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#BiomertricTsunamiahead #MilitaryCoup against agaisnt Mamata Bannerjee or an Arrest Attempt? Mamata Banerjee refuses to leave office, wants Army out of toll booths! Trinamool raises ‘military coup’ issue in Parliament, Parrikar says don’t make it a controversy! Mamata Banerjee had said that the the Army deployment was in “clear violation of the Constitution” and a bid to “create a civil war like situation in the country.” Palash Biswas


#MilitaryCoup against agaisnt Mamata Bannerjee or an Arrest Attempt?

Mamata Banerjee refuses to leave office, wants Army out of toll booths!

Trinamool raises 'military coup' issue in Parliament, Parrikar says don't make it a controversy!

Mamata Banerjee had said that the the Army deployment was in "clear violation of the Constitution" and a bid to "create a civil war like situation in the country."

Palash Biswas

Today I visited almost a dozen ATMs in the neighbourhood and returned empty handed to read an alarming news that it would be biometric payment system in Cashless Digital India.Ruling TMC has launched a mass agitation against Demonetization all over Bengal as DIDI continued the Jihad and extended in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.I saw TMC supporters demontrating before banks everywhere targeting the governance of fascism.Despite differenaces ,we have to salute the courage of the lady always ready to stree fight in the best interest of the masses.No political party has taken any intitiative similar. The CPIM GS Sitaram Yetury left to mourn in Cuba accomapning Saffron Commander Rajnath Singh and Bengla cpim still targeting Mamata and had done nothing against Demonitization.

Government wants Aadhaar-enabled payment to replace debit, credit cards!

The initiative can help the government deal with situations like recent demonetisation and curb black money menace while bringing in more financial transaction transparency.

The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), in an attempt to encourage Aadhaar-enabled payments, has planned to increase biometric authentication capacity through Aadhaar from 10 crore to 40 crore a day to move to a cashless society.According to a new plan, these Aadhaar merchants, to be located in every rural village, will facilitate small payments such as grocery or medical bills or even open a bank account using biometric authentication.

Mind you,Biometric payment is a point of sale (POS) technology that uses biometric authentication to identify the user and authorize the deduction of funds from a bank account. Fingerprint payment, based on fingerscanning, is the most common biometric payment method. Often, the system uses two-factor authentication, in which the finger scan takes the place of the card swipe and the user types in a PIN (personal ID number) as usual.It means with every trasaction you have to share yourpersonal data to anyone whom you never know and it would be almost impossible to guard yourself against the calamities imminent just because the biometric data might be misused at any point. 

Mind you,I have talked to top Bank Officials after Card hacking and they admitted for biometric data sharing Bankning Security is never enough.Meanwhile,I have talked the HDFC headquarter which wanted my  feed back.I told them that I am rather worried for India bank System and sorry for Bank employers.I told them HDFC service has been excellent in Bengal area as they are trying their best that HDFC ATMs should not go dry.HDFC official are also helping the senior citizens and masses have no complaint at all.Bank employees in general are working round the clock under tremendous stress.But Iam afraid that the Government of India is admaent to fail Indian Banking and opening all doors of fraud and money laundering.

Dr.Amartya Sen,Kaushik Basu and Abhirup Sarkar ,all eminent economists are worried for a breakdown of the economy as Banks have become virtually bankrupt.Banks fail tp pay wages and pension and it heralds rather Greek tragedy being enacted in India.Indian Banking system is handed over to non banking parties as PayTM,Big Bazar and Jio which would not ensure saftey against fraud,cyber crimes and moneylaundering.At the same time banks have to face heavy losses in transactions as transactions have been handed over to private parties.Now it would be UID for cashless transaction.It would be disastrous.

In these circumsatnces,West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee opened another front in her battle with the centre on Thursday, objecting to the presence of Army soldiers at toll booths on national highways that run through her state, saying the state government's permission should have been sought.

Is it Military Coup against agaisnt Mamata Bannerjee or an Arrest Attempt?Since Mamata is leading Anti Demonetization Resistance,the proactive CBI activism heralds some unexpected political development and it might be also a step forward to make Bengal Saffron!

Is it an delayed attempt to arrest Mamata Bannerjee in Sarda a or Nrada Scame to make the reissistance against Demnetization politically silent which might finish TMC as well as the Left in the best interest of saffron agenda.If Bengal is captured after Assam,the coup is needed.

We do not any similar exercise in any other state so far.Hence,the matter seems rather fishy!

"Is this a military coup?" Mamata asked, adding, "even for a mock drill, the army has to take the state's permission, and they have not."

The Trinamool Congress and other opposition parties raised the issue of the presence of Army personnel at toll plazas 'in various parts' of West Bengal in both Houses of Parliament on Friday. WB chief minister Mamata Banerjee had earlier told the Indian Express that the Army deployment was in "clear violation of the Constitution" and a bid to "create a civil war like situation in the country."

However,the Army however clarified and called the incident a 'routine exercise.' Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar also spoke on the issue in Parliament and said that Trinamool's reaction to the incident was merely 'political frustration.' He said, "Its sad that a routine exercise has been made into a controversy now." Parrikar added that the exercise was scheduled to happen on December 28, 29 and 30, but were shifted to December 1, 2 on the request of Kolkata police.

Defence minister Manohar Parrikar on Friday rubbished allegations by West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee related to an "army coup", calling it political frustration.

Banerjee is protesting against the presence of the army at toll plazas in several parts of the state, saying the permissions were not taken for the same.

"I am very sad that such routine exercise by army is being used for controversy," Parrikar told Parliament, adding it was a standard practice. "It is only political frustration."

The Chief Minister spent the night in her office at the secretariat Nabanna, refusing to go home till the Army left.

"I am the custodian of common people... I will stay put here for the whole night and observe the situation," Ms Banerjee told reporters after midnight.

Till 11 pm, just 500 metres away, there were soldiers at the Hooghly bridge toll booth conducting what the Army said was a routine exercise across eastern states to "gather statistical data about load carriers that could be made available to the Army in case of a contingency."

A few hours later, the Army moved out of the toll booth. A temporary shed which had been set up was also removed.

"These people may have gone. But they are there in 18 other districts," Ms Banerjee said.

She said she had checked with other states which reported no such exercise and called it "political vendetta" and "an attack on the federal structure" by the centre, with which she has crossed swords over the currency ban. "Besides the financial emergency, the attack on democracy and the federal structure, is there an emergency?"

Soldiers were first spotted at the toll plaza at Dankuni in Hooghly district, about 35 km from Kolkata, and at Palsit toll plaza about 90 km away.

Even as Mamata Banerjee reacted angrily to that deployment, soldiers arrived at the Hooghly Bridge toll plaza. Hooghly Bridge or Vivekananda Setu connects Kolkata to Howrah district across the river. Nabanna is at the Howrah end of the bridge.

The army's Eastern Command has said the state police had been informed. "Army conducting routine exercise with full knowledge & coord with WB Police. Speculation of army taking over toll plaza incorrect @adgpi," it tweeted.

But the Kolkata Police responded, also on Twitter, "Army excercise at Toll Plaza was objected to in writing by Kolkata Police, citing security reasons & traffic inconvenience.@easterncomd"

The Chief Minister said she has asked Chief Secretary Basudeb Banerjee, the state's top bureaucrat, to complain to the centre.      

Before the Hooghly toll booth, soldiers in fatigues were spotted at toll plazas in Dankuni and Palsit and Derek O'Brien, a lawmaker of Ms Banerjee's Trinamool Congress had earlier on Thursday evening tweeted a video. Later in the night, Ms Banerjee alleged that there was "more army deployment" in other Bengal districts.

The Army has said it conducts the data collection exercise at toll booths across the country bi-annually and assured that, "There is nothing alarming about this and it is carried out as per government orders." The exercise will end on Friday.

"Routine exercise in all NE states. In Assam @ 18 places, Arunanchal@13, WB@19, Manipur@6, Nagaland@5, Meghalaya@5, Tripura & Mizoram@1@adgpi," the army tweeted.

Mr O'Brien called it a "dangerous situation," and said his party would raise the issue in parliament on Friday.

The Trinamool Congress is part of a united opposition attack on the centre in parliament over its ban on 500 and 1000-rupee notes aimed at curbing corruption and black or untaxed money. Mamata Banerjee is visiting different cities to protest; she accuses the government of punishing the poor with its notes ban which has led to a huge cash crunch.

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