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Fwd: CC News Letter 30 July - A Nuclear Free World

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 In Solidarity
 Binu Mathew

Protect Whistleblowers
 By John Scales Avery


The world urgently needs a system of international laws for protecting whistleblowers. There are many reasons for this, but among the most urgent is the need for saving civilization and the biosphere from the threat of a catastrophic nuclear war

A Nuclear Free World
 By David Swanson


August is Nuclear Free Future Month . Take a look at what Fukushima is like two years after. Here's a hint: its former residents have to visit it by Youtube too

Night Of The Living Permafrost
 By Mickey Z.


Imagine a lethal global menace lurking beneath the icy depths of a Siberian swamp. Living organisms frozen in time for 30,000 years -- now re-emerging to threaten all life on earth. This might sound like a typical evening on Netflix but here's the catch: The melting of the permafrost is not science fiction and it's not gonna go away unless we provoke major changes… right fuckin' now

The Soon Return Of The Peace Movement
 By Roger Copple


The insanity of US foreign policy, the emergence of the Surveillance-Police State, and the destruction of the planet by corporate capitalism necessitate a return of the anti-nuclear, anti-war, nonviolent Peace Movement

That Most Charming Of Couples: Nationalism And Hypocrisy
 By William Blum


American officials can spout "American exceptionalism" every other day and commit crimes against humanity on intervening days. Year after year, decade after decade. But I think we can derive some satisfaction, and perhaps even hope, in that US foreign policy officials, as morally damaged as they must be, are not all so stupid that they don't know they're swimming in a sea of hypocrisy

Towards An Arab Cultural Spring!
 By Dr Salim Nazzal


It is hard to imagine the possibility of the fulfillment of the Arab spring without structural changes in the culture, which is the environment of the religious and pre modern thinking .This change is an inevitable for the success of the political and social spring. Otherwise we will be witnessing more brutal and senseless violence without any politically rational horizon, which makes of the Arab countries a grand Afghanistan

Poll 2014 -- Manifesto From The Margins
 By John Dayal


This belief of the poor in democracy, this over all commitment to peaceful means for change and this refusal to remain silent, makes the General elections so important even if there is an undertone of frustration and just a hint of cynicism in the educated and the working class among them. The agenda list, the demands, the hopes and the aspirations, are not in an order of importance. Each one of them is equally important. These are not strands, but the fabric of a needed safety net in the country whose Constitution claims it to be a "secular, socialist republic". This, then, is a 25-point People's Manifesto from the Margins:

NaMo: Only A Corner Of India
 By Sazzad Hussain


But the way NaMo speaks acts and idealizes represents only a fringe element of India , a corner of the vast Indian space. The success of the traditionally business doing Gujaratis with a two century old diaspora in a globalized neo-liberal economy and a corporate friendly policy attracting investments does not represent whole India which has so many geographical, climatic terrain related adversities with people with so many different problems and issues

A Personal Tribute To Prof. Obaid Siddiqi, A Renaissance Man
 And Father Of Modern Indian Biology
 By Sukant Khurana


The late Obaid Siddiqi, who many rightly consider the father of modern Indian biology and the last of the giants of the South Asian science scene, was one such rare individual. While risking the shallow deification of the late protagonist of this article, I write this piece, hoping that a few people would understand that it is not the person but the vision that this is a personal tribute to and they would strive to pick up the torch where the last generation left it

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