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Newsletter August 16-31, 2012

Condemn the massacre of Sikhs in the US

Statement of the Communist Ghadar Party of India, August 7 2012

On Sunday August 5, 2012, six people were shot dead and three others criticially injured, in a racist and terrorist attack targeted at people of the Sikh community.    > read more

Views of the working class on the program of economic reforms

As a newspaper and organisation that is partisan to the workers and toilers, we have been asking the leaders of the working people as to how the toilers of India view the reforms that were started 20 years ago. Whether the working class and people have benefitted from these reforms or have suffered?    > read more

Anti-labour offensive to attract capital is to blame for the trouble in Manesar!

Following the unfortunate death of a senior manager of Maruti-Suzuki's Manesar plant on 18th July, 2012, state terror has been unleashed against workers in the Manesar industrial belt in Gurgaon District of Haryana. Section 144 has been imposed in the entire area. The Haryana police have arrested over a hundred workers and their leaders and locked them up indefinitely.    > read more

Resolutely oppose the flagrant violation of Syria's sovereignty by the imperialists

In complete and cynical disregard for the principle of respecting the independence and sovereignty of countries and people, US imperialism and its allies have stepped up their heinous military and political campaign to overthrow the Syrian government and establish their complete domination over that country.    > read more

No to imperialist interference in India-Iran relations!

The relations between India and Iran, a country with whom India has had close ties both in the distant past and in modern times, are coming under increasing pressure from the US imperialist-led offensive against Iran. This was seen when India voted with the US and other imperialists against Iran in the deliberations of the International Atomic Energy Agency on Iran's nuclear program.    > read more

Condemn the attack on Syndicate Wiper workers & their union leadership!

Workers & their union leadership of a factory in Navi Mumbai, were attacked by the owner's hired goondas.

   > read more

No to privatization of water supply

I would like to thank MEL for bringing the issue of privatisation of water supply in it's June 16-30 edition under the title-Delhi Jal Board workers oppose privatisation. We are going the wrong way in our water policy. Rahul Gandhi said when he visited the drought hit areas of Maharashtra that he will take WB loan to solve the problem.    > read more

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