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Was Fire in Mantralaya due to Sabotage?
    The fire that burned the top 4 floors of the eight-storey Mantralaya, the secretariat building of the Government of Maharashtra in Mumbai, is reported to have destroyed lakhs of documents in the files and computer records on land registration, de-reservation and the important Adarsh Society scam papers.
    On June 21, the fire started on the fourth floor at around 2-35 PM between an urban development office and the office of Tribal Welfare Minister Babanrao Pachpute. The minister did not call the fire brigade for some time. It is claimed that Babanrao Pachpute tried to put out the fire himself. Due to this delay, the fire spread rapidly in the upper four floors of Mantralaya.
    The bodies of two businessmen from Baramati, Umesh Potekar and Mahesh Gughule, were found completely burned outside Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar's chamber on the sixth floor of Mantralaya. The bodies of three more dead persons were also found in the building.
    There are widespread rumors that the fire in Mantralaya was caused by a deliberate act of sabotage for destroying the files that had records of many scams like those involving the Adarsh Society. 
Besides the act of sabotage to destroy the records, was there also a conspiracy to deliberately lock some persons in rooms and silence them for ever by getting them burned to death, and thus keep some facts about the corrupt ministers and government officials secret? What was the reason for the long delay in calling the Fire Brigade for starting the fire fighting and rescue operations?
    The Mantralaya fire has destroyed the records that had evidence of many of the evil and corrupt deeds of the ministers and other political leaders, the officials of the Government of Maharashtra and their collaborators in the business world. Now all such fellows can stop worrying about their crimes and sleep soundly without getting any horrifying nightmares.

   Ashok  T. Jaisinghani. 
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Hare Krishna
To everyone out there
And Indian media
When I was living in Africa and India, type of building i was living in, I thought it is less likely to light fire in it. But now in such building, fire has started lighting, Why? is this not for hiding corruption or what? unbelievable fire starts in building like Mumbai Mantralaya, and that even when it is full of people right in day light. now this is only escape remaining for Congi or what? badly trapped in corruption or unless they want new building and are not happy with building, they are working because it does not fit their image. now type of corrupt wealth they have become proprietors of, it doesn't fit their image.

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