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29 June 2012 - 9 Sha’ban 1433 | ISSUE 278



                in the june issue…


o        Editorial – how the Olympic movement has failed Muslims at home and abroad before the Games even began

o        The men charged with the organisation (Sir Seb Coe) & security (AC Chris Allison) of the London Olympic Games speak to The Muslim News

o        Female British kickboxing champ talks to The Muslim News



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Olympics special

 top story 


Vigilance urged to prevent wrongful arrests of Muslims during Olympics


5 possible sites for surface-to-air-missiles on roof tops have been earmarked including the Lexington Building in the Tower Hamlets (circled)


The Government’s Independent Reviewer of Terrorism Legislation is seeking to ensure that Muslims are not wrongfully arrested during the Olympic Games in London amid fears that the police may abuse their emergency powers. In an exclusive interview with The Muslim News, David Anderson QC also said he wanted an explanation about the controversial citing of anti aircraft missiles in residential areas in East London, where the games are centred.









Connecting to God during Ramadan


The blessed month of Ramadan is once again approaching us. Millions of Muslims across the world will be fasting during Ramadan from dawn to sunset each day. This year, the 9th month of the Islamic lunar calendar, will be starting in the third week of July. This implies longer daylight hours and hence longer time without food and water when compared to the last few years.

How will one cope with the long hours of fasting this year?

Aishah Ali


 world news   


10 Muslims massacred in Myanmar


Riot police fired on more than 500 young Muslim Rohingyas who were demonstrating peacefully in Myoma Kayandan village on June 8 to pay respect to 10 Muslims murdered in Taungup (Taunggoke) in Rakhine State, Myanmar (Burma), on June 3.

According to the state media, this killing was in reaction to the rape and murder of a woman in western Rakhine (Arakan) State, bordering Bangladesh. Three Muslim men were detained. Since then more than 80 people have been killed in a wave of communal violence in western Myanmar.


Assad wants to create ‘Alawite state’ claims Syrian religious opposition


A Syrian Islamic scholar claimed that President Bashar Assad of Syria is intending to create an ‘Alawite State’ and called for arming the opposition. Shaykh Sayyid Muhammad al-Yaqoubi was speaking at Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies during his visit to London on June 19.

Al-Yaqoubi, who founded Syrian opposition organisation, ‘The National Body’, called for giving the armed opposition, Free Syrian Army heavy weapons to overthrow Assad.


Channelising impact of faith-based humanitarian aid in Muslim countries


According to Islamic financial analysts, over US$200 billion are donated as both mandatory and voluntary alms in the Muslim world each year, which is around 15 times more than the global contributions to humanitarian aid in 2011.


 islamophobia discrimination   


Hijab wearing students barred from collecting award at Turkish school


A top student at Adana Ihsan Sabancı Girls’ High School, Adana, Turkey, was banned from collecting her graduation award during a ceremony because she wears the hijab. Three other hijab wearing girls were also ordered by the head teacher to sit at the back of the hall while the graduation ceremony took place on June 6.

Head Teacher Ayla Avşar refused to allow the four girls, including the most successful student of the school, Tugba Demir, to take part in the graduation ceremony.

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Passenger refuses to be served by a Muslim at passport control


A businessman was ordered to pay £100 compensation and a £145 fine for a tirade of religious abuse at a Muslim immigration official waiting to check his passport. Anthony Holt of Urmston, Greater Manchester, pleaded guilty to using religiously aggravated threatening words or behaviour.

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islamophobia brief  europe


o         Wave of Mosque vandalisms in France


o         Nazi graffiti on mosque in SW France

o         Finns Party linked with Finnish Defence League



A victim of attack/discrimination because of your religion?





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Olympics special



Olympics 2012 fails Muslims


The Muslim News wishes that the London Olympics is a huge success. It should be a welcome boost with Britain back on the world map and more than 10 million people of all backgrounds and countries expecting to attend events. Just as during the Queen’s Jubilee, it is an opportunity for people to forget the economic gloom and have a good time. London won the bid to stage the Olympics on the basis of an extraordinary promise of a lasting legacy but doubts have been raised if many of these aims will be realised.

 There have also been controversies, including the refusal to change the date during Ramadan affecting some 3,000 Muslim athletes and thousands more spectators and volunteers. Muslim spectators and volunteers will not be able to enjoy the festivities like other participants as they will not be able to drink nor eat during the long fast.



 home news   


Khan appointed to Labour’s NEC


The Shadow Justice Secretary, Rt Hon Sadiq Khan, was appointed to the Labour Party’s influential National Executive Committee (NEC), earlier this month. “I’m extremely honoured to have been appointed to this important and prestigious role at the heart of the Labour Party,” said Khan.



Wasti and Siddiqui awarded for lifetime service


The UK Islamic Mission elebrated the lifetime services of two of its elders on June 17 in London. Syed Tanzim Wasti and Abdur Rashid Siddiqui, were honoured for their contributions and commitments in working with UKIM for the last 50 years.


Labour MP apologises to Friends of Al-Aqsa on Holocaust


MP Ian Austin apologised for suggesting that the Palestinian human right’s organisation, Friends of Al-Aqsa (FOA), had denied the Holocaust. The West Midland Labour MP for Dudley North had made the allegations last year in an article on the Labour Uncut website.


Baroness Warsi seeks to clear her name


Baroness Warsi, Britain’s first Muslim Cabinet Minister, is being formally investigated by the House of Lords Commissioner for Standards, Paul Kernaghan, over allegations she claimed up to £2,000 in expenses while staying rent-free with a friend.



  sport brief   



Boxing Amir Khan says Lamont Peterson should be banned.


Tennis Mahesh Bhupathi and Sania Mirza won the mixed doubles title at the French Open on June 7


Weightlifting  Turkish weightlifter Nurcan Taylan has been banned


Football Swedish striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic quashed speculation surrounding his future


And much more


Olympics special

sport Brief


*          The IOC has scotched the idea of a minutes silence at the Olympic opening  ceremony  for the Israeli Athletes killed at the Munich Games in 1972

*          UAE football coach Mahdi Ali as slammed the Ramadan timing of the Games as ‘unfair’ to Muslim athletes

*           Afghanistan’s Sadaf Rahimi suffered a setback in women’s world boxing championships in China, where her bout against Poland’s world number six Sandra Drabik was stopped in less than 2 minutes.


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US teaching hatred of Muslims






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Olympics special



Sir Seb answers Muslim concerns on Olympics


Sir Seb Coe explained to The Muslim News why the marathon was relocated from its original East End route and why no efforts were made to change the Games clash with Ramadan


Sir Sebastian Coe headed the London bid to host the 2012 Olympic games and is Chairman of the London Organising Committee for the Games.

In a written interview with Editor of The Muslim News, Ahmed J Versi, Sir Seb answered a wide range of questions on the Olympics many of which affect Muslim athletes and East End locals.


Olympics special

 interview II



Police working with communities to ensure security during Olympics


AC Chris Allison insisted the Muslim community will not be target by the Met during the Games


The police are not targeting any particular group or any set of individuals but are working with communities to ensure security during the Olympic Games, Assistant Commissioner Chris Allison, the National Olympic Security Coordinator, told The Muslim News in an exclusive interview on June 8.




Regular columns




Breaking my silence on Syria: Who’s telling the truth?


Since the uprising in Syria began, my voice has been, perhaps ashamedly, silent. Do not mistake this for a lack of care for the situation but rather out of a lack of veritable information. Yet the time to break my silence has arrived, one month after the massacre that took place in Houla – and it is because of the supposed “facts” being portrayed in the media. Who knows what really happened in Houla? Not very many people, and a huge number of them were murdered.

Siraj Datoo


book review   


End of postcolonialism and beginning of new world order?


The Arab Spring: The End of Postcolonialism by Hamid Dabashi. London: Zed Books Ltd, pp272, 2012, PB, £12.99


legal corner  


Illegal worker not entitled to compensation after suffering discrimination and dismissal




Climate discussions in Bonn: Progress leading to Doha


health science  


Legionnaires’ disease cases rise further


brief science –



 in conversation with

 …..British Muay-Thai Champion Ruqsana Begum


British Muay-Thai boxing champion Ruqsana Begum was born and raised in a family of Bangladeshi origin in the heart of the East End. Begum initially began participating in kickboxing in secret, nervous about the reaction she would receive from her family.


poets corner  


Abdul-Basit Abdus-Samad



To submit a poem email


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