Friday, January 29, 2016

The latest information available through online newspapers refer to a long telephonic deliberations held between Obama and Modi (source: Dainik Nepal) that centered around and confined to Nepal, which is likely to impact on the fate of Nepal and Nepali people soon.

The latest information available through online newspapers refer to a long telephonic deliberations held between Obama and Modi (source: Dainik Nepal) that centered around and confined to Nepal, which is likely to impact on the fate of Nepal and Nepali people soon. This is an infringement over the internal affairs of small and economically vulnerable nation like Nepal, for Modi made a plea to Obama that Nepal would turn out to be a perilous citadel of terrorism led by ISIS, if Nepal is not declared a Hindu State with reinstatement of the Kingship. Sometimes back Modi also manipulated Cameroon during former's visit to the UK to issue the joint communiqué arguing that Nepal's new constitution promulgated with the approval of more than 85 percent members of the then Constituent Assembly including the large numbers of representatives from terai is not inclusive, complete and acceptable. India did neither congratulate, welcome and support to Nepal - nor showed any gesture being a neighboring country after the promulgation of New constitution comprising Federal Democratic Republic order on September 20, 2015.

Unfortunately, India sponsored the agitations orchestrated by a few terai-based disgruntled and defeated leaders with a view to stage a come-back and campaign for 'One Madhesh - One Pradesh' with ultimate malafied intention leading to disintegration of terai from Nepal. India, subsequently, imposed inhuman blockade against Nepal to establish the credibility of a few terai-based Nepali leaders.  This is extremely offending and people are apprehensive of India's role to openly helping a section of community from terai on the partial assumption that terai people were not taken into confidence and not treated fairly through the constitution. 

Until a few months back before the promulgation of new constitution the President, Vice-President, Chief Justice (based on seniority), Deputy PMs, and several Ministers  belonged to terai and they were all elected representatives, and even today Cabinet is also composed of Ministers from terai. All Nepali people would highly appreciate and have best regards to the services rendered to the nation by former President Dr. Ram Baran Yadav, who played the active role to unite and effectively connect the people from Himal, Pahad and Terai under 'One Mala' during his tenure.

This is most astonishing that government of India invited a few disgruntled and defeated leaders in election from terai-based parties in Nepal and, more recently, Hindustan Times published a sensational interview of CK Raut, who is openly campaigning for independent Madhesh and whose connection with underground militant groups is well known in both Nepal and India. This is indicative of India's support not only to agitating parties but also uphold a soft-corner with the forces actively engaged in disintegration of terai from Nepal - like what India did in Jaffna peninsula, Sri Lanka long back where a prolonged civil war claimed one hundred thousand lives.

Nepalese are great people with brave-heart to bear with the situations caused by devastating earthquake (7.8 Richter Scale on April 25, 2015), prolonged agitations and India's blockade against Nepal resulting in untold misery and sufferings never before in the history of Nepal. After the Treaty of Sugauli with British East-India Company in 1816 Nepal, unfortunately, lost a considerable size of territory in terai and with the emergence of Treaty of Peace and Friendship between Nepal and India in 1951 Nepal's dependence with India alarming increased over the last sixty-five years. Nepal has extremely limited capacity to absorb external shocks and, therefore, situation is being more fragile with galloping inflation and rapid rise in unemployment, which could be described as 'stagflation' followed by a parallel economy that might lead to 'Banana Republic' in future. This is also attributed to growing inefficiency, mounting corruption, poor governance and protracted transition even after the induction of new constitution. There is urgent need that government should get ready to play a decisive role and make a final choice for Nepal to unremittingly fight for 'survival and growth' between the two emerging economic powers China in the north and India in the south.

It is imperative to induct and implement the policy of 'self-reliance' on viable economic areas such as hydro-power,  biodiversity, tourism and high value crops by mobilizing indigenous investments as well as FDI, and simultaneously adhere to the policy of 'interdependence' to maximize the benefits from liberalization and globalization by attracting FDI on mega projects especially infrastructures such as hydro-power, highways and expressways, and international airports, and also by establishing export promoting and import substituting industries in cooperation with the private sector. There is also need to improving the quality of human resources to compete at international market for foreign employment. And finally, the government must be able to improve capacity to mobilize cooperation from neighborhood, regional and global economies and diversify trade through separate agreements with China, Bangladesh, and Gulf countries especially for petroleum products. The political change must be sustained by robust growth with social justice. In a country where there is growing anarchy and impunity, where corruption is protected and honesty penalized, where there is absence of ethics, value, morality, discipline and social order, and where a few comprador groups have unauthorized access to siphon-off the 'state treasury' for personal benefits and dominate the whole drama of 'development of underdevelopment' at the cost of wretched economic condition facing poor people - this might lead to 'state failure'.  

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