Sunday, November 13, 2016

Wait for fifty more days without currency until everyone gets Paytm! Palash Biswas

Jet lee told officially that the ATMs need two or three weeks more.Now the NRI PM appeals to bear shortage of currency for fifty days.Hope every one gets smart phone and learns to use it without being victim of some cyber crime and it is the best way to make in Digital India for which everyone has to dial PAY TM.
At last we have an omnipotent supermodel who sells some service making it mandatory.
Those who may not use Pay TM or Plastic money or net banking may opt to starve or simply commit suicide as the peasantry has opted for.
I have not any smart phone and I have not eternal ration.I need live saving medicines for the family and I have no home and have to pay bills including house rent and electricity.
I am a retired person with zero income status and may not feed myself with token pension for name`s shake.
But I may live on credit for some more days if the landlady is so pleased.
Just thing about the small and medium business community who would be out of market within these fifty days.
Just thin about those marginalized people who have not an bank or Post Office account.
Just think about those persons who have to buy basic needs and services with their daily wage.

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