Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Feku Book Latest

Ambalal Chauhan
Ambalal Chauhan
7:22pm Mar 4
Hello Frnds ! 
Feku Book ...........4/3/2015 
1.Feku govt' s defeat in Rajyasabha by 57 /118 votes yesterday ! The amendment by the Opposition that the Govt has failed to take appropriate measures to curb high level corruption is passed .
2. This happened because Feku tried to defend the undefinable ! Oratory or emotions isn't the answer ! How can a budget which reduces corporate taxes by 5% per cents , from 30 % to 25 % , can b termed as pro-poor or pro-middle class when it increases Service Tax from 12% to 14 % affecting all prices to go up & increasing mehgai on hundreds of items ? Down with Fekuism which creates more & more Fekus from bhaktajans all over the country ! 
3.All Halibans - RSS, VHP, BD etc r v v angry on Feku & his govts opportunism ! The statement by JK PDP - BJP govt CM Mufti thanking Pak & militants ignoring totally the importance of the pains taken by the Defence forces , Election Commission & Nationalists . Feku & his men saying we don't approve his statement but we will continue with him , is like the Owner of a brothel saying that we don't agree with the customer who Fuked our women without paying anything , though we don't mind his such regular visits ! 
Shame on u Feku, & u all Fekumen ! Doob maro chullubhar paani me for siding & honeymooning with the ppl making anti - national statements & supporting terrorists ! Satta ke liye saalon Gnd bhi marwate ho aur vo bhi open me ? 
The whole world is watching u rascals, bastards ! 
4.Torrent Powers, Fekus most favorite in Guj. , it's 17 sub - stations r sealed in Surat for non payment of property tax ! No achchhe din ! 
5.Metro in Guj. Still on paper only even two years after spending 472 crs . ! Fekuraj ! 
6. Scare & spread of swine flue scares many. All advocates decide not to attend courts for two days in Ahmedabad ! More cases reported . Result of cut in health budget ? ! 
For the time being, keep away from Gujarat, Rajasthan & Maharashtra - u can catch swine flue ! Prevention is better than cure ! 
That's all . 
These boore din will also pass away ! 
Wish u happy day, Happy Life !

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