Monday, April 27, 2015

****Biggest Swindler & National Looter***** Ashok T Jaisinghani

****Biggest Swindler & National Looter***** 
Ashok T Jaisinghani <>

   Why should we talk ONLY about NET NEUTRALITY with the TRAI chairman? We should also know why NOTHING is done against BSNL, which is cheating its subscribers in a MASSIVE WAY by inflating the telephone bills. 

   BSNL is also BLOCKING the emails of the subscribers who CRITICISE the policies and actions of the Government of India led by Narendra Modi. BSNL is deliberately DENYING ACCESS to the Internet even to its OWN subscribers. What will the TRAI do against the CRIMINALS in the BSNL? 

 *****Can anyone believe me when I state that BSNL has been asking me to type my PASSWORD again and again for EVERY email I wish to read from my INBOX? Why should I enter my PASSWORD about 20 or 30 TIMES in ONE hour to be able to read 20 to 30 emails? Why has the BSNL chosen to HARASS subscribers like me?***** 

   We should NOT be surprised if the MAJORITY of the BSNL subscribers GIVE UP their landline and Internet connections within the NEXT 2 YEARS!! 

   There are very STRONG RUMORS among the BSNL officials that the BJP-led Government is deliberately turning BSNL into a HEAVY LOSS-MAKING enterprise, so that it can be sold at a THROWAWAY PRICE to some group of Adani or Ambani, just as VSNL, along with its MASSIVE ASSETS of lands and buildings, was sold to the Tata group VERY CHEAPLY by the first NDA Government under Atal Behari Vajpayee.

   BSNL means "Biggest Swindler & National Looter" in the Telecom sector.  

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