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Fwd: Blame Game: Ambedkar was a Greater Scholar than Nehru and Gandhi taken Together

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Subject: Re: Blame Game: Ambedkar was a Greater Scholar than Nehru and Gandhi taken Together
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Ambedkar was a Greater Scholar than
Nehru and Gandhi taken Together
Naran Hirani Jee,
    The following statement of yours is absolutely wrong:
     "You are living in ignorance, Dr B R Ambedkar gave us nothing, all he has given us is British constitution in his name, so Dr B R Ambedkar has given us nothing."
    If what you have stated were true, where was the need for Dr B R Ambedkar to write any new Constitution for India? After the Independence, the Government of India could have just adopted the British Constitution and asked our Courts to follow it. Why is the Constitution of India known as the largest in the world, while the British Constitution is comparatively very short? Considering the vast differences in their sizes and contents, the constitutions of the two countries just cannot be the same.
    You should not try to belittle Dr B R Ambedkar just because he was born in a low-caste family, which was considered as untouchable, and treated very badly. Dr B R Ambedkar's greatness as a scholar was much more than the combined greatness of Jawaharlal Nehru and Mahatma Gandhi. Of course, he could not compete with the two in the political sphere because Dr B R Ambedkar was not cunning like Jawaharlal Nehru and Mahatma Gandhi. He was a more honest and straightforward leader.
Can any Law Stop us from Eating Meat?
    No person can dictate to us any law which states that there should be "No meat eating." I eat meat quite often like the majority of the people in India and the world. There is nothing illegal in eating meat. How can anyone dictate to the majority of the people of the world to avoid the consumption of meat? The people of the world cannot be forced to become vegetarians. Does anybody have a right to tell me that I am not free to eat meat?
Nobody can Enforce any Crazy Laws
    How crazy it is for you or anyone else to state, "Women, children, Bramana, cow and old people are exempt from prosecution, this are basic law of Manu." You have also asked, "Is there any disagreement about this?" From which book have you quoted this so-called basic law of Manu?
    Do you really believe that nothing should be done against the persons who commit the crimes like the ones mentioned below?
    A woman kills another woman, child, Brahmin or old person.
    A child kills another child, woman, Brahmin or old person.
    A Brahmin kills another Brahmin, woman, child or old person.
    An old person kills another old person, woman, child or Brahmin.
    Can the world exempt from prosecution the women, children, Brahmins and old persons, who killcheat, rob or rape others? Can any such criminal fellows be even allowed to use knives, swords, guns and bombs to commit mass murders without any measures being taken to arrest and prosecute them in the courts?
    The whole world would become a madhouse if many of the criminals were not arrested and put in prisons just because they happened to be women, children, Brahmins and old persons. Exempting all such criminals from prosecution can only give them a license to commit more and more crimes.
    You have mentioned a non-existent bogus law because you are only pretending to be in favor of the rights of women, children, Brahmins and old people. What will you do if a woman, child, Brahmin or an old person robs, kills or abuses somebody belonging to your family? Will you stop the arrest and prosecution of such a criminal just because the fellow is a woman, child, Brahmin or an old person?
    Ashok  T. Jaisinghani.  
     Editor & Publisher:

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Subject: Fwd: Blame Game

The Courts have to follow the Constitution of India, which was written by Dr B R Ambedkar, one of the greatest scholars of modern India and the world. The Indian Courts cannot follow any disgusting laws given by perverts like Manu.
Hare Krishna
You are living in ignorance, Dr B R Ambedkar gave us nothing, all he has given us is British constitution in his name, so Dr B R Ambedkar has given us nothing.
As for Indian court cannot follow any disgusting laws given by perverts like Manu, is absolutely wrong, law of human right is law of Manu and all British law are based around this reality, today Muslim appeasement law are destroyed by Indian court is because of, it is discriminating to poor. that is why they are being destroyed and invalid by court.
Now I tell you what are the Law of Manu -
First) No meat eating, No gambling, No illicit sex and no intoxicate.
Second) Women, children, Bramana, cow and old people are exempt from prosecution, this are basic law of Manu and all world values are moving towards this reality, is there any disagreement about this.

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Subject: Re: Blame Game
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Do the Bigoted Brahmins have
Divine Right to tell Lies?
    From the correspondence, it is absolutely clear Chanchal Malviya and Rajesh Patil believe that the bigoted Brahmins have a divine right to tell lies, cheat and even commit crimes. They also believe that others don't have any right even to criticize the bigoted Brahmins for any of the wrong things they do.
    As the Peshwas were highly literate, they got History distorted by describing their brave deeds and exploits, many of which were based on lies and bogus achievements. As they controlled the treasury of the Maratha Empire, they misused the funds for their personal benefit and power so much that even the heirs of the royal family of Shivaji got marginalized and made almost irrelevant.
    That the Peshwas were usurpers of power is proved by the fact that most of them were not elected or selected as Prime Ministers. The Peshwa dynasty grabbed total power by corruption and fraud. They used the money power and the threat of violence to keep the Maratha Empire under the rule of their family. They made their prime ministership hereditary with the use of force and the funds of the Maratha Empire. After imposing their rule on the Marathas, they behaved like the Emperors.
    The Peshwas never took the permission of the royal family of the Marathas to become the so-called Prime Ministers. As they made the succession to the prime ministership hereditary, the post of Peshwa was passed on from father to son, or from brother to brother, or from uncle to nephew, or from nephew to uncle. Some fellows could even grab it forcibly after killing the ruling Peshwa from their own dynasty.
    They ruled just like the Emperors after seizing the Peshwa's throne. The Brahmins and their chamchaas wrongly want others to believe that the Peshwas were the Prime Ministers like the ones who are elected by the people or selected by the King.
Rajesh Patil's Hero Raghunathrao
    When Peshawar came under the Peshwa rule for a couple of years due to the military campaign of Raghunathrao, it did not mean that all the territories between Maharashtra and Pakistan, like Panjab, Sindh, etc, were ruled by the Peshwas. Raghunathrao was not the Peshwa when he was in Peshawar. The ignorant fellow Rajesh Patil should also know that Manakoji Dahatonde was not in Raghunathrao's army, but was in Shivaji's army as he lived in a much earlier period.
    Raghunathrao is also remembered for imprisoning the Mughal Emperor Ahmad Shah Bahadur and for making Alamgir II as the Emperor in his place. Due to his drastic actions, Raghunathrao became one of the main causes for the Third Battle of Panipat in 1761, in which the Marathas under the Brahmin commander-in-chief Sadashivrao Bhau got defeated by Ahmad Shah Abdali of Afghanistan. The other Hindu rulers did not help Sadashivrao Bhau in the Third Battle of Panipat because of the extreme arrogance shown by the Peshwa rulers due to their bigoted Brahmin ideology.
    At different times, Raghunathrao conspired to overthrow the other Peshwas with the help of Nizam of Hyderabad, the British and the Portuguese. 
To grab the post of Peshwa, Raghunathrao got even his own nephew Narayanrao Peshwa killed mercilessly. He became the Peshwa of the Maratha Empire in 1773. Within a year, he was overthrown by a group of 12 administrators who were called the Baarbhaai.
    Raghunathrao was unsuccessful in all his attempts to become the Peshwa again. Raghunathrao was a traitor for the Marathas and a stooge of the British. He was a hireling of the British East India Company who paid him money for causing the downfall of his own Peshwa clan and the end of the Maratha Empire. Such a merciless criminal and traitor is a great hero for Rajesh Patil.
Brahmins & Kshatriya Women
    Why should Rajesh Patil expect me to probe the secret lives of the Brahmins who married or had affairs with Kshatriya women? The dogmatic Brahmins and their chamchaas get antagonized even when I mention some facts that are already known to many people. 
    In the past, polygamy was practised widely by the Kshatriyas and Brahmins, particularly the Hindu Kings and the rich Brahmin priests. Many Hindus with money and power had a number of wives, concubines and mistresses. Can one find out all the details about the secret lives of Kshatriya Kings, Brahmin priests and Emperors like the Peshwas or the so-called Prime Ministers? As they had many wives, concubines and mistresses, the Hindu rulers especially took the good-looking women from different castes. They had many legitimate and also many illegitimate children. Who could have challenged the powerful rulers over their decisions about their personal lives?
    Can Rajesh Patil prove that the Brahmins did not desire to have women from Kshatriya and other lower castes? Has he never heard about the well-known Devadaasi system, in which the Brahmin priests selected good-looking young girls from the lower castes to live in the Sacred Temples as their prostitutes?
    In the most popular ancient Indian epic of Ramayan, the Brahmin King Ravan kidnapped the Kshatriya Queen Sita, the wife of Lord Ram, and tried to marry her forcibly. So what is surprising about the Brahmin Kings wanting to marry Kshatriya women from royal families? We must remember that the most evil Brahmin King Ravan is described as the descendant of Brahma, whom all the Brahmins worship as their God and ancestor. The Brahmin King Ravan symbolizes the worst debauchees among the bigoted Brahmins who believe in and practise polygamy, abduction, rape, adultery, fraud, murder and other crimes.
    It is only the men from lower castes who are prevented from marrying Brahmin women. If the men from lower castes dare to show any desire for Brahmin women, they are punished severely or even killed on the basis of the laws of the bigoted Manu.
    All the laws of the rigid Caste System are applied selectively only to the lower castes just for getting excuses to commit the worst atrocities on people belonging to the lower castes. The same laws can be ignored and broken by the Brahmins who firmly believe that they can do what they like. The bigoted Brahmins do not want any laws to be applied to them, even if they commit the worst sins and crimes because they want to be worshipped as divine persons.
    When some Muslims and Christians commit crimes, the Brahmins condemn them, but the bigoted Brahmins don't want to be condemned for their crimes against the people belonging to the lower castes. The bigoted Brahmins always want to divert the attention of other people from their own crimes by talking about the crimes of Muslims and Christians.
    According to the perverted beliefs of bigoted Brahmins, the lower caste Hindus have no right to criticize and condemn the crimes committed by the Brahmins, when some Muslims and Christians are also committing crimes! Can any crimes committed by the Muslims and Christians be mentioned as a justification for the crimes committed by the Brahmins on the Hindus of the lower castes? Are we free only to condemn the Muslims and Christians for their crimes!
    Can Rajesh Patil or anybody else force me to accept any of his dogmatic views based on primitive beliefs and perverted thinking? Why has he not approached any Court to take legal action against me, as he has been threatening to do for the last few years? Let us see if any Court in India can help Rajesh Patil in making all the Hindus accept his false and perverted beliefs and practices. The Courts have to follow the Constitution of India, which was written by Dr B R Ambedkar, one of the greatest scholars of modern India and the world. The Indian Courts cannot follow any disgusting laws given by perverts like Manu.
    Ashok  T. Jaisinghani.  
     Editor & Publisher:


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