Monday, July 23, 2012

Fwd: [Arunthathiyar] Women are 'not' safe in Kerala - Interrogating the Kerala Model - 1 (fwd)

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Subject: [Arunthathiyar] Women are 'not' safe in Kerala - Interrogating the Kerala Model - 1 (fwd)

Dalit activist Lovely Stephen talks about Dalit women in Kerala and the various ways in which they are marginalised in the Kerala public sphere and the state's discourses. This is the first in a series of videos which will interrogate the Kerala Development Model and Kerala public sphere through the eyes of the marginalised. She says, if in general Kerala is biased against its women, Dalit women are victimised further in unseen ways. Dalit women are accepted when they are part of a common movment. But she cannot speak for herself. People of Kerala tend to think a dark-skinned woman is a sexual object. Men think Dalit women are easily 'approachable'. Although most women face safety issues in Kerala, Dalit women have to face further problems specific to them.For example, if a woman is fair and is travelling in a bus, males tend to be sympathetic towards her in terms of offering a seat etc. but a Dalit woman cannot expect such 'generosities', even from Dalit men. She says Dalit men too privilege white-skinned women.Through personal anecdotes and other instances she throws some light on these unseen practices.


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