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आदिवासी लड़की की पुलिस द्वारा बलात्कार के बाद हत्या के मामले पर साथी संकेत ठाकुर नें आज छत्तीसगढ़ हाई कोर्ट में रिट दायर करी है

आदिवासी लड़की की पुलिस द्वारा बलात्कार के बाद हत्या के मामले पर साथी संकेत ठाकुर नें आज छत्तीसगढ़ हाई कोर्ट में रिट दायर करी है 

Sanket Thakur

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The First PIL of My Life in High Court

The suspected encounter of Madkam Hidme has brought a serious blow in war against Maoists in decades old troubled Bastar division of Chhattisgarh.

On 13th June a victorious police officer informed the media that one woman Maoist Madkam Hidme killed in encounter between Maoists and District Reserve Guard & STF near Gompad and Gorkha Jungle of PS Konta in Sukma district of Bastar. Another jubilant police officer posted the photo of dead body of Madkam Hidme claiming her the Kistaram Area Platoon Commander.

This photo clearly depicts that Madkam's dress was changed after death and was dressed up with new Maoists uniform. Police claimed she suffered 10 bullets injury, however her dress was not affected at all ! How this miracle would have happened ?

On the otherhand, villagers of Gompad contacted AAP State Campaign Committee incharge Soni Sori, the fearless tribal leader of Bastar. The villagers told Soni Sori that 20 year old Madkam was captured by security forces at 4 pm while she was milling paddy at home. She was taken to nearby jungle where other women heard her screaming due to gang rape being done by forces. Later the forces shot her 10 bullets and next morning police informed the village panchyat secretary to collect Madkam's dead body from Sukama.

Family members of Madkam Hidme and villagers wanted fair probe of the incidence and refused to cremate her body. Soni Sori rushed to Sukama on 15th June with 4 members of party to visit the village and meet the villagers for primary investigation of the incidence. However the local police stopped the team and forced to not to go beyond district HQ. On 16th June AAP State team and Bastar Team members joined Soni Sori and made another attempt to visit Gompad, but again local police officer didn't allow them to go beyond Konta. The team stayed at Konta with determination to visit the village. 
I spoke to Soni Sori last night and we decided to file a PIL in high court requesting postmortem of Madkam, medical examination reg rape traces, SIT constitution, Judicial enquiry and compensation of Rs 20 lakh to Madkam's family.
Today I went to Bilaspur for writ petition filing, and I was informed by Soni Sori that around 12 noon a group of sponsored mob attempted to attack the AAP leaders in the presence of police and SDM. The unprecedented behavior and desperate efforts to stop Soni Sori and other AAP leaders at Sukama and Konta indicates something fishy in Gompad. This appears to be acceptance of police forces being involved in unfortunate rape and murder of a young tribal girl of Bastar whose marriage was due in the coming month.
Tribals of Bastar are waiting for fair justice with their entire community. How long they will suffer no body knows because its just a dirty politics and lust for grabbing the natural enriched resources which seems to have become a curse to tribals !

My first PIL, I hope, will provide justice to Madkam and her family whom I never met but feel if I lost my younger sister.

Sorry Madkam ! Only this much I could do for you !! Be in peace where ever you are now Madkam !! and lets pray Bastar to be in peace soon !!

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