent soon to the Himalayan nation. Sources said that India has meanwhile received requests from several friendly nations to fly out their citizens from Nepal and assist in search missions for the missing which are being positively addressed.

Apr 27 2015 : The Economic Times (Kolkata)
India at the Vanguard of Nepal Quake Relief
New Delhi
Our Political Bureau

DISTRESSED International relief teams rush as Nepal declares a state of emergency after worst disaster in 80 years claim over 2,400 lives
In one of its quickest and most extensive responses to an international emergency, India flew in rescue teams, medical supplies and relief material to Nepal where the death toll of the weekend's earthquake crossed 2,400 by Sunday night.

The 7.9 quake that hit the Himalayan nation also left at least 62 people dead in India. Bihar reported 46 deaths and Uttar Pradesh 13.

Reports from Kathmandu indicated a trail of destruction and harrowing time for its citizens.Bodies were still being pulled out from rubbles of collapse buildings, often with bare hands, and the city's hospitals were swamped with injured. Outside Kathmandu's medical college, a makeshift operation theater was set up in a tent to carry out emergency surgeries and doctors said there was a severe shortage of medical supplies. Rescue and relief work had to be stopped for a while on Sunday following a strong aftershock, which itself measured 6.7 and sent horrified people out into the streets.

India was the first to send in aid, with supplies starting within hours of Saturday's killer quake.On Sunday, as many as 19 aircraft with relief material and rescue teams were sent. In its rescue efforts in Nepal, New Delhi has also upstaged China, which on Sunday sent in a rescue team with sniffer dogs and equipment.



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Evangelism is a 1 lakh Crore business in IndiaEvangelism is a 1 lakh Crore business in India
26Apr 15
Written by
Published inSubversion

Christian evangelical organisations work for conversion, not charity, suggested Sarsanghchalak Mohan Bhagvat in what became a raging controversy. He stands vindicated time and again with the acts of Soul Harvesters feasting upon the heathens with their book and their bigotry, the latest of which can be seen post Nepal disaster these days.

The earthquake hit Nepal (and parts of Northern & Eastern India) yesterday at 11 and then past 12. The Government of India convened an emergency meet at 3pm, the entire rescue and disaster relief convoys were ready by evening and were dispatched within an hour of this meeting.  Rescue operations were on full swing by 6 in the evening. As a matter of fact, first batch of rescuees started arriving before midnight, thankful to the disaster management teams for their swift action. However, more swift than any government, were the soul harvesters, rejoicing at the opportunity to take Jesus to the unreached. Sources say, most of the 'western' civilians stuck in the Nepal Earthquake are evangelists who went there for a soul harvest.


The bloke in the aforementioned tweet is saying that God brought this quake deliberately to further the cause of Christian mission. There are scores of missionary individuals as well as groups working day and night for converting the Nepalese.


Complaining of their bigotry on any other day would itself be labelled a bigoted opinion had one not witnessed the sick alacrity with which the news of quake was shared among the greedy evangelists in India and abroad. Turns out Missionary Teresa was no exception but just another part of the conversion rule.
There is no charity, there is no selfless service for an evangelist - it's all just preying upon the unsuspecting souls. They're like any sales company which has sales targets and the target groups to achieve that.

Being the third world, the people in the Indian sub-continent more often that not are sold products rejected (sometimes, detested) already in the west. Not to digress into parallels, Evangelical Christianity (as opposed to the simple teachings of love) is one such product which is being shoved down the sub-continent in pretext of service, charity and love (or with money, jobs and other lures).

What's this 10/40 window?
well, according to the Joshua Project,
"The 10/40 Window is the rectangular area of North Africa, the Middle East and Asia approximately between 10 degrees north and 40 degrees north latitude. The 10/40 Window is often called "The Resistant Belt" and includes the majority of the world's Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists. The original 10/40 Window included only countries with at least 50% of their land mass within 10 and 40 degrees north latitude. The revised 10/40 Window includes several additional countries, such as Indonesia, that are close to 10 or 40 degrees north latitude and have high concentrations of unreached people"

So coming back to the calamity, all the evangelist groups were seen suggesting that had the Nepalese accepted Jesus as their true god and saviour, there would not be any destruction, accidents or sorrows anymore. Going by their theory, no Christian should ever die accidentally/due to a natural calamity. For a bigot, idiocy knows no heights.

events like these are thus an opportunity to introduce the 'unreached' to the Love of Jesus. Because the countries whose majority population accepts Jesus as their saviour and true light witness no calamities, sufferings or pains.

Secretly they'd rejoice at the turn of events. The cause for their joy is twofold
1) Lots and lots of dead heathens
2) The remaining are apt target for conversion

Their hate for the heathens is too blaring to be ignored as an individual's opinion and this, as a side effect, puts all Christians in bad light. it is really sad that these  Soul Vultures Are becoming active to prey upon weak and helpless victims of disaster. Missionaries are rushing into Nepal with their aid, but help will be given to those who convert. This is religion of Love they preach around the world in the name of poor Jesus Christ. 

While those in distress are in need of food, shelter and medicine they're out there preaching the Gospel and distributing Bibles and Children's Bible storybooks. Baba Ramdev was in midst of his yoga summit when the tragedy struck. Instead of asking to be escorted back to safety of his homeland, he chose to stay and work for the victims. Unfortunately some evangelists were seen wishing he was hurt too. Such is the level to which they stoop; and although this is their entire mentality, it's only in rare occasions  like these they're caught in the public eye. Better late than never!


Contrast this amazingly strange attitude of evangelists with the selfless work of India's secular government machinery or that with what's labelled by Indian media as the India's alleged 'right wing Hindutva organisation' -RSS.
They reached there, silently, with men and material, provided aid and all possible help without any discrimination or expectations. So here is the bottomline .. the largest 'Hindu right wing' organisation is nothing but a human welfare organisation..on the other hand the smallest of Christian evangelical 'welfare organisations' are nothing but soul harvesting scavenger groups.
And that folks, is where one realises which path is inherently secular, liberal and free.

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