Monday, July 29, 2013

“Fair and Handsome” and Shah Rukh Khan: Take Down Discriminatory Ad. Lead the Change. #disbcampaign

"Fair and Handsome" and Shah Rukh Khan: Take Down Discriminatory Ad. Lead the Change. #disbcampaign

Join me in calling Emami and Shah Rukh Khan to suspend the discriminatory 'Fair and Handsome' advertisement.


Dear Palash -

I am dark skinned and that does not reduce my chances of being successful. But, according to the discriminatory fair and handsome advertisement, people with fair skin are the only ones who are successful in life.

I find this outrageous. For years, companies selling fairness creams have been spreading this false message to women. They are now targeting men as well.

What's worse is that celebrities like Shah Rukh Khan are endorsing these products. They create a wrong impression in the minds of lakhs of young Indians who grow up thinking that they need to have fair skin to be successful in life.

Let's say 'no' to skin colour bias and advertisements that endorse discrimination. The Dark is Beautiful campaign has taken the first step in this direction. I have signed this petition on asking Emami and Shah Rukh Khan to immediately suspend the discriminatory 'Fair and Handsome' advertisement. Sign this petition.

As consumers, we have the power to tell the company and the celebrities endorsing them to stop such negative messaging. If thousands of us sign this petition, they will know that people are against such discrimination and they would be forced to act on it.

As a country of diverse people and cultures, every shade of skin should be celebrated as beautiful and handsome! Emami should lead the way in bringing about this change.

Join me in calling Emami, the company behind 'Fair and Handsome', and its brand ambassador, Shah Rukh Khan, to suspend this discriminatory advertisement.

Thanks for taking action,

Lydia via

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