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24 August 2012  7 Ramadan1433  ISSUE 280



in the august issue…


·         world exclusive list of all LONDON2012 Muslim medallists

·         INTERVIEW with Pakistan's leading health reformer Dr Sania Nishtar

·         The social and cultural implications Mohamed 'Mo' Farah's LONDON2012 success


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Olympics Olympics special

top story 


Mo Farah, first Muslim GB gold medallist

Russia tops Muslim medallist



As the Olympic Stadium emptied following the end of the closing ceremony and with the country basking in the warm glow of a hugely successful fortnight, Muslim athletes could take pleasure in the fact that across the board they had done exceptionally well.

The standout star of the Games had to be Team GB's own Mohamed ("Mo") Farah - the Mogadishu born runner destroying the competition in both the 5k and 10k. The gold medal he won in the 5k was especially impressive given the raised national expectations following his 10k win. All of that meant nothing however, as the cheers of 80,000 fans in the stadium, and an entire country sat watching at home, pushed him over the finish line in a fantastic performance, before he prostrated on the track. His personalised celebration, the 'Mobot' went viral, with London Mayor Boris Johnson copying it at a press conference later, and even Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt, arguably the most famous athlete in the world, performing the celebration after winning the 4x100m men's relay in world record-breaking time. 


Govt urged to intervene in massacre of Muslim Rohingyas



Muslim NGOs and one of the UK's most high profile Muslim MP have urged the British Government to intervene in the growing humanitarian crises in Rakhine, Myanmar (Burma) where Muslim Rohingyas were massacred by Buddhists and Myanmar security forces. Meanwhile, Nobel Prize winner, Aung San Suu Kyi, has refused to condemn the killings of Muslims. 



world news   


Neo-Nazi murders six Sikhs in the Temple

40 year-old Wade Michael Page murdered six and injured up to thirty civilians after going on a shooting rampage at Sikh Temple of Wisconsin, whilst worshippers prepared for a religious festival.

Police SWAT teams swarmed the Temple just after noon, and became involved in gunfire which led to an officer being critically injured and Page being killed. 


Illegal Israeli settlers in West bank pass 350,000 mark

The number of illegal Israeli settlers in the Occupied West Bank has increased by more than 15,500 last year passing the 350,000 mark for the first time, according to new figures by the Israeli Government. The official interior ministry figures do not include nearly 200,000 illegal Israeli settlers in East Jerusalem districts seized in the 1967 Six Day War.  


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Olympics Olympics special



Building on the success of the Olympics



Congratulations to the organisers and volunteers in staging a hugely successful Olympic Games. The accomplished showcase overwhelmed many sceptics. Most of the credit must go to all the athletes, not least the 65 British medallists, the highest number in over 100 years. London was transformed for 17 days by a feel-good atmosphere, overpowering the current climate of economic doom and despondency. The turnaround began with Danny Boyle's intricately produced opening ceremony, even if much was too parochial to be appreciated fully by much of the watching outside world. The sea change in attitudes was aided and abetted by an army of 70,000 volunteers, exposing a face of Britain rarely seen. 


 interview special


Dr Nishtar, leading health reformer in Pakistan

Dr Sania Nishtar began her career as a cardiologist. However, when she began practising, she found out that her profession discriminated against the poor as they could not afford the cost of the treatment.



 UK news   


100 days of peace campaign

Over 500 guests of all faiths gathered to mark the middle of month of Ramadan, the Olympics and 100 days of Peace. Guests at the event, which was held on the August 2, were invited by the Muslim community and London Citizens group to share an Iftar (breaking of the fast) celebration in Bethnal Green, East London.


Sadiq Khan receives Achievement and Inspiration award

Shadow Justice Secretary Rt Hon Sadiq Khan was the first reciprocate of the FOSIS award for Achievement and Iniration. 


Judge calls for calm after 8 men cleared of murder

Eight men were cleared on July 19 for killing brothers Shazad Ali, 30, and Abdul Musavir, 31, and their friend Haroon Jahan, 21, during the riots last summer in Birmingham.

Warsi's future role unclear despite clearing her name

Britain's first Muslim woman Cabinet Minister is seeking to move on from a spate of allegations against her after being subjected to two investigations and a media campaign in which she was dubbed 'Baroness in Blunderland.'

Bushra Nasir named TES Head Teacher of the Year

Bushra Nasir, Head Teacher of Plashet School in East Ham, was awarded the Times Education Supplement (TES) Head Teacher of the Year at a ceremony at the Hilton Hotel on July 6. 


A new partnership between Islamic Relief and Govt

Islamic Relief and the Foreign Office hosted an Iftari (breaking of the fast) gathering on July 26. The event was held to celebrate the launch a new partnership between Department of International Development and Islamic Relief.




Olympics special


Carrying Olympic torch, a dream come true

'It seemed like I had been waiting FOREVER for one day to come, but now that July 3 had arrived, it felt like a dream. It felt like a normal day when I woke up but soon I realised today was going to be the day I was going to carry the Olympic torch in Peterborough.  


Olympics Olympics special


world exclusive

list of all Muslim medallists


Olympics special



London 2012: controversies and blunders 


London 2012: Muslim competitors did you know?  



Olympics special

sport Brief


Athletics: 1500: Algeria's Taoufik Makhloufi left the rest of the field trailing to win his first international title.

Women's 3k  steeplechase: Tunisian Habiba Ghribi came second behind Russian Yuliya Zaripova in the 3000m steeplechase to become her country's first female medallist.

Pole Vault: American Jennifer Suhr won the women's pole denying Russian great Yelena Isinbaeva her third successive title.


Gymnastics – Artistic: 17 year old Russian gymnast, Aliya Fargatovna Mustafina has returned home to Russia as the country's most decorated athlete.


Boxing: Mavzuna Chorieva became Tajikistan's first female medallist


Fencing: Egyptian fencer Alaaeldin Abouelkassem won the first medal for his country at the Games.


Judo: Mansur Isaev of Russia won gold in the men's -73kg final by beating world champion Riki Nakaya of Japan.


Rowing: In an emotional final, Britain's Mohamed Sbihi and crewmates held on to win a thrilling bronze meda in rowing men's 8


Swimming: Having secured bronze in the 1500m Tunisia's Oussama Mellouli won the gold in the marathon at to become the first swimmer to get medals in the pool and open water.


Taekwondo: Lutalo Muhammad vindicated his selection after becoming the first British man to win at Olympic taekwondo medal.

And much more


 Olympics special



Doha GOALS Forum launched during Olympics

Doha GOALS Forum, a new initiative designed to develop the use of sport as a driver for social and economic change, was launched on July 31 in London. Executive Director of Doha GOALS, Sheikh Faisal Al Thani, told The Muslim News that many things divide people, however, "sport is a unifying factor."  



 islamophobia discrimination   


Sunday Express apologises to academy for Islamic fanatics claim

The Sunday Express has apologised and paid libel damages to a London school it falsely claimed taught an "extreme form" of Islam. 


Pigs' heads left outside French mosque

Two pigs' heads were left in the entrance of a mosque in a southern French town of Montauban on August 1.

It was the first of its kind in the southern Tarn-et-Garonne region but officials refused to speculate on a possible link to the killing of the paratroopers. 


Repeated arson attacks on Missouri mosque

A mosque in Joplin, Missouri, was burned to the ground in the second fire to hit the Islamic centre in just over a month.

The incident that took place on August 6, just over a month after an attempted arson at the Islamic centre, officials said. Early Monday morning, an individual had set fire to the mosque during Ramadan; unfortunately the mosque could not be saved. Now in Joplin there are 50 Muslim families who have no place of worship.


French town backtracks after Ramadan sacking

A Parisian town council which had dismissed the four summer camp instructors for fasting, later announced that it would change its policies and no longer enforce a requirement for camp workers to eat and drink in the middle of the day.

The four workers, who had been employed temporarily by the town of Genevilliers to help run a sports camp, are now to be reinstated after they were dismissed on the first day of Ramadan for "endangering children's safety by fasting".

Acid attack on Muslim school following series of arson attacks in Illinois

A bottle filled with acid and other unspecified chemicals was thrown at the College Preparatory School of America, a private Muslim school located 20 miles west of Chicago on August 12. 


 brief islamophobia usa


Florida: firebomb thrown at Muslim family's home

Police in Bay County, Florida, are investigating what appears to be a fire bombing at a Muslim family home in the Forest Park area on Aug 15. It happened about 3:45am at a house on Timber Lane.


Pigs' feet dumped at California mosque site

Three pig legs were left at the future site of the Al-Nur Islamic Centre in Ontario, California. Worshippers said that the pig feet were thrown on the site's driveways just before 10pm on Aug 7 by two women who then drove off in a white pick-up truck. 




Prime Minister David Cameron


Ldr of the Opposition Ed Miliband


Deputy Prime Minister &Leader of Lib- Dems Nick Clegg


First Minister of wales Carwyn jones


First Minister of Scotland Alex Salmond





Looking forward to 'Id al-Fitr

Muslims celebrate the joyous festival of 'Id al-Fitr a day after the end of the month of Ramadan, the blessed month of fasting. It is a day of thanksgiving as Muslims express their gratitude to God for giving them the strength to fast during the whole month from dawn to sunset, spend time in prayers, giving charity, reading the Glorious Qur'an, and supplications.




Fabricating evidence against Muslims


Olympics and Muslims


Hijab, religion, culture and football 






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What is multiculturalism, anyway?

One of the most common themes over the past few years has been that of identity and culture. Last summer, there was intense scrutiny about the identity of the rioters. Who were they, where did they live and what was their socio-economic condition? Then we have seen the multiple references to multiculturalism in political discussions and debates. What does the word even mean? My laptop screen has left a squiggly red line under every trace of the word. It's also lost.

Yet perhaps now, following this summer's Olympic Games, we can finally stop thinking about the concept of multiculturalism and simply move on. While British Olympians have exceeded all expectations, one of Team GB's athletes has dominated a number of headlines – and someone has even created a tribute Tumblr blog depicting him "running away from things" that received a million views a day after it was launched. Britain is proud of Mohamed "Mo" Farah, and is not afraid to show it.


book review   


Muslims, the media and misconceptions 


The Muslim Next Door: The Qur'an, the Media and that Veil Thing. By Sumbul Ali-Karamali. Oregon: White Cloud Press. pp287. PB/ 2008. $16.95.


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Employer's assumption that employee's complaint was racial amounts to discrimination




Ohangwena II aquifer: Namibia's jackpot?


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Parents urged to keep up childhood vaccinations as whooping cough cases rise

Flu vaccine to be offered to children


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Winter departure


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